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With a Measurement Range of zero to 40 mm and detection accuracy on the micron scale, the Analog output sensor range is ideally suited for measuring linear, angular and rotational position. They offer world-class performance and an attractive total cost of ownership in applications from vibration monitoring and end-position approach regulation, to position monitoring, metal sorting and sheetmetal forming.

Danfoss Drives

The FC302 VLT AutomationDrive is a single drive concept that covers an entire range of applications, which is a major benefit in commissioning, operating and maintaining the equipment. The modular open-technology platform that VLT AutomationDrive is built on makes it exceptionally adaptable and programmable. Its configurable, user-friendly interface supports local languages and letters.


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SUNX FX-100 High Performance Digital Fiber Optic Sensors Distributors
Digital Fiber Optic

Fiber Sensors

Panasonic fiber optic sensors and sensor heads allow for stable detection in any application, even for use in hazardous environments.

With over 180 fiber optic sensor heads to choose from., you are covered from every angle, whether you need long distance, a high-temperature rating, or if you are short on mounting space.

If you are looking for SUNX Sensors, please call us on (844) 331-9378 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the SUNX Proximity Switches that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for SUNX Photoelectric Sensors technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

SUNX CX-400 Amplifier Built-In Compact Photoelectric Sensors Distributor

The complete line of self-contained and amplifier separated photoelectric sensor solutions from Panasonic are anything but basic.

We offer some of the smallest photoelectric sensors in the world for unmatched simplicity and versatility. Advanced features are also available in our sensors such as background/foreground suppression which protect against unwanted detection.

The CX-400 series of photoelectric sensors is a wide-ranging lineup of 116 different models. Whatever your application entails, Panasonic has covered it with this series. Built to IP-67 standards, the CX-400 series is designed for the most demanding environments.

SUNX DP-100 Digital Pressure Sensors Distributor
Digital Pressure

The SUNX DP-100 series contains the same functionality of units 3 times its price, all with the superior SUNX quality that is recognized worldwide. Two distinct pressure ranges are available, one for high pressure and one for low pressure. Both feature compound pressure sensing (positive and vacuum pressures) for maximum compatibility with your applications. The series offers the option of either dual discrete outputs or one discrete output and one analog output. The discrete outputs in either type are available in either NPN or PNP. Three built-in output modes give the user enhanced control to tailor the sensor to the specific needs of their application.

SUNX LS Series Digital Laser Sensors Distributors

Compared to sensors that use LED light, laser sensors offer many decisive advantages. Due to its very nature, the laser beam ends in a point of light on the objects being sensed that is much smaller than that of LED sensors. This yields markedly higher accuracy, allowing machines to work more precisely and at higher speeds. Moreover, the comparatively "high energy" laser beam exhibits greater illuminance, which in turn improves sensing. In short, this means sensing that is more "precise" and more "reliable".

Laser sensors offer a long sensing range and precision that can not be matched with LED based solutions. Panasonic laser amplifiers contain the same high-speed response and built-in features that can be found in the high end fiber optic amplifiers, so you are ensured the highest quality sensing available.

SUNX LX-100 Digital Color Mark Sensors Distributor
Color Mark Sensors

Color Mark Sensors

High-speed and high-functionality meet to compliment a RGB light source in accurate detection.

The FZ-10 series of color detection fiber sensors provide reliable and precise color discrimination by utilizing red, green, and blue LEDs as its light sources. Each LED is digitally processed so that accurate color detection is attained that is not possible with conventional fiber sensors. And with a 1ms response time, the FZ-10 is also suitable for high-speed manufacturing lines.

The LX-100 series of digital color mark sensors utilizes 3 LED elements (Red, Green, and Blue) offering high precision sensing of any color marking. A four digit digital display allows for user-friendly setting and monitoring of sensor settings. Six easy-to-see indicators surround the main display allowing quick and easy confirmation of the operating mode.

SUNX GA-311 High-Performance Inductive Proximity Sensors Distributors

The GA-311 series of SUNX inductive proximity sensors provides a high performance solution in a full-featured separate amplifier configuration. With a 3.3kHz response frequency, the GA-311 series is suitable for high-speed metal sensing applications. All of the sensor heads are IP67g rated, so they are resilient in harsh environments including water, oil, dust, or dirt. Sensor heads range from the ultra small GH-2SE, with a 2.8mm diameter, to the long range GH-F8SE, with a detecting distance of 4mm.

SUNX ER-VW Series Ultra-Thin Ionizers Distributor
Static Ionizers

SUNX ER-VW series of ultra-slim, high-performance ionizers performs highly efficient static removal using a high-frequency AC method. This method produces an excellent ion balance ensuring that acts to quickly remove static charge from your work piece. Also, the supplied air pressure or the setup distance does not affect the ion balance, so installation is quick and easy.

The dual nozzle design of SUNX ER-VW incorporates a nozzle angle adjustment feature for optimal placement and targeting of your ion flow. Up to five units can be easily connected together allowing for the use of one air line and power supply for a series of units. Also, with a low air flow minimum or 15 l/min, air usage is much lower than with conventional units.

Panasonic HG-C Series CMOS Amplifier Built-in Micro Laser Distance Sensors Distributors

Measurement Sensors

In general, more accurate and stable measurements can be obtained by increasing the optical path length between the receptor and the light receiving element (CMOS), but this also increases the sensor depth and the sensor body gets bigger. Laser displacement sensors need speed, accuracy and the capability to provide excellent performance in any application.

Displacement sensors measure the distance an object moves and they can also be used to measure object height and width. There are 2 types of displacement sensors: Contact types, utilizing a dial gage, differential transformer, etc., and non-contact types, utilizing a magnetic field, laser beam, ultra-sonic wave, etc.

SUNX NA1-PK5/5 Series Ultra-Slim Body Picking Area Sensors Distributor
Area Switches

Area Sensors

From the detection of slim or minute objects, to an advanced series of picking sensors that simplify manual assembly processes, our area sensors are an extremely versatile solution.

The NA1-11 is an area sensor that utilizes a unique cross-beam detection method to accurately detect small and thin objects.

The NA1-5/PK5 & NA1-PK3 series of bin picking sensors is perfect for preventing errors due to incorrect part picking during assembly or packaging operations. Human error is reduced by incorporating a large, bright LED indicator bar that can be configured to illuminate or even blink to show the operator which bin they are supposed to use.

The NA2-N series of area sensors provides a general-purpose detection solution with a wide range of sensing heights (140mm - 540mm).

Panasonic SF4B-C Series Type 4 Compact Safety Light Curtains Distributors

Light Curtains/Safety Components

Safety light curtains by Panasonic offer up to category 4 protection and are suitable for all you machine safeguarding applications. Offering units with no dead zone detection and built-in muting and blanking functions, we can provide you with a solution that is tailored to the needs of your machine.

From single beam sensors to a safety scanner system. With its four product categories, Panasonic ensures the safety of persons working with machines in industrial manufacturing. Without exception, Panasonic safety products fulfill all international safety regulations. For machine builders that export their products, this means a significant reduction in costs: country-specific device types no longer need to be considered during the design phase; rather one and the same device is approved for all countries, everywhere. Global safety from Panasonic.

SUNX CA2 Series Ultra-Compact Digital Panel Controllers Distributor
Sensor Controllers

Sensor Controllers

With built-in displays, integrated timers, simple logic control, and arithmetic functions, these units are perfect for usage where a PLC is not accessible.

The CA2 series of sensor controllers is extremely compact in size with a large 4-digit display. Flexible scaling of the display units allows for quick configuration over a wide range of possible applications and input sensors. Also, its dual outputs allow for multi-tier judgments to be carried out easily.

The NPS series is a multi-functional slim sensor controller. Mountable on 35 mm (1.378 in) DIN rail, it reduces mounting space and mounting operations. It is useful for various applications because the controller has two outputs, relay contact and NPN open-collector transistor output.

SUNX M-DW1 Series LED Beam Reflective Type Wafer Mapping Sensors Distributors
Semiconductor Sensors

Semiconductor Sensors

With these solutions, automating semiconductor processes has never been easier.

The HD-T1 series of LED wafer alignment sensors allows for the use of a safe LED light source for high-precision wafer positioning. No extra safety measures are necessary as with laser diode equivalents.

The M-DW1 wafer-mapping sensor is a perfect alternative to laser wafer-mapping solutions. By employing a safe LED light source, extra safety considerations that are associated with laser type products are eliminated. A two segment receiving element ensures accurate edge detection regardless of thickness or shape.

SUNX EX-F70 EX-F60 Leak Detecion Photoelectric Sensors Distributor
Liquid Detection Switches

SUNX EX-F70/F60 series of leak detection sensors offer a unique and reliable method of protecting your equipment against leaks. Using a capillary effect, the sensor utilizes the change in refractive index to detect small leaks and viscous liquids. The built-in amplifier sensor offers a compact design, and is available in general purpose (water detection) and chemical-resistant types. A convenient LED indicator allows for simple verification of fault conditions. There is no need for sensitivity adjustments, and two simple mounting bracket styles facilitate simple installation.

SUNX TH-11CS TH-12CS Series Hot Melt Glue Detectors Distributors
Special Usage Switches

SUNX TH series is a quick, reliable, non-contact hot melt adhesive detector. Two sensor heads are available: the miniature sized spot type and the long range sensing type. The long-range type has a wide field of view (30mm) that allows for variations in positioning. A built-in indicator on the sensor head provides quick confirmation of the output status at a glance. Also, with a 1ms response speed, the TH series is suitable for use on high-speed production lines.

The sensor controller offers full automatic threshold teaching for easy inline setup. Also, three built-in functions help simplify use by offering preset methods to determine basic presence of adhesive, quantity of adhesive, and length of adhesive applied. An eight-channel registration bank is also integrated into the controller for convenient storage of multiple configurations.

SUNX S-Link Series Sensor Wire-Saving Systems Distributor
S-Link Systems

SUNX S-Link series allows for great wire-saving for all connections. Installation is made easy with no faulty wiring. The power supply line can also be wired up together enabling true wire-saving for I/O devices. Just with the wire-saving between the PLC & the sub-stations, you will be able to save a mountain of I/O device connection wires. Because S-LINK I/O devices can be connected to any arbitrary main cable/branch cable location, a universal layout is possible greatly decreasing the design workload. In the event that verification cannot be obtained from an S-LINK I/O unit, such as if the main cable is cutoff, the address of the particular unverifiable S-LINK I/O unit is specified and displayed allowing equipment recovery time to be greatly reduced.

Panasonic MV-R Series Handy Video Endoscopes Distributors
Video Borescope

Introducing the new MV-R series digital video borescope from Panasonic. It features a sleek all-in-one design that provides a high quality portable solution that is designed to be used on the shop floor. Its innovative scope design builds a 110k pixel video camera into the small 6mm diameter, IP68 rated head, complete with an LED lighting system for part illumination. The scope cable is available in a flexibile type and a shape preserving style for enchanced usage over a wide range of applications.

Two focal ranges are available depending on the space available for inspection. For added convenience, there is an optinal side view adapter that will simplify inspection of deep holes and looking around corners.

SUNX's principal activity is to manufacture electronic applied equipment and automatic controls. The products of the SUNX Group include photoelectric sensors, fiber sensors, wire-saving system, pressure sensors, area sensors, safety light curtains, inductive proximity sensors, measurement sensors and ultrasonic sensors. The operations are carried out through the following divisions: Sensors and LMP Business. The division Sensors includes photoelectric and proximity sensors. The division LMP Business includes laser and scanners.

Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho stocks lot of SUNX Sensor products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct SUNX Sensor for your application in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Whether we have SUNX Sensors in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to get them from SUNX to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get SUNX Sensors to you fast and save some money! It will be very helpful if you have the SUNX Sensor part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for SUNX Laser Markers that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for SUNX sensors, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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