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The Model 111P single-phase PumpSaver Plus is a pump monitor designed to protect single-phase pumps from dry-well, dead-head, jammed impeller, rapid cycle and overvoltage and undervoltage conditions.

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Model 111P

Installation Instructions

The PumpSaver Plus Model 111P protects 115 volt, 2 or 3 wire, 1/3 to 1 hp pumps.

A calibration adjustment allows the Model 111P to be calibrated to your specific pumping applications, thereby reducing the possibility of false or nuisance tripping.

If you are looking for SymCom 111P PumpSaver, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the 111P 1-phase pump saver that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for 111P single-phase pumpsaver plus technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

A proprietary microcontroller based voltage, power factor and current-sensing circuit constantly monitors for power fluctuations, overcurrent and underload conditions. When an abnormality, such as loss of suction, is detected, the PumpSaver Plus deactivates its output relay and directly disconnects the pump motor.

The PumpSaver Plus then begins its user-selectable "Restart Delay" (dry-well recovery) timer. When the timer expires or power is removed and reapplied, the PumpSaver Plus reactivates its output relay, allowing the pump to turn back on.

An infrared LED communicates directly with a hand-held diagnostic tool called the Informer (sold separately).

NOTE: The PumpSaverPlus models have a sensitivity adjustment for the dry-well trip point. After calibration is done, you can adjust the sensitivity for the dry-well/dead-head trip point from 70-90% of the full load. This makes the unit even more adaptable to varying pumping applications. If you have a very low producing well, you increase the sensitivity closer to the 90% mark, or if you have a very heavy producing well, you would decrease the sensitivity around the 70% mark.

Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho stocks some SymCom products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct 111P pumpsaver for your application in the Pacific Northwest USA.

We can proudly say that we carry more SymCom/SSAC/Littelfuse in stock than any other SymCom distributors in the Pacific Northwest region. Whether we have model 111P 1-phase pumpsaver in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to get them from SymCom; Clearwater Tech can get 111P single-phase pumpsaver plus to you fast and save money!

It will be very helpful if you have the SymComp pumpsaver part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for 111P pumpsaver that you are looking for in seconds.

If you do not have the part numbers for SymCom 1-phase pumpsavers, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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