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Sub-D Compact Connector provides a convenient bus connection for all standardised PROFIBUS-DP devices. A data transmission rate of max. 12 Mbps is possible. An additional Sub-D connector on top of the plug enables analysis/programming devices to be connected without modifying the wiring. Weidmuller's new Sub-D product line features fully shielded connector variants that enable direct tapping with M12 cables.

IDEC Switches

Offered with Either Black or Metallic Bezels, customers have a choice of illuminated pushbuttons, pushbuttons and pilot lights in six bright colors (amber, green, white, red, blue and yellow). Selector and key selector switches are also available, as well as marking plates, engraved to designate the function of the switch or its position. Now there is no reason for customers to have switches without clear labeling.


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SymCom, Inc. leads the industry in electronic motor control and protection. Under the brand names MotorSaver and PumpSaver, our products are designed to monitor the power supply to protect single- and 3-phase compressors, pumps and other motors from damaging power conditions such as high voltage, low voltage, voltage unbalance, single-phasing, phase reversal, overcurrent, undercurrent, current unbalance and Class II ground fault. This includes pump underload and overload conditions more commonly referred to as dry-well, dead-head and jammed-impeller situations.

If you are looking for SymCom MotorSaver, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the SymCom PumpSaver Overload Relays that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for SymCom MotorSaver Remote Monitors technical information (data-sheets) please use the Datasheets OR Product Selection Guide page links.

Description File Size
SymCom MotorSaver & PumpSaver Catalog 6, 544 KB
SymCom PumpSaver Catalog 1, 964 KB
SymCom RM-2000 Remote Monitor User Manual 263 KB
SymCom RM-2000-RTDW Remote Monitor User Manual 297 KB
SymCom MODBUS/DeviceNet Master Software Development Guide (May 2007) 1, 436 KB
SymCom MODBUS/DeviceNet Master Software Development Guide (January 2008) 1, 448 KB
SymCom MODBUS Master Software Development Guide 134 KB
SymCom Model CIO-EN Module Programming Guide 760 KB
SymCom Model CIO-MB Modules Programming Guide 517 KB
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