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Round Cable Sheathing Stripper for fast and precision stripping of damp-proof cables. Our round top stripper also provides you with a stripping fixture for single wires, an integrated longitudinal cutter and an internal, detachable blade. Multi-stage stripping of coaxial cables and shielded data lines is possible in just one step with the CST sheathing stripper. Retool simply and quickly to other cable types with

Motortronics Starters

Motortronics XLD series is a digitally programmable solid state reduced voltage soft starter. Its six SCR design features a voltage/current ramp with an anti-oscillation circuit for smooth load acceleration. The SCRs are sized to withstand starting currents of 500% for 60 seconds (compared to 350% for 30 seconds from other manufacturers). The XLD Series features smooth, stepless ramp control which reduces motor inrush current


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This page consists of some technical datasheets for the SymCom product line. please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at if you cannot find the SymCom PumpSaver MotorSaver technical information (data-sheets) that you are looking for. For more detailed Data Sheet page, please use Product Selection Guide page.

Description File Size
SymCom Model 777, 777-LR & 777-575 Overload Relays 478 KB
SymCom MotorSaver 777-MV 502 KB
SymCom Remote Monitor Model RM-2000 196 KB
SymCom Voltage Monitor Model 201A 250 KB
SymCom Switch Model ISS-100 241 KB
SymCom PC-102CICI-DL Dual Seal Leak Detectors 138 KB
SymCom Model ALT Alternating Relays 196 KB
SymCom Model 520CS Programmable Current Monitors 201 KB
SymCom Model LSRX AC Current Sensors 105 KB

SymCom, Inc. is a leading industrial, electronic control manufacturer that develops motor protection devices under the brand names of MotorSaver and PumpSaver. SymCom products monitor the power supply and protect electric motors before damage occurs to the windings of a compressor, pump or other motor that can be damaged by a fault.

SymCom's products now include voltage monitors, current monitors, remote monitors, overload relays and power factor monitors for the motor protection market. SymCom products have been upgraded over the years to include the latest electronic technology. More powerful state-of-the-art microcontrollers are being integrated into new products, enhancing communications and controls capabilities. SymCom also manufactures several specialized products for various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

For over 30 years, SymCom has built its reputation around high quality, low-cost motor protection products. Most of SymCom products are UL and CSA approved and several of SymCom products are now CE certified as well. SymCom's future is one of continued growth and expansion, always striving to satisfy our customers' needs and expectations.

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