KDR Output Load Reactor
V1k Motor Protection Filter
KMG Output Sinewave Filter

Weidmuller Power Supply

Weidmueller's new PRO-M Series switchmode Power Supplies offer a host of advantages. Available in 10 different versions, the 24 VDC PRO-M power supplies all feature a solid ultra-slim metal housing, and are designed to mount on a DIN-rail with no ventilation gap required between multiple units. This feature provides up to a 50% savings in space and allows the PRO-M to fit into the tightest spaces in control cabinets

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As a Under-Speed Monitor, the Module is often used in combination with hard guarding, access doors, and safety gates with solenoid-lock or -unlock safety switches. When the speed of the monitored device drops below the set switch point (where its speed is no longer considered dangerous), the Module closes its safety output contacts, applying power to the safety switch solenoid, releasing the switch lock and enabling


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TCI is the premier supplier of peripherals for AC and DC VFD Inverters and a respected partner of premier manufacturers of drives and drive distributors worldwide. Since 1971, TRANS-COIL products have been designed, built, and tested in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by people who understand drives and the special needs of this exciting marketplace. For a list of user manuals available, please use Trans-Coil Operating Instructions page link.

If you are looking for TRANS-COIL Products, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at info@clrwtr.com we will do our best to help you find the TCI Output Filters that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for TCI Line Reactor technical information (data-sheets) please use the Product Selection Guide page link. For a list of FAQs or how to instructions, please use TCI Frequently Asked Questions page link.

Description File Size
KDR Series Input / Output Drive Reactors 2, 319 KB
KTR Series 3-Phase Tuning Reactors 160 KB
KLR Series 3-Phase Reactors 546 KB
HG7 Series Harmonic Filters 559 KB
MotorShield Sinewave Output Filter 401 KB
Analyzer Software 3, 972 KB
KDR Optimized Line Reactor
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KLR Heavy Duty Line Reactor
HG7 Harmonic Filter
H5 Active Harmonic Filter