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Trans-coil, Inc. was founded in 1961 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the past 40 plus years we have changed our name to TCI, LLC, upgraded our manufacturing system with Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) and added an Electronic Product Division to expand our harmonic mitigation products and solutions. Today TCI employs over 100 people and is continuously growing in sales revenue. We aggressively pursue the development of new products enabling us to remain technically superior in the marketplace.

TCI TRANS-COIL KDR Optimized Drive Reactors Distributors

Line Reactors

Line reactors, also referred to as chokes, are passive-power conditioning devices. Reactors are most often applied to correct or prevent power-line problems inherent in ASD applications. When applied to the input of a drive, the line reactor is intended to protect the input of the drive from power-line problems or vice versa.

Applying line reactors is simple. There are two factors to consider when selecting the amperage and percent impedance for an application. For amperage, the line reactor must meet or exceed the current flow requirements of the application. The percent impedance indicates the expected voltage drop across the reactor at full load. For instance, if the input voltage is 480 VAC a 5% impedance line reactor is applied, a 13.86 volt drop [(480 x .05)/1.73] will occur with a resultant 466 VAC output.

If you are looking for TCI Input/Output Reactors, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the TRANS-COIL harmonic filters that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for TCI power flter technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

TCI TRANS-COIL HG7 HarmonicGuard Drive-Applied Filter Distributor

Harmonic Filters

High background voltage distortion can result in equipment malfunction and reduce the likelihood of meeting IEEE-519. Background distortion levels of 5% and higher are being seen at facilities from oil and gas pumping sites to industrial plants. It is critical to select the right harmonic mitigation approach under these harsh voltage conditions.

Harmonic filters help users meet IEEE-519 current harmonic standards on typical industrial and commercial electrical power systems. These filters were usually installed on variable frequency motor drives (VFDs) in sites where the power system had low background voltage distortion (<1%-2% vTHD). However, with the continued proliferation of non-linear and VFD loads, customers are experiencing higher background voltage distortion at the utility point of common coupling (PCC). This can create difficulty in meeting current total harmonic distortion (iTHD) requirements at the PCC and maintaining the total voltage harmonic distortion (vTHD) within a facility to safe levels.

In rural oil and gas pumping locations across the US and Canada for example; it is not uncommon to have more than 5% background voltage distortion at the PCC before any pumping begins. The loads at such sites are typically VFDs. To be compliant with IEEE-519 current harmonic standards and achieve low current distortion (iTHD) under these harsh background voltage conditions it is critical to select the right harmonic mitigation approach.

TCI PF Guard Power Factor Correction Capacitor Bank Distributors

PF Guard

Typical industrial loads, such as induction motors connected to pumps, chillers, and compressors draw lagging reactive power (inductive kVAR) from the utility source along with real power (kW) that does useful process work. The vector sum of the real power and reactive power a load draws is the apparent power (kVA). Power factor is the ratio between the real power and the total apparent power for a given load and is the standard measure of how efficiently electrical power is being used by a system. Non unity power factor indicates sub-optimal power system efficiency and the resulting costs of non-unity power factor can be passed onto industrial users as power factor penalties and higher utility bills.

The PF Guard product provides capacitive reactive power to cancel the inductive reactive power generated by industrial loads thereby returning the system power factor to unity and increasing system efficiency. The PF Guard is designed to automatically control power factor of a monitored bus by automatically switching on or off multiple banks of power factor correction capacitors. An external Current Transformer (CT) is installed on the source line current bus and monitored by an integrated power factor controller. The power factor controller also monitors the bus voltage and calculates power factor. Based on the calculated power factor the PF Guard will switch on or off capacitor bank steps to regulate the system to a target power factor setting (unity 1.0 power factor by default).

Trans-Coil TCI KCAP High Endurance Capacitors Distributors

KCAP High Endurance Capacitors

TCI High Endurance Capacitors are intended for use in electrical environments that are rich in harmonic content due to non-linear loads. Some applications include factories and plants with a large numbers of variable frequency drives and/or DC drives, waste water treatment plants, pumping stations, facilities that co-generate power, and power consumers that are incurring penalties for poor power factor.

The reactive power demanded by motors, transformers and higher KVARMS demanded by harmonic currents contribute to poor power factor in industrial and commercial buildings. Simply put, poor power factor means that energy is not being efficiently delivered or consumed. Power factor correction capacitors releave the reactive power burden on supply generators, transformers and facility wiring.

However, capacitors cannot be safely applied in buildings with a high content of harmonically-rich non-linear load, as their addition may induce plant resonance, a dangerous and costly situation. Force tuning (or de-tuning) capacitor banks may correct for the potential for resonance. However, standard capacitor cells, with service factor ratings designed for linear loads, still may not be suitable in non-linear environments. Testing shows that capacitors will need to tolerate at least 150% over-current and higher than intended temperatures in those environments.

Trans-Coil TCI Analyzer Harmonic Software Tool Distributor


TCI has created one of the most user-friendly harmonic modeling tools currently available on the market today. In order to create a model, you need only know the kVA & impedance of the primary transformer or the available short circuit current rating. Once that information has been entered, it's time to provide the specifics of your load. Simply enter both the linear and non-linear loads in the form of horse power based on drive type and filtering option. The only thing left to do is to click on the calculate button. By entering in a minimal amount of system data, you can determine the current and voltage distortion under varying supply and filtering conditions. The software also quickly lets you know whether or not your system complies with the harmonic limits set forth by IEEE 519-1992. A compliance indicator will display a yes or a no for easy interpretation. Analyzer Software even supplies the ISC/IL value so that you can review your results with the provided table.

Our industrial factory automation supplies distributor warehouse in Boise, Idaho stocks some TRANS-COIL Inc. products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct H5 active harmonic filter in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Whether we have KRF EMC filter in stock in Boise, Idaho USA or need to ship direct from TCI to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get KDR output load reactor to you fast and save you some money! It will be very helpful if you have the KMG output sinewave filter part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for V1k motor protection filter that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for KDR optimized line reactor, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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