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TURCK is a leading supplier of advanced sensor solutions to help manufacturers improve their automated processes, products and profits. TURCK's goal is to help companies reach and exceed their manufacturing objectives through the effective use of automation with a constant focus on the needs and service requirements of TURCK customers.

If you are looking for TURCK Products, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the TURCK Connectors that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for TURCK Cables data-sheets please use the Technical Specifications page link.

Description File Size
Inductive Factor 1 uprox+ Sensor 8, 819 KB
Ultrasonic Switches 1, 588 KB
Flow, Pressure, Filling Level & Temperature Sensors 3, 672 KB
Inductive Linear Position Transducers 3, 691 KB
Modular I/O Systems & Compact I/O Modules 26, 101 KB
Modular RFID System 8, 386 KB
excom Remote I/O 3, 984 KB
Interface Technology in Modular Housings 4, 911 KB
Fieldbus Components for Foundation Fieldbus 4, 905 KB
Relays, Sockets, Timers & RINT Interface Modules 5, 646 KB
IM Series Interface Modules 4, 347 KB
SmartPlug 613 KB
Rectangular Inductive Switches 8, 074 KB
Inductive Metal/Plastic Barrel Switches 27, 734 KB
Inductive Angle Sensors 2, 631 KB
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Leuze Sensors

Leuze Electronic's (P)RK 96 series is polarized and unpolarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensors with large operating range using visible red light. Extensive input/output models for optimal adaptation to the application. The product range also contains sensors for detection of transparent objects (e.g. clear glass, PET, foil). PRK 96-183x/PRK 96-185x is polarized retro-reflective photoelectric

Red Lion Meters

Both Can Function as an Elapsed Timer or Preset Timer, while the PAXCK also offers Real-Time Clock with Date capability. The option cards allow the opportunity to configure the meter for the present application, while providing easy upgrades for future needs. Both units can function as an Elapsed Time Indicator. By using two separate signal inputs and 23 selectable timer ranges, the meters can be programmed to meet most any timing application.