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Hans TURCK GmbH & Co. KG (USA) introduces new programmable pressure sensors that combine high accuracy and performance with simple programming, resulting in an extremely user-friendly sensor. The PS400 and PS500 TURCK sensors are easily programmed via three controls: two push buttons for scrolling through programming features and one recessed enter key.

TURCK PS400 PS500 Pressure Sensors Distributors

New PS400 & PS500 Programmable Pressure Sensors

The menu is clear and concise to allow parameters such as set points, reset points, output functions, analog ranges, and a range of special options to be programmed with ease. The menu also includes an optional electronic lockout that disables the push buttons from functioning until the lockout is removed. The high accuracy TURCK programmable pressure sensors are specified with a switch point accuracy of +/- 0.5 percent, generally exceeding what is required by the machine engineering sector.

The combination of high accuracy and flexible programming often allows a single sensor to replace several conventional sensors (with varying sensing ranges) resulting in a significant reduction in inventory. These TURCK sensors feature large, bright 4-digit, 7-segment LCD display with a constant indication of pressure in either psi (pounds per square inch), bar, kPa (kilopascals), or MPa (megapascals). This display is tilted at a 45 degree angle, and can be inverted electronically for easy reading in a variety of applications.

The TURCK PS400 and PS500 pressure sensors are encased in compact, 34 mm diameter housing with various threaded connections for simple, versatile installation. The TURCK PS500 series also features a process connection that allows the housing to rotate 360 degrees for optimal viewing prior to locking the sensor in place. The innovative PS400 & PS500 pressure switches were designed to tolerate tough applications. Stainless steel housing with an integrated stainless steel M12 eurofast connector enables fast and reliable installation. The sensors also offer a variety of stainless steel pressure connections including G1/4 and 1/4-18NPT threads. The TURCK sensors are highly resistant to overpressure and burst pressure, yet they also incorporate a patented medium stop system that prevents leakage when these levels are exceeded, which immediately seals the sensor if the pressure cell has been damaged. All of these features were incorporated to create a pressure sensor ideal for use in virtually any application.

TURCK MZB Series Active Safety Barriers Distributor

Zener Diode Barriers with Advanced Features for Hazardous Areas

TURCK introduces MZB series Zener diode barriers, designed to effectively limit excess energy before it reaches a hazardous area. The MZB barriers provide convenient removable terminals within an extremely efficient and space-saving design-with channels as small as 6.3mm wide-to consume minimal panel space.

Additionally, the MZB series features a bussed power feed and offers both relay and solid-state switch models.

Each channel of the MZB Zener diode barriers is fitted with two stages of pulse-tested Zener diodes and an infallible terminating resistor.

If an electrical fault such as an overvoltage occurs in the non-hazardous area of the barrier, the Zener diodes limit the voltage available to hazardous area circuits, while the series resistance limits the current. Within this circuit is a fuse designed to immediately and safely rupture if the excess energy continuously applied to the barrier exceeds the design criteria for the loop.

TURCK Q-pak BIM-UNR BIM-UNT Sensors With WeldGuard Protection Distributors

Compact Sensors Resist Weld Slag

TURCK's Q-pak, BIM-UNR and BIM-UNT sensors are now equipped with WeldGuard protection to make them impervious to weld slag and spatter often accompanying MIG and TIG welding operations. TURCK's proprietary WeldGuard protective material has been applied to these compact, rectangular sensors' faces, and protective sleeves are also available to protect the attached connector and cordset.

TURCK's BIM-UNR and BIM-UNT line of magnetic cylinder position sensors are one of the most compact sensors currently available on the market. The BIM-UNR sensor is designed to mount within C-groove cylinders, while the BIM-UNT mounts in T-groove, dovetail or tie rod pneumatic cylinders-all without requiring additional tools or accessories.

Q-pak uprox + factor 1 sensors from TURCK feature extended range capabilities of 8 mm for all metals. The Q08 sensors' compact size is well-suited for applications with limited mounting space, and an IP68 protection rating allows the sensors to be used in a wide variety of applications.

TURCK Powerfast Disconnect Switch Distributors

Powerfast Disconnect Switch Eliminates Need for Hardwiring

TURCK announces the release of its new powerfast disconnect switch which is fully compatible with the powerfast line of TURCK connectivity products. Featuring a rotary disconnect switch, this product offers a means to disconnect power, lock out and tag out a motor for maintenance or replacement, and eliminates the need to hardwire the system, simplifying the process.

The powerfast disconnect switch compliments TURCKs line of powerfast products which provide users with quick disconnect power distribution solutions. This product allows the customer to easily fit a disconnect switch into their power circuits that include motors or other devices which require a means of disconnect for repair or replacement. The disconnect switch also eliminates the need for hardwiring removing the need for manual labor allowing it to be a more cost effective solution saving time and money.

Ratings for the disconnect switch match the requirements for A-Size Power allowing it to be a perfect fit for small motor applications. The powerfast disconnect switch also has the capability to be used as a lock out tag out device ensuring safety and allowing only authorized personnel to access the box. The powerfast disconnect switch meets IP65 and NEMA 12 standards making it an ideal fit for many applications on the factory floor. It also meets the NEC requirements which require a disconnecting means within visual sight of a motor.

TURCK Armorguard Sensors Housing 12 mm Sensing Range 3-4 mm Distributors

TURCK's Complete 2 & 3-Wire DC Stainless Steel Sensor Line

TURCK, Inc. announces its complete line of 2 and 3-wire DC ArmorGuard stainless steel front face inductive proximity sensors. The line includes 8, 12, 18 and 30 mm barrel sensors with 1.5 to 10 mm achievable sensing distances.

The sensors' one piece construction and IP 68 and IP 68K rating make them particularly suitable for applications in the food and beverage industry. In addition, select sensors are available with TURCK's proprietary WeldGuard material to resist weld slag and abrasion often found in robotic welding applications in the automotive industry.

The sensors come equipped with an M12 quick disconnect connection or with potted-in cable for ease of installation on the plant floor.

TURCK Q80 UPROX+ Factor 1 Proximity Sensors Distributor

TURCK Factor 1 Sensor Detects Small Targets on Automotive Skids

TURCK introduces the new IP 68 rated, 80 mm rectangular Ni75U-Q80 uprox+ sensor specifically designed for sensing small targets, especially those on automotive skids.

This rugged sensor features excellent EMC immunity, making it ideal for use in automotive manufacturing environments. The Ni75U-Q80 sensor additionally offers switching distances up to 75 mm, as well as flexible mounting configurations.

TURCK's UPROX+ Factor 1 sensors detect all metals at the same rated distance and feature extended range capabilities even when embedded in metal.

The Ni75U-Q80 sensor facilitates single-sided mounting on a rear metal wall, or it may be fully embedded, delivering a 40 mm switching distance when surrounded by metal on all four sides.

TURCK Powerfast Quick Reference Guide Part Number Key For Cordsets Distributor

TURCK Expands its Connection Technology-Series for Power & Signal Transmissions up to 42 A & 600 V About M40 Connectors

Turck's expanded powerfast series provides robust connection technology for power and signal transmissions up to 42 A and 600 V. With the cordsets and connectors that are now available in 7/8", M16, 13/8" and M40 users have the opportunity to realize power supply, as well as combined signal and power transmission in one cordset that is pluggable at a small size.

To eliminate possible disturbances, Turck offers shielded cables in addition to standard lines. Furthermore installation flanges for the junction to switching cabinets and devices, as well as tees for branching are available. Also there is a powerlok safety-clip that protects the connector against accidental disconnection. All connection types belong at least to the protection category IP67 and are UL-approved.

The robust powerfast series is suitable for the use in numerous industrial fields of application, from logistics up to large construction machines, like they are used in tunnelling for example. The user benefits from a remarkable short installation time because of the abandonment of terminal boxes and the possibility of prefabrication. Wiring errors are not possible.

TURCK Bihl+Wiedemann AS Interface Industrial I/O Safety Monitors Distributors

New Safety Monitors Allow Complex Systems to be Handled With AS-interface

TURCK announces new AS-interface (AS-i) safety monitors manufactured by Bihl+Wiedemann and distributed by TURCK. These safety monitors are required for controlling power availability for machine safety (emergency stop) systems using AS-i Safety@Work.

The safety monitors include a graphical user interface for commissioning and field diagnosis of the safety system, as well as the capability to link multiple Safety@Work circuits together, allowing larger and more complex safety systems to be handled via AS-i. The safety monitor's configuration is stored on a removable memory card, making it much easier to transfer the configuration to a new unit.

The safety monitors are available as stand-alone units for use with standard AS-i masters & gateways, or as a package with an integrated PROFIBUS-DP gateway. The stand-alone safety monitors can be seen as AS-i v2.0, v2.1 and v3.0 slaves, making them accessible to the full range of available AS-i masters.

TURCK AS-interface Directly Monitor Safety Speeds Stop Conditions Distributor

Use AS-interface to Directly Monitor Safety Speeds and Stop Conditions

TURCK introduces a new AS-interface (AS-i) speed monitor that monitors safety speed and stop conditions on up to two axes.

The speed monitor, manufactured by Bihl+Wiedemann, is part of the large range of AS-i safety products distributed by TURCK in the United States.

The speed monitor may be quickly programmed using a configuration push-button or by using AS-i control tools.

When the speed falls below the designated threshold, the device sends a signal to AS-i.

An integrated chip card records the programmed parameters so the device does not require reprogramming when accessing the machine after a controlled stop.

TURCK is an industry leader providing superior quality sensing, connectivity, network and interface products to help manufacturers improve their automated processes.

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