February 23, 2011

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The SSM-FM-11A** Safe Speed Monitoring Module ("the Module") can be used to monitor a rotating or laterally moving device's stopping, starting, or speed. The Module requires signals from two independent sensors. As a "standstill" (under-speed) monitor, the Module is often used in combination with hard guarding, access doors, and safety gates with solenoid-lock or -unlock safety switches. When the speed of the monitored device drops below

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The Current Waveform of a typical linear load is a pure sine wave. In VFD and SCR applications, however, output waveforms are rough approximations of a sine wave. There are numerous spikes and dips in each cycle. ATR transducers use a mathematical algorithm called "True RMS" which integrates the actual waveform over time. The output is the amperage component of the true power (heating value) of the AC current waveform. True RMS is



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TURCK MS24-112-R Series Rotational Speed Monitors Distributor
MS24-112-R Series

The rotational speed monitor MS24-112-R/ may be connected to 3-wire pnp sensors, sensors according to EN 50227 (NAMUR) or voltage sources with a signal level between 10 and 30 VDC. Linking terminals 7/8 selects the overspeed monitoring mode. If the preset limit value is exceeded, the relay is deenergised. Leaving terminals 7/8 open activates the underspeed monitoring mode. If the speed is below the preset limit value, the relay is de-energised.

The device features three overlapping measuring ranges and can be easily adapted to the application. A 3-position switch serves to adjust the required measuring range. Then the switch point is adjusted by means of the front panel potentiometer. The test button enables adjustment of the switch point during installation without disabling the output relay.

If you are looking for TURCK Rotational Speed Monitors, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the TURCK Rotational Underspeed Monitor that you are looking for at competitive prices. If you are searching for TURCK Rotational Overspeed Monitor technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

TURCK MK26-22-R Series multi modul Rotational Speed Monitors Distributors
MK26-22-R Series

The MK26-22-R is a rotational speed monitor designed to compare pulse sequences from two rotating parts on motors, gears, turbines, etc. and to monitor these sequences for slip/synchronous operation. This makes the device especially suited for belt-drive and conveyor- belt monitoring. The MK26-22-R uses NAMUR switches on the input circuits. To monitor slip, i.e. the difference between two rotational speeds, two independent preset values can be adjusted. Thus one relay output can be used for alarm indications and the other for shut-down functions. Each preset can be adjusted separately via a rotary switch in a range of 3-30% in ten steps.

The output relays can be programmed for either N.O. or N.C. operation. When N.C., the relays are energized while the system is operating correctly; when N.O., the relays are de-energized. Linking terminals 4 and 8 selects the N.O. mode; leaving them open selects the N.C. mode.

TURCK MS21-12Ex0-R Single-Channel Rotational Speed Monitors Distributors
MS21-12Ex0-R Series

The MS21-12Ex0-R is a single-channel rotational speed monitor with an intrinsically safe input circuit. It is designed to monitor pulse sequences from NAMUR sensors in hazardous locations. One DPDT setpoint relay output indicates overspeed or underspeed conditions to control equipment in non-hazardous locations. The device monitors for overspeed when terminals 11 and 12 are jumpered; it monitors for underspeed when terminals 11 and 12 are open.

The device has six overlapping preset ranges. The speed preset is the product of the front panel switch and potentiometer settings. The unit operates on the digital pulse principle, which provides relatively short detection times in applications where input pulses occur infrequently. A yellow LED indicates the function of the output relay.

TURCK MS25-UI Digital To Analog Converters Distributor
MS25-UI Series

The MS25-UI is a digital to analog converter. It converts the input frequency into an analog current or voltage output relative to the preset measuring range. The device can accommodate NAMUR sensors, 3-wire PNP sensors or other voltage sources with pulse levels between 9 and 30 VDC. The speed range, from 0.6-100,000 pulses/min or 0.01-1660 Hz, is adjusted digitally using four multi-position switches. The voltage output supplies 0-10 V and the current output supplies 0/4-20 mA. The current output may be programmed for 0-20 mA operation by linking terminals 13 and 14.

If NAMUR sensors are used, the input circuit is monitored for wire break and short circuit. During a fault condition, the 2-color LED turns from green to red and the output current drops to 0 mA (also in live-zero operation). The two conditions can be differentiated using the yellow LED; wire-break causes it to turn off. When PNP sensors are used, only the power supply lines are monitored for wire-break. Wire-break and short-circuit conditions on the sensor output are not detected.

TURCK IM21-14-CDTRI 1-Channel Rotation Speed Monitors Distributors


The rotation speed monitor IM21-14-CDTRI analyses frequencies, rotation speeds and pulse trains of rotating motor, gear or turbine parts according to over or undershoot of adjusted limit values. A display at the front indicates the current value.

  • Monitors over and underrange of limit values and window limits
  • Operating range 0.06 - 600000 min-1
  • Connection of sensors acc. to EN 60947-5-6 (NAMUR), 3-wire sensors and external power supplies
  • Pulse output
  • Parametrized via PC (FDT / DTM), front panel switch and HART
  • Ring memory for up to 8000 measured values
  • Display
  • Complete galvanic isolation
TURCK IM21-14EX-CDTRI 1-Channel Rotation Speed Monitor Distributor


Intrinsically safe sensors acc. to EN 60947-5-6 (NAMUR) can be connected. The line is monitored according to wire-break and/or short-circuit depending on the settings made. In the event of an input circuit error the relays drop out, the transistor is blocked and the Power LED (Pwr) changes to red.

  • Monitors over and underrange of limit values and window limits
  • Operating range 0.06 - 600000 min-1
  • Pulse output Ex [ic Gc] II C/II B
  • Parametrized via PC (FDT / DTM), front panel switch or HART
  • Ring memory for up to 8000 measured values
  • Display
  • Complete galvanic isolation
TURCK MS22-RI Rotational Underspeed/ Overspeed Monitor with Setpoint Output Distributor
MS22-RI Series

The MS22-RI is a rotational underspeed/ overspeed monitor with setpoint output. It has an analog output (0/4-20 mA) in addition to a relay output. The MS22-RI accommodates 3-wire PNP sensors, NAMUR sensors, or other voltage sources with pulse levels between 10 and 30 VDC.

If NAMUR sensors are used, the input circuit is monitored for wire-break or short-circuit conditions. During a fault, the 2-color LED turns from green to red and the output relay de-energizes independently of the selected detection mode. The yellow input pulse LED is used to differentiate between a wire-break and a short-circuit condition: a wire-break causes it to turn off. During a fault, the output current drops to 0. This method allows fault detection in controls or indicators connected to the output circuit.

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