Datalogic Sensors

The Green LED ON uring functioning indicates that the received signal has a safety margin respect to the output switching value. The miniature S40 series is a vast photoelectric sensor line offering through beam, retroreflex polarized and proximity models with both red LED and red laser emission, teach-in setting available also in a REMOTE mode, laser models are able to guarantee high repeatability of detection due to a very collimated spot


Analog Output Inductive Sensors are available in sizes from M8 to M30, with the option of an 8 mm square-section model. Voltage outputs are included for all sizes, while sizes M12 and above feature both voltage and current outputs. Repairing and servicing equipment on site can be difficult and costly at best, and sometimes impossible. In these circumstances, robust, highly reliable sensors are vital for continuous operation



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TURCK Uprox+ Potted-In Cable Style Sensors Distributors


UPROX+ Factor 1

With the development of the new uprox+ factor 1 sensors, TURCK demonstrates impressively how to cut down on process cost thanks to innovative sensor technology and how system availability and performance can be improved. The uprox+ sensors operate with new, nonferrous coils and circuit boards, offering completely new application possibilities compared to conventional sensors with ferrite core and wound coil.

All inductive sensors of the new uprox+ generation operate with highest switching distances, without reduction factor (i.e. same operating distance on all metals), are weld resistant, feature an extended temperature range, excellent EMC properties and are easily and flexibly mounted.

If you are looking for TURCK Sensors, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the TURCK Prox Sensors that you are looking for at competitive prices. If you are searching for TURCK UPROX Proximity Switch technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

TURCK Q30 3-wire DC Inductive Rectangular Sensor Distributor


Inductive sensors are designed for contactless and wear-free detection of metal targets. They are extremely resistant to environmental influences, very reliable, feature high switching frequencies and are durable. There are as many application possibilities as sensor types: The sensors detect motion states at machines, open/close position of grippers and pincers or are applied for parts inspection.

The entire program of inductive sensors comprises factor 1 sensors uprox and uprox+ as well as versions with conventional ferrite core technology. Nearly all types are flush as well as non- flush mountable. Moreover, the product portfolio offers very flexible non-flush mountable sensors for recessed or flush mounting.

TURCK Picoprox Miniature Barrel Intrinsically Safe Proximity Switches Distributor
Intrinsically Safe (NAMUR)

TURCK NAMUR proximity sensors are 2-wire sensing devices meeting the interoperability requirements of EN 60947-5-6. Because NAMUR sensors operate on very low power, they can be designed to be intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations. Turck NAMUR compliant sensors have intrinsic safety approval from FM, CSA, ATEX and others.

NAMUR sensors contain a relatively small number of components, which allows the construction of small devices and helps to ensure a high degree of reliability. As the sensors are 2-wire current loops with fairly low impedance, they are unaffected by most transients.

TURCK BCC Series Capacitive Barrel Sensors For Plastic Detection Distributors



Capacitive proximity switches are designed for non-contact and wear-free detection of metal (electrically conductive) and non-metal (electrically non-conductive) objects. The wide sensitivity band of TURCK sensors allows for detection of a variety of granular or powdered materials. Capacitive sensors are widely used to monitor the level of plastic pellets in the hoppers of injection molding machines. TURCK's new "BCF" line of sensors are ideal for this application. Another great use for capacitive sensors is to detect small items as they come down the assembly line. They can be used to count product or sense proper operation of the line.

TURCK Levelprox Non-Intrusive Level Sensors Distributors


levelprox is a unique, non-invasive ultrasonic sensing solution that provides accurate media detection through metal container walls. levelprox mounts to the outside of a container with no compromise to structural integrity and it is ideal for hazardous or sterile applications. levelprox detects the presence of liquid through a metal container by programming the empty and full conditions into the sensor via a simple teach button. The sensor generates a high frequency ultrasonic pulse that is transferred into the container wall through a coupling gel. As the pulse enters the container wall it is influenced by the containers contents. The sensor analyzes this pulse and compares it to the pre-programmed conditions.

TURCK PS Series Rotatable Pressure Sensors Distributors



TURCK pressure sensors detect and measure absolute, relative pressure as reference pressures of liquids, gases and air in nearly all industrial applications and under the most diverse conditions. The PK series is especially designed for pneumatic and vacuum applications. Rugged, compact and at the same time lightweight designed, these sensors are made for handling and automation systems.

Ideally suited for demanding hydraulic and pneumatic systems are pressure sensors of the PS series. Different versions with switching and analog output as well as 4-digit 7-segment display are user friendly and easily integrated in your system. Open standards such as VDMA menu guide and IO-Link are also supported. The PT-series features transmitter in robust cylindrical housings made of stainless steel.

TURCK Intelligent Temperature Sensors Distributors



TURCK's temperature instruments utilize platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), commonly referred to as a Pt-100 technology. Pt-100's contain a platinum wire that is wrapped around a core or patterned as a thin film on a substrate so that it experiences minimal differential expansion or other strains.

As the temperature changes, the controller measures the change in the electrical resistance of the platinum wire. The resistance experienced by the sensor is proportional to the temperature changes being experienced by the media being sensed. Specifically, the hotter the wire becomes, the higher the value of electrical resistance. They require a small power source in order to measure resistance.

TURCK FCMI Magnetic Inductive Flow Monitors Distributors
Flow Meters

Flow Meters

In order to guarantee smooth operation and consistent quality, many processes require constant in and outflow of liquid or gaseous media. Flow sensors measure the speed and flow meters measure continuously the volume per time unit relative to the defined pipe cross-section. Flow measurement requires high repeatability and accuracy. TURCK sensors apply different methods for electronic measurement of flow rates, such as the calorimetric, the magnetic-inductive as well as the Vortex principle.

TURCK flow meters indicate the flow rate via display and via an analog current output. The output signal can either be analog or binary, depending on whether continuous flow or a limit value is to be monitored. The programmable devices are characterized by a long service life and are thus almost maintenance-free.

TURCK Plastic Compact Inline Devices for Liquid Media Distributors
Flow Monitors/Sensors

Flow Sensors/Monitors

TURCK insertion flow sensors operate on the thermo-dynamic principle: The flow speed is determined from thermal energy dissipated by a probe. The dissipated heat quantity serves as a measure for the flow speed. TURCK flow sensors are available as compact devices with integrated signal processor or as insertion or inline sensor with separate processing unit. Sensor and housing are available in different materials and with different connectivity. The connection technology is made for many different industrial application conditions.

  • Standard sensors for factory automation
  • Sensors for high temperatures and pressures
  • Sensors for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical-resistant sensors
  • Sensors for the Ex area
  • Flow sensors for the control of gaseous media
TURCK Q25L Series Magnetically Actuated Linear Displacement Sensor Distributors
Linear Displacement Sensors

The new inductive linear position sensor operates on the basis of a completely new, revolutionary measuring principle. The positive features of standard measuring sytems are combined and systematically developed further. The position is not detected via a positioning magnet but via an inductive oscillating circuit. The sensor is thus completely immune to magnetic fields which are generated by large motors for example. Devices with measuring ranges from 100mm to 1000mm are available, whereby the measuring range is individually adjustable at the push of a button.

TURCK Single Axis 360° with Analog Output Inclinometer Distributor

Inclination Sensors


Inclinometers measure angular tilt in reference to gravity. TURCK inclinometers contain a MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) device that incorporates a microelectromechanical capacitive element into the sensor that utilizes two parallel plate electrodes, one stationary and one attached to a spring-mass system. The suspended electrode is free to move with the change in angle relative to earth's gravity. This results in a measurable change in the capacitance between the two plates that is proportional to the angle of deflection. These signals are conditioned to provide voltage outputs (0.1 to 4.9 VDC) or current outputs (4 to 20 mA).

TURCK Inductive Specialty Sensors Distributors

Inductive Specialty Sensors

  • Compact Ring Sensors
  • Slot Sensor
  • FM1 Approved Sensors
  • Rotational Speed Monitors
  • Can and Edge Detection Sensor
  • Magnetic Inductive Weld Nut Sensors
  • Magnetic Inductive Proximity Sensor
  • Inclinometers
  • Ferrous and Nonferrous Sensors
  • Flat Barrel Sensor
TURCK Q12 M18 M30 Q30 CP40 Housing Ultrasonic Proximity Switches Distributors


Ultrasonic sensors detect a multitude of objects contactless and wear-free with ultrasonic waves. In contrast to other sensing technologies, it is not important whether the object is transparent or opaque, metallic or non-metallic, firm, liquid or powdery. More important is the surface of the objects. The smoother the surface, the better the reflectivity and the larger the range.

The application possibilities for ultrasonic sensors are nearly infinite. Whether level or height detection, measurement of distance or object counting, ultrasonic sensors detect objects of different material qualities and within a large range. Environmental conditions such as spray, dust or rain hardly aff ect their functionality.

Kubler Linear Magnetic Measurement System Limes LI50/B2 Distributors
Measurement Products

TURCK Measurement Products:

  • Linear Encoders
  • Incremental Rotary Encoders
  • Absolute Rotary Encoders
  • Draw Wire Encoders
  • Linear Distance Transducers
  • Inclinometers
TURCK Pulse Or Interval Counters Distributor



SmartPlug makes your sensor or switch "Smart" by adding functionality to your signal output via a simple, teachable Plug and Work solution. Add functions such as timing, counting, speed monitoring or signal inversion by simply plugging the SmartPlug into your sensor or switch.

Programming is done via a simple "teach" input on the existing pin #2 of your existing M12x1 (eurofast) connector. The SmartPlug works with not only TURCK sensors, but with 3-wire DC sensors from many different manufacturers. For connection to sensors using M8x1 (picofast), or 7/8-16UN (minifast) connectors, adaptor cables are available. SmartPlugs may be combined in series to provide multiple functions, such as a speed monitor with a time delay.

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