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V-Series 2000 S2E/S2T

Toshiba's S2E/S2T PLC controllers are small, modular type programmable controllers suitable for simple relay replacement all the way to complex control applications.

Toshiba S2E/S2T are 3rd generation T2 Series CPUs used with V-Series racks, I/O, and standard AC/DC sower supplies.

The S2E/S2T provides a functional, economical, and compact solution to a wide range of applications in automotive, machine control, and process control systems. The S2E/S2T controllers excel at applications where high speed processing is required.

The programming tool for the S2E/S2T is the T-PDS MS Windows based programming software. Any T-Series program can be loaded and run without any program conversion. Any HMI, OIS, or Scada software used with the T-Series is also compatible.

Toshiba V2000 Series S2E/S2T Small PLCs Distributors
S2E/ST2 Series

If you are looking for Toshiba PLC, please call us at (800) 894-0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the Toshiba Programmable Logic Controllers that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Toshiba Micro PLCs technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

V200 Series Micro

The V200 PLC's large memory (program and data register) make them ideally suited for applications previously requiring larger more expensive programmable controllers. The V200 PLC's high-speed performance makes them especially adept at sophisticated machine control applications. They also handle complex process applications requiring multiple recipes and reporting requirements.

A complete complement of I/O modules are available for the V200 Series. These include 16 pt DC Input, 16 pt DC Output, 16 pt Relay Output, Analog, Thermocouple, & RTD Inputs, and Analog Output modules. Up to 8 I/O modules can be connected to each CPU module.

Toshiba V200 Series Micro PLC Programmable Logic Controller Distributor
V200 Series

GWY-610 Ethernet Gateway

In recent years the automation industry has embraced new network structures such as Ethernet and the internet. The trend has been towards adapting an open technology such as TCP/IP over Ethernet.

One of the big challenges has been, how to get existing serial devices such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and ASDs (adjustable speed drives) on to Ethernet. The Ethernet Gateway does this.

The Gateway is a Protocol Converter / Data sharer for devices like PLC's, Inverters, Controllers etc. GWY-610 has a serial port that connects to a serial device and a Modbus TCP/IP port that connects to a Modbus TCP/IP network.

The Gateway allows serial devices to act as a server on to a Modbus TCP/IP network. It also allows serial devices to act as a Client on to a Modbus TCP/IP network.

Toshiba GWY-610 Ethernet Gateways for Programmable Logic Controllers Distributors
GWY-610 Protocol Converter

Gateways are protocol converters that allow any device with a modbus RTU protocol, Diesel CAN J1939 protocol or Profibus master to talk to Toshiba. In some cases Gateway allows the Toshiba PLC to communicate directly with other devices using the other device's native protocol. Gateway setup software is used to map the registers between the other devices/controllers to registers in the Toshiba PLC, ASD, or Loop Controllers. Using a simple spreadsheet format, Gateway can be configured to fetch a specified number registers or bits from one device and transfer them to the other device.

  • Gateway Modbus allows Toshiba PLCs to be Modbus master or slave.
  • Gateway CAN allows Toshiba Controllers to read status of Diesel engines, RPM, Operating Temperature, Hours of Operation, etc.
  • Gateway Profibus allows Toshiba PLCs, ASDs, and Loop Controllers to be slaves on a Profibus DP network.
  • All Gateways are setup using the same configuration software.
  • Power and Transmit LEDs for each port to show operation status.
Toshiba Gateways Modbus CAN Profibus Protocol Converters Distributors
Gateways Modbus, CAN, Profibus Converters

The Eagle I/O is universal serial analog I/O. For the analog inputs, the Eagle I/O performs the A to D (analog to digital) conversion and loads a digital value directly into a T1 register. For analog outputs, the Eagle I/O reads a digital value out of a T1 register and performs a D to A (digital to analog conversion). Analog signal types and PLC registers are defined using simple setup software.

  • Eagle analog serial I/O can be used in addition to Toshiba parallel I/O
  • Several different types of thermocouple and RTD inputs are available.
  • Can also work as a Modbus remote slave
  • Screw or DIN rail mountable.
Toshiba Eagle I/O Converters Eagle0800U Eagle0404U Eagle0201U For PLCs Distributor
Eagle I/O Converters

The TCNV485-232C is a RS485 to RS232 converter. It is primarily used to go from a computers RS232 port to the RS485 port on a PLC. It can also be used to go from the RS232 port on a PLC to the RS485 port on a higher level controller. The TCNV485-CMOS is a RS485 to CMOS/TTL converter. It is primarily used with ASDs (Adjustable Speed Drives) that do not have an RS485 port but need to be networked to a higher level controller.

  • Power and Transmit LEDs for each port to show operation status.
  • Designed for rugged industrial environments.
  • Screw or DIN rail mountable.
  • TCNV485-CMOS has 40 cm cable with RJ45 connector for connection to ASD.
Toshiba Universal RS232/CMOS To RS422/RS485 Converters Distributors
Signal Converters

EC300 Series Single/Dual Loop Controller

  • Toshiba's single/dual-loop controller EC300 series is equipped with auto-tuning feature and multi-loop control capability.
  • Flexible configuration with the combination of function blocks.
  • Simple configuration with pre-defined functions.
  • Powerful two-degree-of-freedom PID control algorithm with auto tuning.
  • LCD back-lit color display for clear recongnition of process data.
  • Parameters and programs stored in handy IC memory cards.
  • Connection to PC or PLC via MODBUS(1:N) or ECBUS(N:N).
  • System integration with major SCADA packages including Intellusion's FIX DMACS.
Toshiba EC300 Series Process Loop Controllers Distributor
EC300 Series

LC500 Series Multi-Loop Controller

The LC500 series controller is born out of the V-Series Integrated controller platform and repackages the functionality of the Model 1000 product into a 'DIN' size controller profile. The product is available as the LC511 (analog output type) and the LC512 (pulse output type).

The product can support up to 8 PID process loops, 128 Analog input points and 32 discrete I/O. Up to an additional 7 loop displays units can be connected to the main unit to display individual loop status. These units are connected via a RS485 Multi-drop network. Additional I/O modules (up to 15) are added via the RS485 Process I/O Bus.

LC500 can realize the display and operation of total 8 loops when connecting maximum 7 loop display units (LD512H), added to main loop display. The display and operation up to maximum 8 loops is also enabled by loop switching operation of main loop display unit.

Toshiba LC500 One Loop Controller Integrated V Series Model 1000 Distributors
LC500 Series

The T1-16S is 8 times faster than Toshiba's earlier M20/M40 PLCs. The T1-16S offers 21 basic ladder instructions and 97 insert able function instructions. Subroutines, Interrupt functions, Indirect addressing, For/Next loops, Increment/Decrement, Prederivative PID, etc. are standard on the T1-16S. These functions allow the T1-16S to be applied to the most complex and demanding control applications. There are four types of T1-16S controllers depending on the built-in functions and the power supply voltage. A maximum 8 I/O modules can be connected to each T1-16S Toshiba Controller. The T1-16S has two high-speed counter inputs. These 5k pps (pulse per second) counters can be used independently (of each other and of the CPU scan) for discrete parts count in applications requiring high-speed compare, reset, and strobe. The counters can also be used together as a quadrature counter to count a 2-phase pulse encoder signal. In the quadrature counter mode, the counting speed is max 20k cps (counts per second).

The T1-16S Toshiba Prosec PLC also has a pulse output function (5k pps max). It can generate variable frequency pulse trains CW and CCW. This output can be used to drive a stepper motor. By using these functions together, an inexpensive motion control system can be implemented with the T1-16S. The T1-16S has an advanced PID (Proportional, Integral, and Derivative) control function. This PID function and the analog I/O modules enable the T1-16S Toshiba PLC to be applied to many process control applications. Multiple PID loops can be used, limited only by the max allowable I/O. The T1-16S enhanced version has a built-in RS485 communication port. By using this communication port, up to 32 T1-16Ss can communicate with a computer or other higher-level controller. Most major SCADA software supports T-series PLC communication protocol. A DDE server software (T-PSV) is also available. When using the T-series programming tool (T-PDS) in this configuration, each station can be programmed remotely. A multi-drop adapter (CU111) allows an enhanced T1-16S to have two RS485 ports or for a standard T1-16S to have remote capability added after installation. The T1-16S Toshiba Prosec PLCs' enhanced version's RS485 port supports the data link mode. Using the data link mode, two T1-16Ss can exchange data each other (16 words input and 16 words output). The update cycle for the total 32 words is approx. 50ms. No user program required for this data linkage.

A typical S2E/S2T Toshiba PLC system consists of a base rack with modules mounted on the rack. From left to right modules are: Expansion Interface, Power Supply, CPU, and I/O modules. If the rack supports the station bus, then a computer module or higher level network module can be mounted following the CPU module. It is no surprise that Toshiba Corporation, a company well known for rugged laptop computers, also has computer modules for its automation product line. The C2 module is a Pentium III air cooled, fan-less computer designed for harsh industrial and process environments. There are three models available. All the components typically found on a computer are located on the front of the Toshiba C2 computer module. The hard disk in the C2 module (PU37) is removable. Hugh amounts of data can be stored and easily removed from the computer at a more convenient time. It also permits easy replacement of the computer component most likely to experience an operational problem. Company MIS/IT departments can easily clone a hard disk so that a backup is available for critical applications.

Whether we have Toshiba PLCs in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from Toshiba Industrial Systems to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get Toshiba Programmable Logic Controllers to you fast and save you some money. Our Toshiba Industrial Systems distributors warehouse stocks some Toshiba PLC products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct Toshiba T1 Micro PLCs in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It will be very helpful if you have the Toshiba PLC part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for Toshiba PLCs that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for Toshiba Programmable Logic Controllers, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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These Flexible, Adaptable PLCs are as compact as they are powerful, so you can create the system you need without increasing your space requirements or your budget. MicroSmart CPUs are available in two types of modules, All-in-One and Slim. The All-in-One type has models with 10, 16, or 24 I/O points; the Slim type is available in four different 20 I/O modules and two 40 I/O modules. Each CPU module is only 90mm in height and 70mm deep,

Weidmuller Cabling

In Comparison to Conventional Point-to-Point Cabling, the new PLC (FAD) front adapters combined with the passive (RSF PLC) and the active (RSF PLC) interfaces offer an improved, more efficient method of field wiring. PLC (FAD) front adapters are connected to the PLC and to a standard cable which is connected to the interface or the MICROSERIES relay. The front adapters for PLC cards consist of a circuit board which is specially designed