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The New M30 Models in metal housing are much more compact and ideal for detecting levels of liquids and bulk material. High accuracy through temperature compensation. With ultrasonic technology, it is possible to reliably detect even partially or completely transparent objects and to perform reliable distance measurements. In addition, measurements can be performed in dusty, hazy or humid environments. With its small, cylindrical design,

Datalogic Sensors

The Most Varied Optic Functions can be chosen amongst the fixed focus or diffuse proximity models with short, medium or long operating distances reaching 60 cm; the 4 m retroreflex, 3 m polarised retroreflex and 1 m for detection of transparent materials; the 12 m through beam and models with fibre-optic connection. Different versions with either axial or radial optics are available. The series offers connector or cable connection,



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TURCK is a leading supplier of advanced sensor solutions to help manufacturers improve their automated processes, products and profits. TURCK's goal is to help companies reach and exceed their manufacturing objectives through the effective use of automation with a constant focus on the needs and service requirements of TURCK customers.

If you are looking for TURCK Sensors, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at info@clrwtr.com we will do our best to help you find the TURCK Connectors that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for TURCK Cables technical information (data-sheets) please use the Product Selection Guide page link.

Description File Size
BL67 Ethernet Gateways 1, 048 KB
DeviceNet Industrial I/O Input/Output Stations 3, 814 KB
Machine Mounted AS-interface Repeaters 190 KB
PROFIBUS-DP (M12x1) eurofast Cables & Cordsets 595 KB
eurofast Field Wireable Connectors 909 KB
minifast Cordsets & Cables 2, 025 KB
microfast Receptacles 520 KB
RELECO : Interfacer IRC MR-C Plus QR-C Plus Relays 1, 551 KB
Capacitive Quick Disconnect Sensors 1, 009 KB
AC Self-Contained Flow Monitors 121 KB
M18 & M30 Ultrasonic Switches 350 KB
Programmable Pressure Sensors 754 KB
DC Self-Contained Temperature Controls 142 KB
Intrinsically Safe Barrel Sensors with Potted-In-Cable 620 KB
Sendix Incremental Type 5000 (Shaft) / 5020 (Hollow Shaft) Encoders 882 KB
M16 versafast connectivity products 17, 710 KB
Valve Plug Connectivity 1, 982 KB
Weldguard Proximity Switches 5, 368 KB
Armorguard Proximity Switches 5, 770 KB
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Physical Media Connectivity 4, 331 KB
Conduit Adapters
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