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The Model 460-VBM MotorSaver is an auto-ranging voltage monitor designed to protect 3-phase motorsóregardless of size. It can be used on 190-480VAC, 50/60Hz motors to protect from damage caused by single-phasing, low voltage, high voltage, phase reversal, and voltage unbalance. The Model 460-VBM (Voltage Band Monitor) has low and high voltage adjustment knobs and will only permit motor operation if the voltage is within these limits.

IDEC Relays

Correlating Sockets include multiple features for ease-of-use and can be DIN rail, panel or PCB mounted. Each socket is designed to work with IDEC IZUMI timers and relays, but will work equally well with any fitting component. IDEC 6mm interface relays provide a compact solution for general purpose relay requirements. The RV8H series Interface relays are ideal for PLC and electronic systems, industrial automation, panel builders, assembly machine


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Weidmuller is the leading manufacturer of components for electrical connection technology. Weidmuller develops, produce and sell a wide spectrum of products from terminal blocks and connectors to relay sockets and I/O sockets for every type of application. In addition to our expertise in manufacturing precision mechanics, Weidmuller offers a market and customer-oriented product portfolio for our target groups in industrial and process technology and transportation engineering.

This page consists of some technical datasheets for the Weidmuller product line. please call us on (844) 331-9375 or email us at if you cannot find the Weidmuller technical information (data-sheets) that you are looking for. For more detailed Data Sheet page, please use Product Selection Guide page.

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