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Entrelec Terminals

The SNK Series is available in sizes from 4mm2 to 95mm2 as feed through terminals, accepting cables down to 0.2mm. Double deck and disconnect versions are also available in both 4mm2 and an optional 6mm2 size if required. Completing the range are fuse terminals, which accept 5x20mm and 5x25mm fuses. A key feature of the SNK range is its reduced size, with terminal width reduced

NK Technologies Transducers

NK Technologies APS series kWH power transducers offer an inexpensive way to measure kWH on single- and three-phase balanced loads. The APS series constantly measures motor power consumption, which is proportional to the amount of work being done and an indication of the motor load. Available for input currents up to 180 A and voltages up to 600 VAC. Ideal for mixing, grinding, machining and pumping applications where power measurement is needed,


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Weidmuller SAK EN Terminal Blocks Distributor
Terminal Blocks

Modular terminals are available with many different types of connection. It is not the rule that a manufacturer of modular terminals supplies every possible connection system in his range.

However, manufacturers who can supply "all connection systems" from their own products clearly have an advantage. Such manufacturers can cover the most diverse requirements in the global marketplaces for industrial and process automation as well as transport engineering.

If you are looking for Weidmuller Products, please call us on (844) 331-9375 or email us at info@clrwtr.com we will do our best to help you find the Weidmuller Terminal Blocks that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Weidmuller Connectors technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

Weidmuller WAVESERIES WAVE TTA Universal Transmitter Trip Amplifiers Distributors

The electronics department develops and markets electronic components for industrial automation, process automation, and energy production. These components are used both inside and outside of the electrical cabinet. The focus of this electronics sector is on processing digital and analogue signals. These signals can be converted, normalized, protected and prepared for communication. For these purposes we offer signal converters and input/output devices for Fieldbus communication based on industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus systems.

  • Analogue Signal Conditioning
  • Relays & Optos
  • Power supplies
  • Surge protection
  • Fieldbus & Functional components
  • Interface units
HE Series Universal Connectors Distributors
RockStar Connectors

RockStar Heavy-Duty Connectors

  • Inserts
  • Modular system
  • Housings IP65 + IP69K
Cutting Tools Distributors
Screwdrivers & Tools


Weidmuller fulfils all the criteria for professional cable processing with its wide product range. Regardless of conductor cross section or cable diameter, Weidmuller offers you the cutting tool you need. The requirement for all Weidmuller cutting tools is: a smooth, straight cut, with no distortion of the conductor. Weidmuller offers tools for cutting cables from 8mm (0.31 in.) up to 80mm (3.14 in.) in diameter as well as Front Cable Cutters for working in limited space. Key features of certain products include:

  • Easy to use & Single-hand operation
  • Optimum level transmission by eccentric drive
  • Minimum hand force required
  • Release option in every blade position
9926 Series Circuit Breakers Distributor
Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

Weidmuller's DIN-Rail mounted circuit breakers are available for use in applications where circuit protection must be able to distinguish between circuit overloads and short circuits. Each circuit breaker has the ability to be reset without the need to change components. All circuit breakers are available with an assortment of jumpers and marking tags.

Weidmuller circuit breakers in the 9926 Series are UL 489 Listed and CSA Certified as branch rated protection devices under CSA 22.2 No. 5-02. The hydraulic magnetic trip mechanism offers 10,000A of interrupting capacity in 120V and 240V, 50/60Hz applications.

Klippon Enclosures TB-Series Distributor
Klippon Enclosures

Klippon Enclosures

The Klippon brand has long stood for competence and quality in housings - in particular with customer solutions for industrial standard applications and for applications in explosive environments. Weidmuller meets these requirements with its range of steel sheet enclosures of the new Klippon TB Series available in Multi-Hinge (MH) or Quarter-Lock (QL) versions, the Klippon STB series and the aluminium enclosures of the Klippon K series. The portfolio is supplemented by the polyester enclosures of the Klippon POK Series and polycarbonate enclosures. Regardless of the application being designed, Weidmuller offers many customised enclosure and individually tailored services.

PCB Terminal Blocks Distributor
PCB Terminals & Connectors

PCB Components

  • PCB Terminals with - leaf spring connection, clamping yoke connection, TOP clamp connection, tension clamp connection, Push In spring connection, spade connection
  • PCB Connectors of - Minimate, Omnimate, Unimate, Powermate and Crimpmate Ranges
MCP Plus Plotters Distributors
Marking Systems

Marking Systems

  • Terminal markers
  • Wire and cable markers
  • Device and equipment markers
  • Printing systems
  • Software
Industrial Ethernet Routers Gateways Distributor
Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet

Weidmuller Industrial Ethernet components are the perfect link the data communication between Ethernet enabled devices in industrial automation. By supporting various topologies and protocols, they can be used in many industrial applications. As a complete provider of industrial network infrastructure for machine and equipment manufacture, we offer a wide range of switch products to suit the individual needs of our customers. In particular, Gigabit Switches (unmanaged and managed) and media converters, Power-over-Ethernet switches, WLAN modules and serial/Ethernet converters to meet the highest requirements and provide a reliable and flexible Ethernet communication. An extensive passive product portfolio consisting of RJ 45 and fibre optic connectors and cables make Weidmuller your partner for industrial Ethernet solutions.

Weidmuller SAI-M SAI Distributor with Plug in Connection Hood

(SAI) Sensor Actuator Interface

Sensor Actuator Interface

There are good reasons for the fact that Weidmuller belongs to the market-leaders in the distributor sector worldwide. In their development of SAI distributors, Weidmuller engineers have always concentrated on achieving rational, cost-effective installation concepts, and - in cooperation with major users - have supplied the markets with well-conceived products which set standards in terms of functionality and quality throughout the globe. The best example of this is the new SAI Universal Pro System for sensors and actuators, which further optimises installation time and reliability.

Weidmuller is the leading manufacturer of components for electrical connection technology. Weidmuller develops, produces and sells a wide spectrum of products from terminal blocks and connectors to relay sockets and I/O sockets for every type of application. In addition to their expertise in manufacturing precision mechanics, they offer a market and customer-oriented product portfolio for their target groups in industrial and process technology and transportation engineering.

More than 50 years ago, Weidmuller introduced the terminal blocks for electrical engineering technology, setting off a technical revolution in connection technology: In switch cabinets, breakable porcelain constructions were superseded by plastic terminals. Weidmuller's traditional core business has focused on continued development of terminal block products as well as on passive connection technology ever since. As an international supplier of electrical connection technology, it is Weidmuller's aim to fully commit ourselves to offering all Weidmuller customers the best products and the best service. Weidmuller customers' satisfaction is the only standard. The passionate commitment of Weidmuller employees and their efforts to contribute even further to the value-added chains of Weidmuller customers are crucial to Weidmuller's success.

The Weidmuller product portfolio ranges from terminal blocks, PCB connectors and terminals, protected components and relay sockets to power supply and overvoltage protection modules suitable for all applications. Electrical installation and marking material, basic I/O components and a variety of tools round off the range. Weidmuller products are mainly used in switch cabinets and for field wiring. Weidmuller customers also benefit from our wide range of services. In addition to Weidmuller's expertise in manufacturing precision mechanics, Weidmuller offers a market- and customer-oriented product portfolio for Weidmuller's international customers in the fields of industrial, process and transportation technology. Weidmuller developments and activities are driven solely by the individual requirements of Weidmuller customers in these areas. The Weidmuller Group has a strong international orientation with production facilities, sales companies and agencies in over 70 countries.

Weidmuller's goal is to always be a step ahead of market trends and customers' demands. Weidmuller closely follow market developments for realizing future trends and possible requirements of Weidmuller customers and consequently put these into action. The Weidmuller product portfolio ranges from terminal blocks, PCB connectors and terminals, protected components, Industrial Ethernet components, Signal Isolators, Circuit Breakers, DIN Enclosures and relay sockets to power supply and overvoltage protection modules suitable for all applications. At Weidmuller, our goal is straightforward: to be your most knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive supplier of total wiring solutions from the sensor to the system. When it comes to connecting wires together, you cannot make a better choice than Weidmuller's DIN-rail mounted terminal blocks. Weidmuller offers a full range of clamping technologies including: Screw Clamp, Tension Clamp, and IDC (Insulation Displacement Clamp).

The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) department at Weidmuller is currently developing a working relationship with the vendors/suppliers to implement the transmission of sales and ordering information electronically. By receiving the sales and ordering information electronically, Weidmuller does not have to re-key the information into the computer system, thereby removing the chance for error. Weidmuller vendors/suppliers do not have to print or fax the sales and ordering information to Weidmuller in the future. As a manufacturer of electronic components, Weidmuller Interface has disposed of a certified Environmental Management System according to ISO 14 000 for years and actively faces the challenges of environment and health protection. Weidmuller is constantly developing connectivity products, bringing you international high quality innovations that provide cost savings and meet Weidmuller customer's requirements around the globe.

Weidmuller's Research and Marketing teams, backed by experienced Applications Engineers and a knowledgeable Commercial Support staff, have developed a full complement of Reliable Industrial Ethernet Solutions. Weidmuller's Industrial Ethernet solutions enable users to address network design issues including determinism, efficient traffic management, quick recovery from network faults, and integrity of the physical infrastructure. Weidmuller Ethernet product line can outfit customers with most of the elements needed for the successful design and deployment of industrial Ethernet networks, and include Ethernet switches, media and protocol converters, electrical and optical Ethernet cables (both patch and network cables), cable entry systems, connection modules, breakout cables, cable testers, Ethernet outlets, connection sockets, front plate interfaces, markers, RJ45 dust caps, couplers, plugs, installation flanges, Class 2 approved 24V DC power supplies, Ethernet OVP modules, and installation tool kits.

Weidmuller's Design-Build-Deliver Services and Solutions provide detailed engineering support for applications, expert design and engineering services, machining and installation of both Weidmuller and third-party products, pre-assembled module design and production, industrial and ATEX certified custom enclosures and custom marking for rails, cable and conductors. Each solution is 100% inspected and tested before shipping. As a certified ATEX Installation House, Weidmuller is licensed to design and build ATEX certified enclosures and provide all the required documentation necessary to meet global standards and regulations, and ensure certified hazardous location protection.

Our industrial automation supplies distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho stocks some Weidmuller products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct terminal blocks for your application in the USA. Whether we have switching power supplies in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from Weidmuller to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get Weidmuller products to you fast and save you money! It will be very helpful if you have the signal converter part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for the circuit breakers that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for connectors, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the solid state relays part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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