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IDEC Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the X6 line of miniature Emergency Stop Switches. These E-stop switches incorporate unique safety features in a sleek, unibody design that eliminates dirt- and dust-buildup, while reducing the space required behind the panel. With the introduction of our patented Reverse Energy Structure, IDEC has revolutionized Emergency Stop Switches.

IDEC X6 Series 16mm Emergency Stop Switches Distributors

Best-in-Class Safety in a Mini E-Stop

Unlike previous generations of E-stop switches, this feature improves the degree of safety by ensuring that any damage to an X6 switch will lead to the normally closed contacts opening, immediately stopping the machine.

The smooth design of the X6 button makes these switches easier to clean and particularly well suited for applications in the food, medical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, as well as other industries that require high standards of cleanliness.

X6 switches extend just 23.9mm behind the panel, compared with conventional e-stops, which require an average clearance of 27.9mm. By reducing size by 70 percent compared with traditional E-stops, X6 switches enable equipment and control panels to be more compact. This makes X6 switches a great choice for table-top and other designs where space is a critical consideration.

IDEC X6 switches are available with 1 or 2 NC contacts and may be reset by pulling or by turning. Buttons are available in 30mm and 40mm sizes, and in two colors: red for emergency stop and yellow for stop switch. Each switch can be ordered with or without arrow markings, allowing users to tailor the X6 to the needs of their specific application.

X6 switches comply with international safety standards and are UL, c-UL listed and EN compliant, as well as provide an IP65 degree of protection.

IDEC IZUMI Surface Mount LED Spider Lights Distributors

IP67-Rated Surface Mount LED Spider Lights

Expanding our current LED offerings, IDEC introduces a new line of surface mount indicators, the LH series of LED Spider Lights. These slim andstylish LEDs are best for mounting on the surface of equipment or panels, maintaining excellent visibility from the front and the side!

LH1D spider lights can be used in various applications that do not have space behind the panel. These include robotic arms, product picking, door monitoring and other applications where customers can use dual-color pre-wired LED spider lights rather than drilling two 22mm holes to mount two pilot lights.

LH Series of lights are UL listed, CE marked and TUV rated. All Spider Light are also IP67 rated for protection against exposure to water or oils. LH1D Spider Lights are available with 1m, 3m and 5m cables.

Offered in seven bright colors, these 24V AC/DC Spider Lights maintain an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan while consuming low levels of energy. A red/green two-color alternate illumination is also available giving customers a 2-for-1 option. Not only that, but these lights can easily be customized. Legends, symbols or even company names can be printed on marking film for the flat type to personalize lights.

Key Features:

  • LED Surface Mount Indicators in seven colors
  • Flat or dome
  • IP67 protection
  • 1m wiring cable standard. 3m and 5m optional
  • Marking film can be inserted into Flat Spider Lights
  • Dual-color LEDs available

IDEC RF1V Force Guided Relays SF1V Relay Sockets Distributors

New RF1V Force Guided Relays Offer Fast Response Times And Enhanced Safety

Force guided relays are often used in safety circuits to detect failures such as contact welding and damage to the contact spring, This requires them to meet international standards such as EN50205. Exceeding these strict standards, new RF1V Force Guided Relays also offer faster response times ensuring your circuit is able to open quickly providing the safety you need, fast.

Improved anti-shock properties mean these relays can be used safely in high shock and vibration environments such as in machine tools and other factory equipment. Plus an optional built-in LED allows for quick and easy detection if power is applied to the relay. This makes RF1V ideal for use with production equipment for automobiles and semiconductors, as well elevator controls where the use of force guided relays is required by international safety standards.

In combination with IDEC emergency stop switches, interlock switches and other safety input devices and safety control units, we offer a complete line of safety products to meet all your requirements. For complete specifications or additional information, please contact IDEC Corporation.

IDEC FC5A-SIF4 MicroSmart Pentra RS485 Communication Modules Distributor

MicroSmart Pentra can Create a Network of up to 95,000 I/O Points with NEW RS485 Communication Module!

The fastest and most powerful micro-PLC on the market, the MicroSmart Pentra, is now available with an optional RS485 communication module that allows you to create even more powerful and flexible control systems. Only IDEC offers a communication module that enables you to configure up to seven communication ports! Connect your operator interface, PC, temperature controllers, VFDs and printer, or create a Datalink or Modbus network with up to 95,000 I/O points. Just imagine the possibilities.

A MicroSmart Pentra is the only micro PLC on the market that allows controls systems to seamlessly communicate with up to 7 serial devices via RS232C or RS485. Now, with the new RS485 communication module, MicroSmart Pentra can talk multiple communication protocols on the same system, making it simple to create a subsystem network using IDEC Datalink protocol or the standard Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol.

Not only does the RS485 communication module support the standard Maintenance and User's protocol, but also Modbus and Datalink protocol. For fast transmission speed, this unit also supports communication baud rates up to 115Kbps.

IDEC LD6A LED Signalight Display Light Towers Distributors

Next Generation LED Light Towers: Super-Bright With Unique, Modular Design

LD6A SignaLights utilize LED technology to provide a bright solution for supervising workstations or indicating the status of a process. These light towers have a unique ellipse lens shape and modern design, which uses a contrast of illuminated and non-illuminated areas to provide sharper illumination and increased visibility of status.

Optional clear lenses provide a sharper contrast to help avoid confusion about whether a signal is on or off. Lenses are also available in red, yellow, blue, green and pure white, which work with 24V DC base units. All LD6A light towers come prewired and preconfigured, eliminating time-consuming wiring. All colored tiers come with color-coded wires, ready-to-operate right out of the box without additional assembly and wiring. All units also come with mounting screws and washers.

LD6A light towers are available in black or light gray housing colors in steady and steady/flashing/alarm models that pulse at 1.75Hz (105 flashes per minute). Plus two alarm styles - intermittent short sound and Intermittent long sound - both of which provide 360-degree sound and volume adjustment between 70dB and 90dB. Light towers are offered in five different mounting styles including wall mount, frame mount, direct mount, pole mount with base and pole mount with L-shaped bracket. Steady units are rated IP65. All LD6A light towers are UL/c-UL recognized and CE marked.

IDEC SafetyOne FS1A Series Safety Controllers Distributors

SafetyOne FS1A Safety Controller

When you want a straightforward system that's safe, easy-to-use and won't cost an arm and a leg, a SafetyOne FS1A safety controller is the answer!

Unlike a multiple safety relay system, which requires cumbersome wiring and take up too much space, or safety PLCs that can be costly and difficult to program, our safety controllers make it easy to consolidate safety circuits.

At the same time they meet safety requirements, save space with minimal wiring and cost customers less money. FS1A is UL listed, TUV rated and CE marked, as well as meets IEC 61508 integrity level 3, ISO 13849-1 performance level e and EN954-1 safety category 4.

SafetyOne can replace up to six safety relay modules with no programming. Easily configure by turning on a dip switch to 1 of 8 pre-difined logic circuits and one module can connect with various IDEC safety and non safety components such as Emergency Stop switches, Interlock Switches, pilot lights, sensors and light curtains. With 7 dual channel safety inputs, 4 safety outputs and multiple non safety inputs, monitor, blanking and solenoid drive outputs, SafetyOne can simplify your complete safety and logic circuit.

Key Features:

  • No programming required
  • Replaces up to six safety relay modules
  • Just select a logic from eight pre-programmed circuits
  • One module can connect with various types of safety inputs such as E-stop switches or light curtains
  • Easily monitor logic circuit, I/Os and error codes with I/O LEDs and two 7 Segment LED display
  • IEC 61508 integrity level 3, ISO 13849-1 performance level e and EN954-1 safety category 4 compliant

IDEC Enhanced 5.7" Series Operator Interfaces Distributors

IDEC HG2G Series 5.7" Operator Interfaces

The 5.7" HG2G Series are superior quality operator interfaces with advanced features and flexibility to your application, at a best value in the market today, guaranteed!

They have super-bright LCD screen with sharp visibility, a built-in Ethernet port for remote communications with major brand PLCs, and a slim design providing space savings. IDEC IZUMI HG2G Series have been designed to meet the needs of our customers. IDEC offers improved technology and performance at an even better price!

Super Bright LCD Screens:

The 5.7" monochrome LCD screen is the BRIGHTEST in the market with an impressive 500 cd/m2 and 15 level grayscale. The 256 color LCD screen is no slouch either, boasting 350 cd/m2 illuminations. In addition, this analog resistive touchscreen provides a flexible layout, making it easy to design a custom screen for your specific application or project.

Built-in Ethernet Port:

Remote communication is simple using 1:1 or 1:N Communications with some of the network drivers available: IDEC with Web Server module, Allen Bradley Ethernet /IP or Modbus TCP/IP. You can't beat the convenience of uploading, downloading, and monitoring the operator interface projects, data over the Ethernet; all from your desk. No need to spend extra time or money sending someone out to the field, just set up your HG2G and you're all set!

Slim Design:

Panel space is always at a premium, which is why HG2G is constructed with a low-profile bezel extending only 36mm deep behind the panel and requiring minimum space. That's a space savings of over 14mm compared with our previous model! Plus a power LED indicator on the front makes it easy to see your operator interface power status.

Key Features:

  • 5.7" STN LCD OI Touchscreen
  • 256 color or 15 level monochrome
  • NEW Super bright LCD screens:
    • Monochrome: 500 cd/m2
    • Color: 350 cd/m2
  • New Built-in Ethernet Port
  • New Slim Design: 36 mm deep behind the panel
  • New Analog resistive touch panel
  • New Power LED indicator
  • RS 232, RS485, and RS422 compatible
  • Large memory capacity: 2MB
  • O/I Link communication (HG2G Series only)
  • 1:N PLC Communication ( IDEC/Modbus/AB Ethernet/IP/Koyo/Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q Ethernet)
  • Sub-host communication (IDEC/Modbus protocol only)
  • Supports major manufacturer PLCs: IDEC, Allen Bradley, OMRON, Automation Direct (Koyo), Siemens, Mitsubishi & many more
  • Approvals: (pending) UL 1604 listed for use in hazardous locations (Class 1 Div. 2), IP 65, and 13, CE
  • Programming software: WindO/I-NV2 version 3.42 or higher

IDEC PS6R Series 480W Switching Power Supply Distributors

PS6R Series - The First Expandable Power Supplies Now Offer More Options

IDEC Corporation welcomes two new additions to the PS6R Series of expandable power supplies. 120 watt and 240 watt models are now available, to complement the successful earlier release of the 480 watt model.

PS6R Series power supplies are an engineering breakthrough, as they are the first industrial DIN rail power supply to provide multiple output voltages from a single unit. By attaching easy to use expansion modules, users can configure the PS6R to their specific requirements. DC-DC converters allow up to three separate voltages to be used simultaneously, while a branch terminal module provides additional wiring terminals. The flexibility of PS6R means that users can adapt the power supply to their changing requirements, without additional investment in engineering or wiring expense.

The new IDEC PS6R Series is a line of highly efficient, compact power supplies that are significantly smaller than other similar wattage power supplies on the market today. They are ideal for industrial applications where stable power is required, but panel space is limited. The PS6R Series delivers more power and greater functionality without sacrificing high efficiency, performance and reliability.

The power supplies easily:

  • Expand voltage output by adding a DC-DC converter, with 5V,12V, or 15V options
  • Allow the addition of two + and - slots by adding an optional branch terminal module
  • Pack more performance into a small panel

Superior IDEC quality, safety, economy and performance are built into each power supply, which features:

  • Up to 93% efficiency rating to save energy while maintaining high output ratings
  • Finger-safe design to prevent electric shocks
  • A low voltage alarm output, with both NPN contact and LED indication

IDEC PS6R power supplies comply with all recognized global industry standards. Each model is UL- and TUV-approved, CE marked, and comply with both EMC and LVD directives.

IDEC LF1D (IP67, IP67f, IP69K) & LF2D (IP67, IP67f) Series LED Machine Lighting Distributors

Whether You Need Big or Small, We Have More Choices Than Ever Before with New Mini & Long LED Light Units!

With new mini and long versions, LF1D light units can fit any application. The brightest in their class at up to 67.2 Lumens/Watt, the LF1D series provides even lighting able to illuminate not only the target object, but a wide peripheral area while keeping glare and heat generation to a minimum.

A new mini unit is compact at only 100 x 50 x 25mm (4 x 2 x 1-inch), making it great for smaller sized machines, where high light output is needed but space is at a premium. Mini versions use one large LED light engine, rather than several smaller LED dies, eliminating shadows and distributing even light over a wide area.

One of the longest industrial grade lamps in the industry, with 365mm or 510mm (14.4 or 20-inch) models to choose from, our LF1D long versions have an ideal shape, lower color temperature (4700K) and high power 2000/3000lm luminous flux making them perfect for replacing traditional fluorescent lamps. The flat light design reduces glare and multiple shadows, as well as improves visibility from a distance.

IP67f/IP69K rated, all LF1D light strips are resistant against water, dust, oil and chemicals. They are ideal for applications including machine tools, food & beverage processing machines, automated manufacturing machines, printing machines or test equipment, scanning vision systems, commercial range hoods, underground utilities, as well as any applications with harsh environmental factors such as vibration.

All LF1D light strips are Cool White with 24V DC voltage, retaining 70% of their initial luminance at 50,000 hrs. Side connection and back connection options are available. Plus a removable direct plug-in terminal block with spring clamp connections to ensure high-quality connections, making it easy to install these units. Manufactured with a sturdy die-cast aluminum housing and stainless steel front cover, LF1D light strips are also RoHS compliant, mercury-free, CE marked and UL listed.

LF1D LED light strips are a smart, long-term, low-maintenance investment.

IDEC LB Series 16mm Miniature Switches & Pilot Devices Distributors

LB Switches Offer Sleek, Refined Style

The LB series, a popular line of 16mm miniature switches from IDEC, has expanded to include illuminated selectors, lever selectors, dome pilot lights, lever switches and buzzer models.

Projecting only 2mm when flush-mounted on a panel, these switches provide a sleek, updated look perfect for applications requiring a hygienic surface. LB switches are ideal for users with packaging machinery, commercial appliances, medical equipment, food and beverage processing equipment, semi-conductor equipment, non-industrial applications (train cab, parking machines, audio/visual equipment), water treatment, computer peripherals, machine tools, panels and more.

With a choice of metallic or black plastic bezels, and flush or standard bezels in square, round or rectangular, these switches add style to any application. Users can now choose from a complete family of switches including illuminated pushbuttons, pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, key selector switches, illuminated selectors, lever selectors, dome pilot lights, lever switches and buzzers.

Illuminated selectors and dome pilot lights are now available in a choice of green, red, white, amber, yellow and blue. Unique IDEC LED/lens technology means these new models, as well as LB pilot lights and illuminated pushbuttons; provide bright LED illumination for superior visibility in nearly any application.

LB switches have a powerful 5A operating current and are available with a choice of SPDT, DPDT and 3PDT contact configuration to give design engineers more flexibility within a small package.

All LB switches are UL recognized, TUV approved, CSA certified and CE marked, as well as provide an IP65 degree of protection.

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Weidmuller Modules

A Potentiometer on the front side is used to custom adjust the setpoints and deadbands. The deadband reduces chatter from the alarm relay during switching operations. The reset point of the relay contact is individually adjusted, in this case away from the hysteresis (setpoint). In order to generate an alarm in the event of a power outage, you should select the "energised" operational status for one or both of the output relays.

TURCK Sensors

The EZ-track R16 liquid level probe is a programmable, two-wire loop powered intrinsically safe probe that is ideal for continuous level monitoring in a variety of liquids and tank designs. The R16 sensor uses magnetostrictive technology to monitor the position of a magnetic float along the active stroke of the sensing tube, which is then converted into a configurable 4-20 mA output.