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SEW Eurodrive

SEW-EURODRIVE announces the immediate release of the new RESF37 stainless steel helical gear reducer and KESA37 stainless steel helical bevel gear reducer. Efficient, long-life helical and helical bevel gearing means these units use less energy, run cooler and last longer than typical single-worm gear units. The material, design and smooth finish mean high resistance to bacteria, chemicals and processes common to the food processing industry.

SEW Eurodrive Stainless Steel Helical & Helical Bevel Gear Reducers Distributors

New Stainless Steel Helical & Helical Bevel Gear Reducers Give Food Processors Efficient, Hygienic Design

Traditional single-worm reducers commonly found on processing equipment are inefficient and wear over time. Helical bevel gears have an infinite life, and are 50% more efficient than single worm gears. The new stainless steel speed reducers are new on the outside, but inside you'll find the same high-quality gearing the industry has relied on for decades.

The shaft-mounted gear units are available with TorqLOC, SEW-EURODRIVE'S compact keyless hollow shaft mounting system. TorqLOC combines interchangeable bronze bushings and a stainless steel clamping ring for mounting onto various sized solid shafts. This eliminates the need for high tolerance machining of the shaft and ensures the reducer can be easily removed even after years of service in the harshest environments.

The RESF37 and KESA37 are available with NEMA C-face motor adapters, IEC adapters or as gearmotors. Other options include seals to provide IP69K protection and food grade oil. All shafts and hardware are high quality stainless steel as standard.

The new RESF37 and KESA37 stainless steel gearboxes from SEW-EURODRIVE are available with ratios up to 134.82 and 106.38:1 respectively. Both have an input power rating of up to 3 HP and an output torque rating of 1,770 lb-in.

SEW Eurodrive DR.71-315 DT56 DR63 AC Motor Distributor

SEW-EURODRIVE Launches Energy-Efficient DR Motor Series

SEW Eurodrive, a leading global supplier of innovative drive automation solutions, announces the release of the new DR motor modular system, offering customers a single series with millions of drive combinations.

Available February 1, 2010, the modular DR motor is well suited for most any industry. The modular system allows users to specify exactly those options needed for any given application. Users in food, beverage, water and wastewater will find that the coating and sealing options keep these motors protected in wet environments in a wide range of temperatures. Automotive manufacturers rely on the many connector options to save time and ensure accuracy in installation and replacement. The variety of sensor and feedback options for speed, position and even brake wear are perfect for sophisticated electronic drive control systems found in packaging and logistics applications in many industries. Maintenance-friendly modular brakes, encoders and other options make retrofits and other field adjustments simple and fast in any market.

The DR motor meets and exceeds international energy standards and comes in three efficiency levels: DRS Standard Efficiency (IE1), DRE High Efficiency (IE2), and DRP Premium Efficiency (IE3), which meets EISA 2007 and NEMA Premium standards for the USA and other energy standards in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to energy efficiency options, the DR motor also offers other customizable options, including brake size, cost-optimized encoders, and mounting type.

Providing simple configuration and ordering, the DR motor saves space and costs due to its compact design and also promotes an extended life from an environmental and regulatory perspective.

SEW Eurodrive DS/CM Series Synchronous Servomotors Distributors

Synchronous Servomotors Provide Economical Solution for Precise, Dynamic Control

Dynamic performance, precision, adaptability and long service life are the key advantages of a new line of synchronous servomotors from SEW-EURODRIVE, a world leader in power transmission and motion control solutions.

The DS/CM line of servomotors provides an economical solution for highly dynamic applications like material handling, packaging and crane and hoist control, where speed, precise movement and a high degree of concentric properties are required. These versatile servomotors cover a wide range of standstill torques, from 1 Nm to 68 Nm, with peak performance ratings of up to 238 Nm. High overload capacity provides solutions for almost every power requirement. They come in a sturdy housing with built-in convection cooling, assuring reliable performance, extremely quiet operation and exceptional service life.

Like all SEW products, the DS/CM series features a modular design, allowing an almost unlimited number of configurations to exactly match application requirements. This allows them to be mounted directly on a machine or integrated with the gear unit. Gear units in standard and reduced backlash designs can be installed, as well as planetary and angular servo gear units that can be mounted directly on the motor without using an adapter.

The new servomotors are available with 24V holding brakes for the DS series or powerful servo brakes for the CM series. The high torque of the optional working brake for the CM series provides an optimum solution for hoist applications.

The acceleration torques of these motors are three to four times the static torque for all sizes. The CM motor series, which covers a torque range between 5 and 68 Nm static torque, is equipped with high-energy magnets that deliver a high overload capacity of 400 percent standstill current as standard. This modern magnetic circuit technology assures high rotational accuracy and low cogging. For static torques of 1 to 4 Nm, the DS series provides the ideal low power solution.

All DS/CM servomotors are equipped with standard thermal motor protection and resolver feedback for motor control. They are available in three sizes, with three different lengths available for each size, and are UL and CSA approved.

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