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Vynckier Enclosures

Vynckier Enclosure Systems, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of non-metallic NEMA enclosures. Our enclosures are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, ranging from small, hand-held enclosures to large cabinets, and they securely protect electrical components from the elements - environmental factors such as water, wind, dust and chemicals.

Vynckier VMS Series Polycarbonate Modular Enclosures Distributors

Need Non-Metallic NEMA Enclosures? We have Got You Covered!

All enclosures are UL-listed and NEMA-rated.

Our U.S. operations are based in Houston, Texas in a 92,000-square-foot service center, which stocks our enclosures plus other products, including cabinets, pedestals and accessories. Vynckier was founded in Belgium in 1920. Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, our company has one of the largest and most advanced plastic molding operations in Europe.

Throughout our history, we have been dedicated to manufacturing only the highest-quality enclosures. We produce many of our own raw materials, such as molding compounds, Bakelite and Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP). In fact, our first products in the early 1900s were made from Bakelite, discovered by Leo Bakeland, who at the time worked for Vynckier. In 1962, Vynckier became the leader in Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) enclosures by being the first to market FRP enclosures. Fifty years later, we are still going strong!

Today, we work with all types of customers - anyone who needs to enclose electrical or electronic equipment and protect it from water and chemicals. Many of our current customers are OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and companies involved in the water management and solar energy industries.

Vynckier VJ Series JIC Instrument Enclosure Distributor

Enclosures Tolerate Highly Corrosive Environments

Series VJ (flat cover) and RVJ (raised cover) Platinum Plus enclosures are made of halogen free, hot molded, glass fiber reinforced polyester and can withstand continuous temperatures from -58 to 302°F. Available in 7 sizes with inner dimensions from 6 x 6 in. to 18 x 16 in., enclosures are offered in platinum color for UV resistance. Gaskets are seamless polyurethane foam, and various window, hinge, vent, and latching options are available.

Vynckier is pleased to introduce our new color "Platinum Plus" for our VJ and RVJ Series Enclosures. The color, like the precious metal that it is named after, has great physical properties! The newer light grey color is cleaner, cooler and more aesthetically pleasing. Now users can enjoy the physical benefits of better heat reflection and better UV resistance, due to the lighter color. VJ (flat cover) and RVJ (raised cover) enclosures are designed in accordance with the Joint Industrial Council (JIC) - USA.

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