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Sola Hevi Duty

SolaHD has launched its new SVL Series of DIN rail power supplies ideal for high volume, controlled environments where essential features are the sole requirement. Building on SolaHD's impressive three tier DIN Rail AC-DC power supply family, these new units are designed to deliver all the essential advantages of power quality technology - power factor correction, overload, under-voltage and short circuit protection with visual verification - in a compact, easy to install design.

Sola Hevi Duty SVL Series DIN Rail Power Supplies Distributors

Essential Performance in a Compact Size Power Supply for Controlled Environment Applications

This introduction extends the SolaHD power supplies line from the SVL Series providing essential performance for controlled environment applications to the SDN-P/SDP Series providing core performance for industrial processes and culminating with the SDN-C series providing the highest performance for extreme applications. Customers seeking the highest level of machine reliability can now realize the immediate benefits and value of SolaHD power supplies, whether they are on the floor of a petrochemical processing plant or designing a building automation system.

Available in a versatile range of 15 to 480 Watts in 5, 12, 24 and 48 Volt combinations, SolaHD SVL power supplies deliver reliable power in an efficient design. Convection cooling reduces the temperature of internal components without the need of a fan that may serve as a failure point for the device. Further, models above 120 Watts feature active power factor correction reducing harmonic emissions that can waste energy and affect power quality.

Mounting power supplies is a challenge in smaller machinery. When space inside an enclosure is at a premium, SVL power supplies' small footprint makes them an excellent alternative to embedded open frame switchers. The clip-on DIN rail mounting capability provides quick, hassle-free installation while allowing for enhanced design flexibility. In addition, the universal input voltage means SVL power supplies adapt to locally available power. The screw clamp connections make them exceptionally simple to wire.

Machinery that would benefit from the SVL's essential features include ATMs, vending machines, building automation systems, industrial instrumentation and control equipment, test and measurement, and life sciences devices protected from excess shock, vibration or temperature extremes.

SolaHD's SVL Series power supplies meet UL 508 requirements for industrial control equipment and UL0 60950 requirements for Information Technology Equipment and CE Low Voltage Directive standards for worldwide applications. They are backed by a two-year limited warranty.

SolaHD Energy Efficient Dry-Type General Purpose 600V Class Transformers Distributor

Sola Hevi-Duty DOE 2016 Compliant Distribution Transformer Designs

SolaHD Hevi-Duty DOE 2016 Compliant Distribution Transformer Designs are now available!

SolaHD is dedicated to providing customers Hevi-Duty transformers of unsurpassed quality, manufactured in the United States. SolaHD continues to remain in front of these specification changes and our customers can order DOE 2016 certified units.

Improving energy efficiency is a priority at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). With the legal authority to define energy efficiency levels and enforce manufacturers to be compliant, the DOE has established new and more stringent energy efficiency levels for distribution transformers which went into effect January 1, 2016. These new efficiency levels are expected to reduce energy losses over the previous TP-1 low-voltage dry-type distribution transformers by an average of 18% over the life of the new program. Manufacturers will not be able to produce the noncompliant units, but any TP-1 units produced as of 12-31-15 may be sold and installed. Contact your SolaHD Representative for remaining inventory of TP-1 units or to transition to new DOE 2016 compliant transformers.

Again, there are a number of changes that you need to be aware of related to this product line change:

  • Although the units were redesigned to meet the more stringent efficiency ratings, we were able to maintain the original footprint on all units.
  • Part numbers have changed:
    • General Distribution and Low Temperature Rise: ET Series is now your E Series. i.e. ET2H45S becomes E2H45S
    • K-Factor: 3HXXT Series is now your KXXE Series. i.e. 3H4T2H15S becomes K4E2H15S i.e. 3H4T2H15S becomes K4E2H15S

SolaHD S4K2U-C & S4K2U-5C Industrial On-Line UPS Distributors

SolaHD Introduces Compact, Industrial-Grade UPS in Capacities up to 3000VA

SolaHD, a global supplier of power quality solutions, today unveiled its S4K2UC Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) that incorporates a unique combination of advanced true on-line, double conversion technology contained within a rugged, ultra-compact chassis perfect for industrial computing, automation systems, robotics, and process controls. SolaHD is offering models in 120V or 230V configurations from 700VA to 3000VA of capacity.

The new S4K2UC UPS systems can be mounted directly into any standard 19-inch rack, occupying only 2U (3.5 inches) of rack space, as well as be floor mounted for standalone use. Matching external battery cabinets in 2U height are also offered to achieve additional backup time.

The S4K2UC is designed from the ground up to deliver continuous, high quality power to connected equipment with no break or transferring to a battery. Its rated output power factor of 0.9 is a superior match with switch mode power supplies, which results in more efficient utilization of the UPS.

SolaHD's concentration on smaller form-factor UPS designs and its leadership in advanced power quality technologies have enabled the company to continually meet new customer requirements. The S4K2UC follows this trend by offering flexible output voltage, internal batteries, and an integral dynamic bypass switch. Other features contributing to its outstanding performance include:

  • Self-diagnostic capabilities;
  • Rotating LED display panel for easy readout in rack or tower position;
  • Multiple and simultaneous communication ports;
  • Wide input voltage range to minimize battery operation;
  • Hot swappable, user replaceable batteries;
  • Automatic internal bypass and optional manual maintenance bypass;
  • Continuous sine wave output to allow full compatibility with variety of power supplies;
  • Power factor corrected input to reduce reflected distortion while optimizing utility power.

Sola HD SDN-C Series 1-Phase & 3-Phase 120-960W Power Supply Distributor

SolaHD DIN-Rail Power Supply Combines Ultra-Compact Dimensions with High Efficiency

SolaHD, a leading supplier of power quality solutions, announced today announced it has expanded its DIN-rail power supply line with the SDN-C 20-24-100C, available in the popular 20 Amp single-phase 24Vdc category.

The SDN-C 20-24-100C combines a remarkably compact footprint with higher efficiency than the existing SolaHD SDN-P line.

These units also have unique visual diagnostic LEDs to show status at a glance. The SDN-C features Active Power Factor Correction and can be DIN rail mounted in a control cabinet. The SDN-C units reduce excess heat in the panel due to their high efficiency and advanced design.

The 20A output single-phase model SDN 20-24-100C is about 50% smaller than the power supply of the previous generation. The SDN-C comes equipped with standard screw terminal connections. The metal outer case is rugged, efficiently dissipates heat, and delivers full power in a wide temperature range from -25°C to +60°C.

Sola HD GL Series Single & Multi Output Switching Power Supplies Distributors

Sola Hevi Duty Offers Versatile New AC-DC Switching Power Supply Line for OEMs

SolaHD, a leading supplier of power quality solutions, announced today its versatile new GL Series of AC/DC single- and multi-switching power supplies covering power ratings from 25 to 500 watts.

Designed for integration into OEM industrial, service, telecommunications, computing and medical equipment, new GL power supplies are especially suitable for high-volume worldwide applications requiring superior reliability and a standardized IU chassis to allow faster, more flexible mounting for system designers.

All 13 models in the GL Series feature automatic overvoltage and overload protection to achieve smooth load distribution, along with built-in EMI filtering, full power at 50° C and universal input voltage without switches or jumpers. Notably, these power supplies demonstrate an impressive Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of more than 550,000 hours at full load and 25° C ambient conditions, enhancing their value and performance.

To answer unique requirements, SolaHD GL power supplies can be specified with such features as supervisory outputs (5V/12V), a wide-adjustable 4th output, and single wire current share. Remote sensing in some models provides added stability at the terminal in the event voltage drops in the line between the supply and the load.

Covers and brackets are ordered separately. Each are designed for specific GL models to simply the process of mechanical integration into a system, while also giving an extra measure of electrical safety to service personnel.

Standard non-medical GL OEM power supplies carry a wide set of safety approvals, including EN60950, UL60950, CSA 22.2-234, FCC Class B for EMI/RFI, and the CE Mark. Also available are GL OEM models with rigorous medical grade safety certifications designated as UL 2601, CSA 22.2 No. 601.1 and EN 60601-1.

SolaHD STF Series Active Tracking Filter for Low-Energy Transients Distributor

Sola Hevi Duty Selection Helps Design Engineers Identify Correct Active Tracking Filter for Power Supplies

SolaHD, one of the world's leaders in power quality technology, has developed a series of Filter Selector Guides to help design engineers identify the ideal SolaHD Active Tracking Filter protection for power supplies from SolaHD and other manufacturers' power supplies.

SolaHD Power Filters with Active Tracking are designed to safeguard industrial, medical and telecommunications equipment against damaging low-energy voltage transients and high-frequency noise. Low energy transients and noise missed by surge suppression technology can disrupt production schedules and degrade equipment with electronic rust. Active Tracking filters convert this dirty AC power into a clean, reliable source of energy.

Individual guides were created for SolaHD, Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc Automation, Omron and Schneider power supplies and controllers.

SolaHD SCP-X Extreme Environment Series 24 VDC 95 Watt Power Supplies Distributors

Sola Hevi Duty IP67 Rated Power Supplies Eliminate Need for Enclosures in Extreme Industrial Environments

With the increasing demand for machine device control and communication over industrial Ethernet, DeviceNet, and other networks, OEMs have found that installing traditional power supplies in distributed and remote locations has become prohibitively complex and costly because of the need for protective enclosures, fans, and excess wiring. In addition, enclosures introduce another potential point of failure into the production line.

To reduce cost and complications, SolaHD has launched its new IP67 SCP-X self-sealed power supplies. They mount directly on machines or as freestanding components on a production line, removing the constraints imposed by power supplies that must be housed in enclosures. Compared to power supplies housed in a separate enclosure, the IP67 SCP-X reduces total cost of ownership by as much as 54 percent.

Because the IP67 SCP-X is available in 100 watt and dual 100 watt models, it has the versatility to power from one to four loads. The 100 watt model has a single output of 3.8A at 24Vdc to deliver cost-efficient field power in a compact unit that requires minimal assembly. Dual 100 watt models have quad output of 7.6A at 24Vdc (3.8A max per pair). It eliminates need for splitters or additional wiring to power up to four loads, making it perfect for high density power requirements such as large conveyor belts or automative assembly lines.

Extreme environments found in industrial locations will compromise the performance of a standard power supply. This is why SolaHD took every measure possible to make the IP67 SCP-X the most robust industrial-grade power supply on the market today. This extends from its shock-absorbing, self-sealed IP67 rated enclosure impervious to water, dust and corrosion, to an optimized thermal management layout that prevents overheating while doing away with bulky external fans or forced air. It will operate reliably in ambient temperatures of -40°C to 60°C for the single watt model and -20°C to 60°C for the dual watt. In addition, it keeps signal noise and electromagnetic interference (EMI) well below the limits required to ensure reliable data communications.

Design engineers will welcome the IP67 SCP-X's ability to be directly mounted on a machine. In addition to not requiring an enclosure or a fan, it minimizes cabling to power devices while offering the flexibility to mount in any orientation with no derating. Quick change connectors simplify connectivity for distributed I/O devices, as well as assembly/disassembly. Its compact footprint of 4.7" x 7" compares favorably to a traditional power supply enclosure measuring 16" x 14".

New SolaHD IP67 SCP-X power supplies are immediately available. Both 100 watt and dual 100 watt models are backed by a five year limited warranty, the longest in the industry. All models are certified to meet Class 2 requirements for power limiting.

Sola S4K4U-C 6 kVA & S4K6U-C 10 kVA Industrial On-Line Uninterruptible Power Supply Distributor

Sola Hevi Duty Earns ENERGY STAR Certification for Uninterruptible Power Systems

Appleton Group, a business unit of Emerson Industrial Automation, recently announced that its SolaHD brand earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s ENERGY STAR Version 1.0 qualification for seven models of its S4KC uninterruptible power supply series.

To qualify for the award, which was first instituted by the EPA in 2012, the SolaHD S4KC units were subjected to testing by a UPS-specific certification body, and were examined based on average power, efficiency and efficiency variation for determination of steady-state. The SolaHD UPS products meeting the requirements of the EPA program use an average of 35 percent less energy than their standard counterparts.

The qualified SolaHD UPS models are: 120V input 700, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 VA 120/208V input 6000 and 10000VA models. These systems provide continuous uptime for the connected equipment, with capacity and battery backup delivered in cabinets that use 2U to 6U of rack space. All seven models of the SolaHD S4KC are available across North America. SolaHD is continuing to pursue ENERGY STAR certifications on its newest products.

ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), which helps consumers and organizations save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices. The ENERGY STAR SSL v1.0 criteria were developed for the industry by the DOE.

ENERGY STAR programs help customers make informed decisions pertaining to energy efficiency when purchasing systems and equipment. The EPA has worked closely with industry to identify ways in which energy efficiency can be measured, documented and implemented.

Sola Hevi Duty S5KC Series Modular Series On-Line Uninterruptible Power Systems Distributors

S5KC Series - 6 Chassis Model Configurations Available in 10, 12 & 16 Bays with Extended Run-time Capability

SolaHD introduces a new line of single phase online modular UPS' designed to protect equipment, people and products by providing conditioned power during normal operation and automatic battery back-up during power failures.

The innovative S5KC features a modular design that can be expanded as needed to add capacity and runtime - even while operating in the field. The heavy duty design features an all metal case with tough metal bezels built for durability in demanding industrial settings. Hot swappable modules and optional redundancy as needed, provides fault tolerance and the ability to maintain the UPS without taking it off-line. Available in transformer based and transformer free models, the S5KC is our most scalable, rugged and dependable UPS for demanding industrial applications.

Easy to Use, Built to Last

  • Modular LCD control screens for improved visibility and on machine control; can be remote mounted anywhere within 10 meters of the main cabinet
  • Rugged, industrial design with all metal housing and bezels
  • Metal bezels provide easy access to integral standard air filters that snap on and off with no tools required.
  • Power modules, batteries, maintenance bypass and distribution housed in a single, small footprint cabinet
  • Can be installed in rack enclosures as well as on raised floors and traditional flooring.

Versatile Modular Design

  • Scale your UPS in the field by adding power or battery modules as needed from 5 to 20 kVA.
  • Get capacity on demand by adding power modules in 5 kVA/4.5 kW increments, with no need to power down.
  • Optional Power A/C Distribution (PAD) provides output distribution, input connection and a rotary maintenance bypass switch.
  • Available in 10, 12 and 16 bay models with or without output transformer.
  • Shown with lower metal bezels with air filters removed to access modular components.

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