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In conjunction with the popular IDEC RF1V series of 4- and 6-pole relays, RF2 force-guided relays from IDEC give users even more choices by offering a new 2-pole option ideal for users only needing two contacts or wanting to add multiple relays in a series.

These compact and slim relays provide added safety, while saving on cost and installation space.

IDEC RF1V Series Force Guided Relays Distributors

New 2-Pole, Force-Guided Relays - The Ultimate in Safety & Space Savings!

Force-guided relays are key electromechanical switching components used as a failsafe within safety circuits to detect failures such as contact welding or damage to the contact spring. Often used in combination with elevator controls, interlock switches, light curtains and emergency stop switches, these relays are crucial in safety control applications.

Fast response times combined with anti-shock properties mean these relays can be used safely in high shock and vibration environments. Compliant with international safety standards including EN50205 Type A TUV approval, UL, CSA and CE, RF2 force-guided relays are perfectly suited for safety-related applications including elevator door controllers and machine tools.

Choose from two terminal styles (socket and PC board mounting), and additional options including a built in LED indicator, an RTIII degree of protection and a counter-electromotive force. In combination with the SJ series of finger-safe sockets, RF2 force-guided relays provide reliable safety for man and machine in the event of a malfunction.

IDEC PS5R-TJ24 Three-Phase Switching Power Supplies Distributors

IDEC PS5R-TJ24 3-Phase Power Supply Provides Steady Power & Efficiency to Applications in Diverse Industries

The new, three-phase power supply from IDEC, PS5R-TJ24, is a welcome addition to the already popular and powerful PS5 series of switching power supplies. Featuring some of the industry's best ratings for ripple voltage and operating temperature, the PS5R-TJ24 is well-suited for applications in harsh environments.

The IDEC PS5R-TJ24 power supply operates on both 2- or 3-phase voltage, and features a 480W output, making it versatile enough to be used in many applications. Providing a steady and balanced power source with a 91% efficiency level and output ratings of 20A @24V DC, the PS5R-TJ24 is also parallel-capable for increased power or redundancy.

Typical markets and applications for PS5R-TJ24 include machine tools, hydraulic presses, waste water treatment plants, and any plant or machine operating on 3-phase power, where safe and reliable power is required for electronic devices such as sensors, PLCs, HMI, etc. The high output rating provides sufficient energy to operate multiple components from a single power supply. PS5R-TJ24 conforms to all global standards, is IP20 rated, UL 508 listed and UL 60950-1 recognized.

IDEC LUMIFA LF1E Series LED Illumination Lights Distributors

Long-Lasting LED Lighting Solutions for Refrigeration & Freezer Applications

Looking for a cost-effective, low-maintenance lighting solution able to handle cold environments? LF1E LUMIFA LED Light Strips are specifically designed to be used in freezer or refrigerated display cases with ambient temperatures as low as -40 degrees C, while maintaining a long service life and providing consistent illumination levels. They are perfect for food displays, freezer units in grocery stores, deli counters and ice cream displays. In addition, they can be used in testing chambers where temperatures are below freezing.

Not only do these light strips perform well in cold temperatures, providing uniform lighting for products while producing low levels of heat, they actually save energy since the refrigeration or freezer unit doesn't have to compensate for heat generated by the light. Plus, operating on 24V DC voltage, these light strips retain 70% of their initial luminance at 40,000 hrs, making them a long-term, low-maintenance investment.

The LF1E series of light strips are available in Cool White (Temp: 5000K) or Warm White (3000K) and offered in four lengths with a maximum length of 1450mm (4.75 feet). Choose from three types: no lens, condensing lens and dual lens. All LF1E light strips are CE marked and UL listed for damp locations.

IDEC HR1S-DMB/DME Safety Control Relays Distributors

Safety Relays Provide Highest Levels of Safety with Category 3 & 4 Compliance!

As demand for safety components increases, new HR1S safety relays enable IDEC to offer our customers a more complete safety solution from a company they trust to provide reliable, high-quality products. By expanding our line of safety products, IDEC can provide customers with additional levels of safety for all humanmachine interactions.

HR1S safety relays are UL listed, CSA certified and CE marked, as well as being EN ISO 13849-1 Performance level (PL) e, safety category 4 compliant, and EN 62061 Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3. This makes them perfect for applications requiring even the highest safety standards.

HR1S safety relays are predictable and controllable with several variations available including models with instantaneous (STOP 0) safety outputs or with STOP 1 time delay safety outputs for various machine safety design requirements. Internal relay operations can be monitored with LED indicator and various auxiliary outputs can be used to monitor different aspects of the safety relay.

Removable terminals make it easier to wire than a standard terminal, decrease downtime and the chance of wiring errors when replacing the unit; simply unplug the terminal and plug it into a new relay.

IDEC High Performance Operator Interfaces Distributors

NEW 12V DC, 5.7" HG2G Operator Interfaces are Ideal for Solar, Oil and Gas & Mobile Applications!

IDEC now has a new 5.7" HG2G model with 12V DC power! These OI touchscreens are the perfect solution for applications limited to battery-power or using low-voltage solar energy. This includes road sign controls or tracking systems where an OI touchscreen is used to monitor and control. The 12V DC HG2G is also ideal for remote water pumping stations and injection systems. The lower voltage even makes it safer for use in the gas and oil industry. Plus mobile applications such as utility trucks can use the OI touchscreen for engine management or controlling lights, heat, air and accessories. Applications are endless with the 12V DC model, especially since it eliminates the need for DC-to-DC converters, which can compromise performance.

With a vivid screen and competitive pricing, 5.7" HG2G offer more functionality for less. A super bright LCD screen provides crisp images and superior visibility making touchscreens easy-to-read even in intense light or at an angle. Behind the screen, panel depth is only 36mm. making HG2G the best choice for limited spaces. The HG2G 5.7" LCD touchscreen is available as a monochrome (500cd/m2, brightest in the market) or 256-color (350cd/m2) display. An optional built-in Ethernet port (10/100 BaseT) allows remote communications with PLCs by using a supported Network Driver in 1:1 or 1:N Communications. Supported drivers include IDEC (using the Web Server module), Allen Bradley Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP. Uploading, downloading and monitoring projects and data over the Ethernet means you save time and money by working remotely.

HG2G is RS232/RS485/RS422 compatible and supports IDEC PLCs, as well as all major PLC manufacturers. In addition, HG2G supports a wide range of other communication capabilities including 1:N PLC, O/I Link, User and Sub Host communication. HG2G is programmed using IDEC WindO/I-NV2 software, which is intuitive using drag-and-drop functionality. A free 30-day demo is available. All HG2G models are CE-marked, c-UL-us listed, Nema 13 rated and have IP65 protection.

IDEC RV8H Series 6mm Interface Relays Distributors

Class I Division 2 Approval Makes RV8H Relays Perfect for Use in Hazardous Locations!

IDEC is expanding our relay selection by introducing new 6mm RV8H interface relays with a UL listed Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C, and D (C1D2)/Class I Zone 2 rating designed specifically for use in hazardous locations. Our new C1D2 RV8H interface relays are well-suited for controls used in applications such as oil and gas equipment, panel building, refineries, painting and mixing chambers, mining, water and waste water treatment, and other hazardous locations that may require a 6-amp switching capability in a compact space.

Replacement relays and sockets are also available. Optional accessories include jumpers, spacers and marking plates to facilitate wiring and quick identification. These new RV8H relays are just one of several hazardous location products IDEC will be introducing this year. Keep an eye out!

Corresponding SV1H series sockets are UL listed for Class I Division 2 hazardous locations and are available with spring clamp terminations or traditional screw terminations. With a socket height of only 70mm from the DIN rail, our terminals are low profile, providing a compact solution for general purpose relay and socket requirements including those requiring miniaturization of machines and panels. Not to mention, installation time is greatly reduced with the Spring clamp terminals.

As with all IDEC products, these relays have undergone rigorous quality control testing and contain only the highest-quality materials. Gold-plated contacts, for low level switching, are standard with a maximum of 6A switching loads. Operating temperatures range from -40 to +70° C for up 60V AC or DC. Plus a wide input voltage ranges from 6 to 240V means we have something for everyone!

IDEC CW Series 22mm Flush Mount Switches & Pilot Devices Distributors

Flush Mount CW Switches Now with More Options than Ever Before!

Flush mount CW switches are the best looking, industrial-strength 22mm switches in the market. Now, with the addition of options including new maintained pushbutton switch operators, rubber boots and nameplates, CW switches are better than ever. A new rubber boot provides an additional protective cover for CW switches, making them ideal for applications that require regular wash downs.

By offering both momentary and maintained functions, customers have more options to fit their specific applications, while the smooth design of the CW cuts down on surface area, preventing dust and other particles from accumulating and making regular cleaning and maintenance easier.

Offered with either black or metallic bezels, customers have a choice of illuminated pushbuttons, pushbuttons and pilot lights in six bright colors (amber, green, white, red, blue and yellow). Selector and key selector switches are also available, as well as marking plates, engraved to designate the function of the switch or its position. Now there is no reason for customers to have switches without clear labeling.

CW switches are perfect for instrumentation, medical equipment, food and beverage processing equipment, semi-conductor equipment, non-industrial applications (train cab, parking machines, audio/visual equipment), machine tools, panels and more! IP20 finger-safe contacts extend only 39.9mm behind the panel, saving space, while seven possible keys provide added security. CW switches are UL listed and CE marked and provide an IP65 degree of protection.

When you want the best selection in high-quality switches, IDEC has sixty-five years of experience providing the parts and pricing you want! With a choice of metal or plastic bezels, various sizes (8 to 30mm), contact ratings and mounting options, IDEC switches add style and safety to any application.

IDEC 3.8" (3.7" Monochrome) HMI with Embedded 12 I/O PLC Distributors

Value. Versatility. The New Breed of Controller.

The newest family of controllers from IDEC delivers affordability without compromise. Equipped with powerful and abundant features, the FT1A SmartAXIS series is a high-performance, cost-effective solution for limited I/O applications!

The five models in this series include our exclusive FT1A Touch, a 3.8" HMI with 12 I/O PLC (HMI + PLC), as well as 12, 24, 40, and 48 I/O PLCs.

FT1A Touch

The 3.8-inch FT1A SmartAXIS Touch is available in 65K TFT color or Monochrome with a super bright screen of up to 700cd/m2. The Touch is an All-in-One Touchscreen interface and logic controller packed in a compact body big on features.

FT1A Controllers

FT1A SmartAXIS Controllers are available with 12 (8 inputs, 4 outputs), 24 (16 inputs, 8 outputs), 40 (24 inputs, 16 outputs), and 48 I/O (30 inputs, 18 outputs) with and without embedded LCD/keypad. Each CPU is equipped with 2 to 8 point 0-10V DC analog inputs, an embedded real time clock, 10A relay contacts, remote I/O, 4 to 6 high-speed counters up to 100KHz, and a USB mini B programming port. An optional RS232 or RS485 adapter is available for connection to other serial devices, such as an IDEC HMI and Modbus RTU communications. Modbus TCP is also supported on the Ethernet port. With a built-in keypad, the operation menu and PLC parameters can be easily controlled and edited. On top of that, Ladder Logic can be displayed and controlled; a unique feature with the FT1A SmartAXIS controllers. Text messages with bar graph and dynamic values can also be configured for scrolling and flashing on the embedded LCD.

In conjunction, with the release of the FT1A family of controllers, the Automation Organizer software suite has been upgraded to support this series. All FT1A controllers now support Ladder, Function Block and Script programming. Automation Organizer now includes our intuitive WindLDR software to program all IDEC PLCs, WindO/I-NV2 for IDEC touchscreens, WindO/I-NV3 for FT1A Touch and WindCFG software. Upgrading AO is FREE for current WindLDR and WindO/I-NV2 users!

IDEC MicroSmart Pentra Series Programmable Logic Controllers Distributors

PLCs Upgrade Processing Power

New from IDEC Corporation, the Pentra PLC range includes 12 CPU modules that are compatible with the company's current MicroSmart input/output modules and are the same physical size as the present CPUs. More than double the memory size, up to 275 times faster processing speed and the capability for floating point maths means the IDEC Pentra PLC can handle most complex tasks that are thrown at it. The CPU has high speed counter inputs counting at a maximum frequency of 100kHz with 32bit word comparisons and PID with an advanced auto tune feature are other improved functions.

Master and slave expansion modules have been introduced enabling up to a maximum of 512 I/Os to be connected via an expansion cable if necessary. This means the Pentra logic controllers can be accommodated in narrow width cabinets as the master/slave units can be situated anywhere in the I/O range. Network capability has not been ignored either: Ethernet connectivity is possible via the new web server, up to two AS-I network modules can be addressed and the IDEC IZUMI Pentra has the ability to operate as a Modbus master or slave.

The upgraded programming software, WindLDR V5.0, gives the user the options of online editing and runtime program downloading which means the Pentra does not have to stop its scan while programming modifications are undertaken. If the user wants to develop a program and the PLC is not available for testing, then program simulation can be run directly on the PC.

IDEC SLC30 Series Display Lights Distributors

Custom Displays Provide Easy-to-Use Interfaces

A custom assembled display using the SLC30 system can meet the requirement for a control panel, factory automation system or alarm annunciator. Machine builders who want to supply an individual display solution that does not need HMI programming can opt for an IDEC multiple-window display lights which can also incorporate pushbuttons, selector switches etc. A custom assembled display using the IDEC SLC30 system can meet the requirement for a control panel, factory automation system or alarm annunciator.

This flexible system is constructed from variable-size frames and can incorporate different size windows. IDEC's SLC30 series display light offers an alternative to mounting multiple pilot lights and pushbuttons into discrete cutouts. Based on a 30mm square building block, SLC30's are configurable up to 200 windows. By including optional switch units within the matrix, many panel designs can be implemented with only one panel cutout, resulting in cost savings and a cleaner panel. A variey of windows sizes are available and can be mixed in a single unit. Lamps are available in either Incandescent or LED, and can be full voltage (6V, 12V, or 24V AC/DC) or incorporate a transformer (120V or 240V AC). All terminations are via screw terminals and standard jumper bars help simplify wiring.

IDEC Touch Screens Distributors

Communicate With up to 16 PLCs Using One HMI

IDEC Corporation touch panels are now able to remotely communicate simultaneously with up to 16 devices in an Ethernet network. IDEC Corporation, a leader in HMI technology, is making this possible by releasing three new drivers and additional enhancements in its updated WindO/I-NV2 3.01 programming software.

IDEC touchscreens support many major brands of PLCs and over 100 controllers. With the newly added Ethernet/IP driver, IDEC 10.4" and 12.1" TFT color LCD touchscreens can control and monitor up to 16 PLCs including Micrologix, PLC5, SLC500 and ControlLogix.

And because this driver is so easy to use and implement, IDEC touchscreens provide a cost-effective solution for automation design engineers. In addition, two new Ethernet networking protocols are also available: Modbus TCP/IP 1:N driver and IDEC 1:N driver.

The updated WindO/I-NV2 3.01 also provides enhanced programming features. These include a security function and alarm logging, both of which give added programming flexibility. For instance, the security function can now allow several levels to require passwords to increase security when multiple users are editing projects, or displaying screens and objects. Alarm logging, which stores historical events, now has an improved configuration compliant to ISA (Instrument Society of America) Standards giving users additional options to display and manage alarm messages.

IDEC LUMIFA LF2B Series LED Machine Lighting Distributors

LF2B LED Lighting Units Now in AC/DC Ideal for Solar, Mobile or Remote Applications

Offered in multiple lengths and a wide range of AC and DC input voltage options, the new IDEC LF2B series of LED lighting units are versatile, as well as bright.

The LF2B series is available in a universal 100-240V AC input, making it suitable for use anywhere in the world. The AC versions are ideal for after-market lighting needs in either industrial machines or equipment, including visual inspection lines and panels. And the LF2B LUMIFA series does not produce a flicker-affect you might see from fluorescent lamps.

Demand for industrial LED lighting with 12V DC input voltage has also grown as solar, battery, mobile and vehicle applications gain popularity and require efficient lighting to match their power sources. The new LF2B series of LED lighting with 12/24V DC voltage is the perfect choice for battery operated equipment, traffic signs, solar power equipment or panels, and applications that are required to operate in an emergency. 12V DC voltage is also in demand for automotive and heavy duty vehicle applications, such as utility trucks, vans and buses.

Whether users need illumination for machine or industrial panel lighting, manufacturing inspection and production lines, or commercial appliances and other commercial applications (such as refrigeration cases and serving counters), the LF2B series of LED light strips provide bright lighting and high efficiency, while reducing power consumption by as much as 54 percent (When compared with fluorescent lighting). Five lengths are available from 210 to 1080mm with a choice of clear or white covers, while two mounting styles allow for quick and easy installation in a narrow space. LF2B units are UL listed (120/240V AC units are pending) with an IP65 degree of protection, rated for wet locations.

IDEC Enhanced 5.7" Series Operator Interfaces Distributors

Great Opportunity to Upgrade Customers to 5.7" Basic or High Performance HG2G OI Touchscreens

IDEC is discontinuing the 5.7" Color or Monochrome HG2F series and their accessories effective immediately. Orders will continue to be accepted as long as we have remaining inventory, most likely until the end of the year. As an alternate to these OI touchscreens we recommend upgrading to the 5.7" Basic or High-performance HG2G series of OI touchscreens.

Although there is no direct replacement for the HG2F series, the HG2G series is a great upgrade for those still using HG2F. The 5.7" HG2G series are superior-quality operator interfaces with the advanced features and flexibility customer applications demand, at a cost that promises to keep them under budget. These economical 5.7-inch HG2G series screens are the best value in the market today, guaranteed!

High Performance: 5.7" 65K TFT Color HG2G Series

Thanks to cutting-edge color conversion technology, the same technology used in LCD TVs, these screens deliver an intense visual experience. The brightest on the market, with an LED backlight shining up to 800 cd/m2, these High Definition-Quality TFT LCD Screens provide sharp images and excellent visibility with 65,536 colors, making screen views realistic and crisp. The IDEC high-performance series of OI Touchscreens have a wide range of connectivity options, are the fastest in their class and offer remote functions. When customers need access to machines or equipment, but cannot get to the factory floor or even to the office, all they need is a computer, PDA or Smartphone to remotely access, monitor and control the touchscreen through a web browser.

Basic: 5.7" 256 TFT Color HG2G Series

Our superior-quality 5.7" 256 Color TFT LCD OI Touchscreen offers features and functionalities at an economical price. A bright LCD screen with sharp visibility combined with an analog resistive touchscreen provides a flexible layout that is easy to design and customize for specific applications or projects. Plus, a power range input of 12-24V DC lets customers select the model type and the flexibility of switching from 12 or 24V DC power depending on the type of application.

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The Relay Module DO60R-N is used for connection of non-intrinsically safe actuators such as valves or indicators. The outputs are designed as zero potential relay contacts. The channels 3/4 and 5/6 are separately switchable to changeover function. For this, an external bridge at the terminals is needed. To protect the module rack, the contact circuits inside the DO60R-N module are safeguarded by fuses (1 AT). The module must be

Sentrol Switches

Sentrol 2317A & 2315A contacts shall be a hermetically sealed reed switch nominally 3.07" H x 1.80" W x 2.60" D with actuating magnet. Contact and magnet shall be in extruded aluminum type housing. Contact shall be sealed in GE Interlogix exclusive polyurethane potting compound. Mounting bracket shall be furnished with contact. The 2300 Series is designed for use with sectional/panel overhead doors that use metal roller tracks.