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ABB Low Voltage Drives

By now, everyone should know using adjustable speed drives save energy when using them to control centrifugal pumps and fans. But the question has always been "how much do we save?" Until now that question could only be answered by using Energy Savings Calculators such as PumpSave and FanSave, both of which are available from the website.

ABB ACS550 General Purpose Standard Drives Distributors

Energy Savings Functionality in ACS550 Drives

However, beginning May 4th all ACS550-U1-031A-2 series VFDs will contain firmware permitting users to display Energy Savings as well as the avoidance of Greenhouse Gases measured in Tons of CO2. This is accomplished by the addition of new Group 01 Operating Data Parameters:

0174 SAVED KWH - Energy saved (kwh) compared to a pump at fixed speed

0175 SAVED MWH - Energy saved (mwh) compared to a pump at fixed speed

0176 SAVED AMOUNT 1 - Total energy saved in local currency units < 1000 units

0177 SAVED AMOUNT 2 - Total energy saved in local currency units > 1000 units

0178 SAVED CO2 - Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in tons

Saved Amount 1 should be multiplied by 1000 and added to Saved Amount 2 to obtain total energy saved in local currency units.

In addition to new Group 01 Parameters a new Group 45 Energy Savings has been added permitting users to enter the price per kwh, CO2 conversion factor and Pump Power when operating directly off the line. An Energy Reset Parameter is also provided to permit users to reset all the 0174 - 0178 counters. These new functions provide users a "real time" display of energy saved as well reduction of carbon footprint making the ACS550 the most industrial environment friendly drive.

ABB ACS550 NEMA 3R Irrigation Drives, 15 to 200 hp Distributors

ACS550 NEMA 3R Irrigation Drive Now Available

ABB now offers a drives specific for the irrigation market - the ACS550 3R Irrigation drive! The ACS550 3R irrigation drives are in stock and available for immediate shipment!

VFDs are a good investment for irrigation:

  • Minimize downtime. ABB manufactures drives in the U.S. for efficient delivery and provides 24/7 technical support.
  • Inherent cost savings. Reduce the pump flow by 20% using a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to potentially cut energy costs in half.
  • Rugged. Enclosures rated for outdoor use. Thermostatically controlled heater. Surge suppressor.
  • Extended drive warranty. Applies when commissioned by an ABB Certified Start Up technician.
  • Ease of use. Quick installation and startup. Wall, pole, and foot mounting available.
  • Reliable. Efficient and reliable pump control.
  • Available. In stock for immediate shipment.
  • Support. Local support where and when you need it.

Product features include:

  • 15 to 200 HP
  • UL rated: single phase 240; 3 phase 240V and 480V
  • Service entrance rated for direct connect to power
  • Surge protection
  • Rain-tight NEMA 3R / UL certified enclosure
  • Designed for outdoor environments
  • Pest protection

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