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TURCK announces a new IP 67 Bayonet Style RJ45/ethernet field wireable connector, an extension of the company's popular RJ45 connector line. Offering robust housing, these connectors are designed to provide superior protection in washdown applications or in areas of high impact. The bayonet style mating prevents over tightening, which can cause damage to the connector and pins, in addition to under tightening, which can lead to ingression.

TURCK IP 67 RJ45 Ethernet Field Wireable for Harsh Environments Distributors

TURCK IP67 RJ45 Ethernet Field Wireable Features Rugged Bayonet Style Housing

Furthermore, the bayonet style locking mechanism requires only a quarter turn to attach and lock - providing quick and easy installation. Developed specifically to provide protection against water, the IP 67 Bayonet Style RJ45/ethernet connector is water resistant in depths of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, the connector features CAT 5e performance, which allows data transmission at speeds of up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gigabit per second) and performance in harsh environments, including applications using toxic chemicals.

The IP 67 Bayonet Style RJ45/ethernet connector is available in both plastic and metal models, providing ideal operation in a wide range of industries including automotive, machine building and food processing. Additionally, the connector works in all ethernet applications. TURCK also offers the mating cordsets and closure caps with matching bayonet style IP 67 RJ45 connectors.

TURCK IP67-Rated, Eight-Port AIM Station for AS-interface Networks Distributors

TURCK IP67-Rated, Eight-Port AIM Station for AS-interface Networks

TURCK introduces the new IP67-rated FAS8 Advanced I/O Module (AIM) station, the latest addition to the company's line of AIM stations for AS-interface (AS-i) networks. Previously only available in four-port configurations, the FAS8 provides users with an eight-port AIM station model.

The FAS8 station includes one digital PNP I/O signal per port, with an option for 2 Amp outputs. Providing the highest level of compatibility with industrial networking requirements, the station is designed to meet the latest AS-I V3.0 specification, allowing increased communication options for analog data and detailed diagnostic information. Featuring PNP short-circuit protected inputs, the FAS8 automatically restricts current to prevent failures in the event of a sensor failure.

Plus, through AS-i V3.0 specifications, users are quickly notified through a fault signal indication if there is a short-circuit on any I/O point. This module also supports both AS-I standard flat cable and round cable to accommodate current connection trends. The FAS8 station is fully encapsulated and potted, sealing it against environmental contaminants and eliminating the need for a separate enclosure for protection. With its durable construction and IP67 rating, the station is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications protecting against dust and moisture ingress to prevent performance failures in wet and dry environments.

TURCK Uprox+ Potted-In Cable Style Sensors Distributors

TURCK's New Uprox 3 Series Features Longer Sensing Ranges in More Compact Design

TURCK announces the uprox3 series of sensors, which offers the largest switching distances of all Factor 1 sensors on the market thanks to an electronic platform that uses the latest chip set and manufacturing technologies. These technologies are a world first, enabling the creation of the uprox3 Factor 1 sensors in compact, 4mm smooth barrel and M5 designs with a 1mm switching distance, even for flush mounting. TURCK has also managed to shrink the previously most compact M8, M12 and M18 designs.

uprox3 sensors are the third generation of TURCK's uprox Factor 1 sensors. Although the existing uprox+ sensors offered large switching distances for all metals, these distances are increased by as much as 50 percent in the new sensors. It previously was unattainable to sense 3mm in the M8 design, 6mm in M12 and 10mm in M18. However, thanks to the consistent development of its uprox technology, TURCK has been able to achieve these larger switching distances without any compromises in performance. The uprox3 sensors still offer outstanding application reliability for demanding sensing tasks, but also allow for the possibility of completely new installations.

Because of their inherent immunity to magnetic fields, the uprox3 series sensors are suitable for use in many demanding industrial sectors, such as welding for the automotive and metal forming markets. The new uprox3 series will be available with robust PTFE coated sensors in M8, M12 and M18 designs. weldguard will also be available. Like their predecessors, all uprox3 sensors offer a high EMC stability and flexible mounting including full flush mounting, as well as precise switch points.

TURCK Eurofast Connectors for Kubler Encoders Distributors

The New 8-pin M12 eurofast Connector for Encoders

Kubler has released a new 8-pin M12 eurofast connector that was designed specifically for use with incremental encoders. Kubler encoders are typically used in strenuous factory applications such as material handling, conveyors systems, process control and web control. The E-WKC 8T-PX3-930-* was designed to provide quick and easy connectivity in these demanding environments.

The E-WKC 8T-PX3-930-* cordset has three LEDs housed in a translucent moulded right-angle connector for indication of channels A, B and O. Green LEDs indicate channels A and B, while amber is used for the index channel. The LEDs can also be used during machine set-up for home position indication, and provide operational status of the encoder output channels. The cordset allows the use of 5 to 30 V d.c. and draws minimal current for proper operation.

The E-WKC 8T-PX3-930-* cordset is manufactured with an extremely rugged, PVC flexlife cable that is designed to withstand over 2 million flex cycles. They are available with nickel-plated brass or stainless steel coupling nuts and provide protection that meets the following standards: UL, CSA, NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6P, and IEC IP 68. Kubler is an industry leader providing superior quality sensing, connectivity and network products to help manufacturers improve their automated processes.

TURCK WIM-Q25L Magnetic Linear Position Sensors Distributors

Position Indication Taken to New Lengths

TURCK introduces the Q25L sensor, a magnetically actuated linear displacement sensor available with measuring ranges of 100, 125, 160 and 200 mm. The Q25L sensor is well-suited for applications that require precise signal transmission over long measuring distances, such as pneumatic pumps, slides, blanking or molding systems. By utilizing an external magnet as a position indicator, the sensor may be used in even more applications, such as moving platforms, point line measurement or other specially designed equipment where a cylinder is not present.

Like TURCK's other cylinder position sensors, the Q25L detects the position of a piston on standard pneumatic cylinders by utilizing a series of Hall elements that sense the piston magnet and send a signal back to the processor. The Q25L line has a repeat accuracy of less than 0.1 percent of the measuring range and a linear deviation of less than 1 percent of the full scale. It also features a blind zone of only 20.5 mm on each end, making it easy-to-apply in space restricted areas.

TURCK UNT Series Magnetic Field Sensors Distributor

Two Sensors through One Cable Connection Saves Time and Space

TURCK's BIM-UNT line of compact cylinder position sensors has been expanded to include a new dual sensor for detecting long and short stroke cylinders. This unique device combines the benefits of two sensors through a single cable connection, lessening wire costs and connection points.

The dual sensor is highly sensitive and accurate and is especially useful for detecting the home and end position of a piston for longer stroke cycles. The sensor's low profile is suitable for applications where there is minimal clearance around cylinders, and it can be used in places where multiple cylinders are installed, as it only requires one cable. The BIM-UNT is one of the most compact sensors currently available on the market, and may be mounted in T-groove cylinders without requiring additional tools or accessories. Having its active sensing area directly at the end of the sensor's housing provides an accurate piston detection right up to the end positions - even on short stroke cylinders.

Like all TURCK BIM-UNT sensors, the dual sensor may be used with a variety of mounting brackets and cable connections. In addition, TURCK provides an extensive line of mounting accessories for tie rod, round and dove tail cylinders.

TURCK Sensor Solutions for Mobile Equipment Industry Distributors

Mobile Equipment Vehicle Sensors from TURCK Provide Rugged, Dependable Operation

TURCK introduces its new family of robust inductive proximity sensors for use on mobile vehicle systems. Designed to reliably detect the position of doors, ladders, outriggers, gates and booms, the Mobile Equipment Sensor Series delivers rugged sensing solutions for agriculture, construction, commercial and utility industry mobile equipment applications. The sensors are available in five styles—M12, M18 and M30 barrel sensors, along with Q14 and Q20 rectangular versions-to easily install on a wide range of mobile vehicles. By incorporating advanced technology and enhanced electronics, the sensors provide an extended sensing range while resisting the high levels of EMC often found with mobile vehicle electric systems.

The Mobile Equipment Sensor Series is constructed of robust PBT housings and durable materials, such as stainless steel, to resist stones, salt spray and extreme shock and vibration. To ensure dependable operation in the broadest range of environments, the sensors deliver IP 68 and IP 69k protection and a temperature range of -40 to 85° C. In addition, the sensors series offers load dump compensation to withstand electrical pulses and provide reliable operation.

With quick-disconnect or potted-in cable connections, as well as optional mounting accessories, the sensor series is quickly simply integrated into mobile vehicle systems. Optional pigtail versions with standard automotive connections are also available.

TURCK Ethernet-PROFIBUS-Interface PB-XEPI2 Distributors

Ethernet PROFIBUS Device Coupler

TURCK announces its new Ethernet PROFIBUS device coupler that includes integrated Web server software and diagnostic functionality that enables users to monitor PROFIBUS networks during continuous operation through a computer Web browser. The PB-XEPI may be integrated into new or existing PROFIBUS networks in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and packaging applications.

As long as the user has access to the Internet, the PB-XEPI can be used to monitor and configure applications, without disrupting network communication. The PB-XEPI can identify any malfunctions in the network and send an error message via e-mail that includes a link to the device that enables users to directly access the interface.

The user can then access detailed information about the malfunction and the recommended procedures to remedy the malfunction, along with the ability to adjust monitoring and alarm settings.

The PB-XEPI may be configured as an active node on the PROFIBUS network using FDT/DTM software. Additional software may be implemented to increase the diagnostic functions of the device, allowing it to perform more complex search functions.

The device may also be configured as a PROFIBUS Master Class II, which allows it to set up and configure a PROFIBUS slave, such as TURCK's BL20, BL Compact and excom systems.

TURCK Snap Track Cable Trays Distributors

Snap Track Cable Tray & TURCK Quick Disconnect Technology Reduce Installation & Commissioning Time

TechLine Manufacturing has introduced a stronger, more efficient cable tray system for electrical contractors that, in conjunction with the use of TURCK instrumentation tray cable (ITC), cordsets and quick disconnect junction boxes, lessens labor on the plant floor during electrical installation of instrumentation and control equipment.

TechLine's UL certified Snap Track aluminum cable tray system is assembled with patented push pins in place of traditional nuts and bolts simply snaps into place without the use of tools, thus reducing installation time. Snap Track cable tray systems are designed to accommodate the limited width requirements of instrumentation cable and have a high load bearing capacity.

TURCK has an extensive line of ITC rated quick disconnect cable for use in place of rigid metal conduit that eliminates the need for boundary seals in some hazardous locations, reducing installation time, commissioning and maintenance.

Snap Track systems include solid side rails with inward "C" configuration to provide superior strength and cable protection - from the control room to the instrument and all points in between, including drops, brick panels and service loop attachments at the instrument stand. TURCK's IP and NEMA rated junction bricks equipped with quick disconnect technology easily mount to TechLine's panels. The complete line includes 7/8 16UN and M12 standard, miniature, low-profile, terminal chamber and NAMUR junction bricks with integral cables or home run connectors. They are available for virtually all industrial networks, as well as HART and analog wiring.

TURCK 1-Channel IM21 Rotational Speed Interface Modules Distributors

New FM Approved Rotational Speed Interface Module with Display and FDT/DTM Programming Capability

TURCK has enhanced its interface module (IM) family with the FM approved IM21 rotational speed interface module with push button and PC programmable functionality.

The ability to program the modules using a PC makes device set-up easier and saves installation time.

Additionally, FDT/DTM software, together with PACTware, allows multiple parameters to be set and saved.

Keeping in-line with the current IM series, the new models also incorporate the universal supply voltage feature and removable terminals, which make these easy to install in new or existing systems.

The ease of use and structure of this function now allows asset management ability with trending and data logging of values.

The IM21 module is also equipped with a two-line transflective LCD display that is easy to read even in bright lighting conditions.

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