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Fiber Units, a wide variation of shapes, enviroment-resistives and special-beams, can meet your needs with Amplifier Units. Variously-shaped, compact heads allow installation in any small space. Fiber Units are available for various installation conditions and can be installed as is, even in harsh environments.

OMRON E32-LT35Z Flat Model Build-in Lens Series Fiber Units Distributors

OMRON has Introduced Fiber Unit E32-LT35Z

Optical Axis Adjustment in 20 Sec and Ultra-high-power Beam Greatly Reduce Installation and Maintenance Work.

The Optimum Aperture Angle and Optical Axis Accuracy Enable Optical Axis Adjustment in 20 Sec Even for Minute 0402-size Workpieces. Built-in Mirror Lens Provides an Ultra-high-power Beam.

The optimum aperture angle that obtains a sufficient incident level for stable detection without making precise adjustment combines with high-quality optical axis accuracy with an optical axis inclination variation of ±2.5° or less between individual products to enable optical axis adjustment that is much faster than for previous products. All Fiber Units are inspected with a special jig before they are shipped to enable reliable installation without variations between individual products.

OMRON ZX0 CMOS Laser Sensor with Built-in Amplifier Distributor

OMRON has Introduced CMOS Laser Sensor with Built-in Amplifier ZX0

We have introduced CMOS Laser Sensor with Built-in Amplifier ZX0. Stable Detection of Level Differences in the Order of 0.1 mm. Dependable detection without being influenced by color, material, or surface conditions. Stable detection of small level differences or small workpieces. Models with different distance specifications for installation in essentially any location. Easy setup with one button. Compact design with built-in amplifier to reduce installation work and space requirements.

A CMOS image sensor combines with a step-less laser power adjustment algorithm to produce stable detection of all types of workpieces from black rubber with low reflectivity to stainless steel and other highly glossy materials. The use of a CMOS image sensor ensures high resolution and enables detection of small level differences. An extremely narrow laser beam spot ensures detection of small workpieces. Models with four different distances, from long-distance to short-distance detection, cover a wide range of user designs. The built-in amplifier achieves a smaller body. And because you do not need to install an amplifier unit, installation work and footprint are reduced. Also, an IP67 body and robot cable are used to eliminate installation environment restrictions.

OMRON E3S-DB Transparent Object Detection Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

OMRON has Introduced Transparent Object Detection Photoelectric Sensor E3S-DB

We have introduced transparent object detection photoelectric sensor E3S-DB. Superb detection of many types of transparent objects. Prevent intermittent line stoppage and shorten cycle time with high detection capabilities. Easy setup and operation; reduced commissioning and maintenance work. Reliable resistance to water and detergents, and ease of use.

OMRON helps you increase equipment operating rates while reducing work. We also provide a wide range of safety components for machine and equipment safety measures.

Detection of transparent film is not stable, which prevents increasing equipment operating rates. P-opaquing function ensures attenuation of 70% even with films with little difference in light levels. Stable detection lets you increase equipment operating rates.

When the pitch between glass or PET bottles on conveyor belts is too tight, sensors do not have enough time to turn ON and OFF, which prevents shortening the cycle time. The narrow beam enables incident light with gaps as narrow as 3 mm. You can reduce the pitch between workpieces to maximize conveyance.

You have to adjust the sensitivity adjuster on each Sensor individually to achieve the optimum sensitivity for each. With 11 turns, you end up turning the adjuster left and right. Sensitivity depends on the installation location, so all Sensors have to be adjusted individually.

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Accu-Coder Encoders

With a Generous Sensor-to-Magnet Air Gap of 0.022", the Model 30MT holds ratings of 100g @ 11ms for shock and 20g @ 10 to 3000 Hz for vibration. Even with its tough housing, the Model 30MT features advance signal processing circuitry, which allows for a wide sensor-to-magnet air gap while still providing excellent waveform symmetry and repeatability, delivering signal accuracy exceeding that of many magnetic encoders.

Weidmuller IP67 Remote I/O

Weidmueller offers a remote wireless solution the SAI Active Universal Wireless series for providing radio based communication to movable facility units. The remote modules form a safe, wireless I/O communications network and thus completely replace drag lines containing bus cables or interference-prone slip-ring assemblies. Maintenance and servicing is reduced because no communication cables are needed.