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High-quality signal isolation and conversion functionality in a 6mm wide housing is now available with Weidmuller's new ACT20M signal conditioner series. Featuring worldwide approvals for both normal and hazardous area installations, this new series of eight single- and dual-channel models extends the broad functionality of Weidmuller's signal conditioning portfolio with a package of solutions for industrial process measurement and control applications.

Weidmuller ACT20M Signal Converter Distributor

ACT20M - Terminal Sized Signal Isolators & Converters

The new ACT20M series provides time and cost savings when building control panels. DIN-rail mountable and housed in Weidmuller's high technology CH20 housing, the ACT20M module offers the option to distribute power through the rail, minimizing power wiring and reducing installation costs.

The "Power Rail" accommodates the addition and removal of individual modules, quickly and simply, without affecting the wiring or operation of other components on the rail.

Weidmuller's new ACT20M features two-channel, loop-powered isolation, signal splitting with power provided for the transmitter, or universal input conversion in a slim 6mm wide module - without compromising performance. The high isolation levels (2.5kV) and accuracy (<0.05%), combined with a wide ambient temperature range (-13°F to 158°F) and minimal temperature coefficient, make ACT20M a great solution for either the control room or the field enclosure, including Division 2 or Zone 2 areas.

Weidmuller's ACT20M models, with selectable voltage and current ranges, feature DIP switches. For the Universal input model, vendor-independent FDT-based configuration software is available for download on the Weidmuller Website. Regardless of the set-up method used, the calibration-free procedure saves the user time in getting the plant up-and-running.

Weidmuller BR & SU Series Supplementary Circuit Protectors Distributors

Circuit Breakers - connectPower Brings Wider Protection from Weidmueller

In a move designed to consolidate an already extensive circuit protection offering, Weidmuller is introducing two new models of their all new connectPower brand of DIN rail mounted circuit breakers into the North American market - the BR Series UL 489 Branch rated, and the SU Series, which is UL 1077 approved for Supplementary protection.

The lever-operated breakers use thermal-magnetic technology, having ratings up to 277/480V and 60A in 1, 2 and 3 pole format, and are available immediately with C or D trip characteristics.

The ranges are targeted at industrial control applications, especially where the control equipment may be in an environment which needs to resist vibration and mechanical shock.

A compact 17.5mm width on the rail is part of an attractive construction package for the connectPower circuit breakers, which gives the user the convenience of either wire-end ferrules or ring lug terminations for the supply and load, as well as UL-approved bus-bar accessories to simplify and reduce the installation time. To maximize security and safety, the operating lever can be locked, off or on, and even the IP20 connections can be supplied with optional touch protection caps.

Weidmuller VARITECTOR SSC EX Surge Protection Distributor

Weidmuller VARITECTOR SSC EX - 6 mm Wide Lightning & Surge Protection for Measurement   Control Signals in the Ex Zone

When used in intrinsically safe circuits within EX zones 2 to 0, the VARITECTOR SSC can reliably protect measurement and control signals from lightning and surge voltages. Lightning and surge voltages, coupled from the field side to machines and facilities, can cause signal interference or even destroy connected devices. They could even lead to an explosion with high risk Ex zone applications.

The new VARITECTOR SSC EX product line, with a width of 6 mm, offers protection against these risks. These products comply with the new product standards of IEC 61643-21:2008. They fulfil the "over-stress mode" described there. They are also in compliance with the most current ATEX standards in EN 60079. Lightning and surge protection components are versatile and simple to use since they feature direct contact to the PE, many marking and diagnostic options, and an easily disconnected signal path. The VARITECTOR SSC EX takes advantages of these features so that it can easily be used in place of a transfer terminal.

Weidmuller Industrial Wireless AP/Bridge/Client WLAN Modules Distributor

New Industrial Ethernet WLAN Module from Weidmueller

Weidmuller announces the new industrial Ethernet WLAN Access Point/Bridge/Client wireless connectivity device. The new WLAN wireless Ethernet modem is IEEE 802.11a/b/g compatible in both the 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz bands and it can be used as an access point, bridge or client. Power can be supplied to the device using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or with the redundant power supply connections.

Wireless communication solutions prove particularly beneficial for those applications that are constantly on-the-move or are difficult to access. Weidmuller's WLAN can easily be integrated in the Turbo Roaming feature so that mobile clients can quickly switch between wireless cells without the risk of signal loss. Several zones are easily specified per radio cell (multi SSID) and different VLANs assigned. The ability to utilize PoE and support multi SSID, VLAN and QoS make Weidmuller's new WLAN module perfect for integration into existing wired or wireless Ethernet networks.

For security, Weidmuller offers WPA/WPA2 encryption and RADIUS server authentication (IEEE 802.1X) to prevent any unauthorized access to the wireless networks. Extended diagnostics are provided through an easily readable signal strength display, which helps diagnose connection quality and align the antenna, thus simplifying installation. Unlike its competitors, the Weidmuller WLAN module features integrated DI/DO contacts used for monitoring and alert functions.

Encased in a metal housing the Industrial Ethernet WLAN module is simply snapped onto the TS35 mounting rail or a rack mount kit option is available to mount the module onto a 19" rack. IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless AP/Bridge/Client WLAN models are available for both the European and American markets, with an extended operating temperature range from -40 to 75 °C (-40 to 167 °F).

These WLAN wireless devices come with a 5-year warranty and have the following agency approvals: CE, FCC, cULus Class 1 Div. 2 / ATEX Class 1, Zone 2.

Weidmuller WI-MOD-E Wireless Ethernet & Device Server Distributors

Wireless Industrial Ethernet Modem

Industry embraces wireless connectivity as a primary connection method on networks and bus systems, Weidmuller's new Industrial Ethernet device (2.4Ghz, Wi-Fi), created with the demands of the industrial marketplace in mind, can be easily dropped into any existing network. It is the ideal solution for wireless connections in process/automation applications connecting to PLCs, DCS/SCADA, data loggers or field instruments with an RS232/485 or Ethernet port/interface.

Built around the 802.11b/g standard, Weidmuller's new WI-MOD-E-G wireless Ethernet modem has a throughput speed of up to 108Mbps perfect for supporting vision and video applications. It features 400mW of transmit power (up to 10 times that of consumer/commercial grade wireless devices), so it can broadcast much more information over greater distances or through obstructions.

Weidmuller's new modem can operate as a Router/Bridge, Access Point/Client and Serial Server (RS232/485). It has the ability to serve as a Wi-Fi device, and handle serial communications simultaneously, over a very intuitive interface- unique in the market today. By attaching an I/O expansion unit to the device, a user can send or receive up to 16-digital or 8-analog signals and Ethernet (Wi-Fi) at the same time.

The WI-MOD-E-G modem readily provides standalone Modbus Master-Slave functionality within the network, and with other modules in the system featuring DHCP automatic IP addressing capability. Unit and data security is ensured with full WEP and WPA2 PSK (802.11i military standard) encryption, MAC address filtering, IP filtering, password login and white/black list authentication.

Weidmuller's new modem addresses the potential wireless Ethernet device weaknesses that have existed in industrial automation. With increased broadcast power, the ability to move Ethernet and serial signals simultaneously, Class 1, Division 2 hazardous area approvals, and industry leading throughput of 108Mbps, it is a strong and capable solution to wireless Ethernet communications.

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