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Red Lion Controls

Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced the integration of FlexBus technology to its PAX 2C proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller portfolio. By inserting field installable FlexCard modules, users can now populate PAX2C PID controllers in more than 150 configurations to monitor and control multiple application processes on a single display.

Red Lion 1/8 DIN Temperature/Process PID Controller Model PAX2C Distributor

Red Lion Extends PAX2C PID Control by Adding FlexBus Support

Red Lion's advanced PAX2C modular platform provides an easy upgrade path that enables integrators and panel builders to reduce inventory requirements while increasing application support. The solution is ideal for temperature, flow and pressure control in industries such as packaging, plastic welding, extrusion and food and beverage.

The new FlexCard modules include:

  • Process Input/Remote Setpoint Cards: support input of 0/4 to 20 mA to enable cascade control loops where tighter control is required
  • Heater Current Monitor Cards: provide heater current input and can signal when the heater or heater control devices have failed before damage occurs

Red Lion's Crimson programmed PAX2C PID controllers are dual-line displays that change color based on process status, alerting when a value is out of a specified range. With universal process inputs and AC/DC power input, PAX2C controllers accept DC current, DC voltages, process signals, thermocouples and RTD inputs to provide an all-in-one platform that eases integration. Additional features include a large LCD display with easy-to-read bar graphs, programmable annunciators, up to 16 alarms and a built-in USB programming port.

Red Lion Controls 1008TX Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switches Distributors

New N-Tron Series Eight Port Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced the addition of the N-Tron series 1008TX unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switch to its industrial networking solutions portfolio. The new industrial switch, which offers eight 10/100/1000Base-T(X) ports with support for jumbo frames, features an extended operating temperature and wider power input range than most competitive offerings.

Red Lion's 1008TX is a plug-and-play, unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switch housed in a hardened, metal DIN-rail mountable enclosure designed to provide cost-effective, reliable performance in the harshest industrial environments. Ideal for use in mission-critical data acquisition, security and surveillance, control and Ethernet I/O applications, the 1008TX delivers low latency and high bandwidth to industrial networks.

1008TX switch features include:

  • Compact design: 4.6" x 1.5" x 4.0" packaging is ideal for space-constrained applications
  • Hardened metal DIN-rail enclosure: built to last in the toughest industrial environments with unmatched tolerance to 50 g shock and 200 g vibration
  • Extended environmental specifications: UL Class I, Div. 2 listing, CE and IEC 1613 compliance and a wide -40° to 85°C temperature range guarantees reliability in extreme locations
  • Redundant power inputs: 10-49 VDC keeps devices online in the event of a power supply failure

Red Lion Model CUB7 Miniature Electronic 8 Digit Counters or Timers Distributors

CUB7 Counters & Timers Combine Features & Add New Capabilities

Red Lion Controls announces the enhanced line of CUB7 counters and timers. By combining panel meter features and expanding capabilities, Red Lion reduced the total number of available units from 24 to 12 models that can be used across a broader range of applications. Compact CUB7 counters and timers are available in two input formats - low voltage (28 VDC max) and high voltage (50 to 250 VAC max)—and offer three liquid crystal display options to further enhance visibility: reflective, red backlight and green backlight.

Enhanced CUB7 counters and timers feature front panel keypads that can be used to reset the display. These keypads are easily enabled or disabled via a single DIP switch - if no action is required from the front panel. Plus, input DIP switches allow low voltage models to accept sourcing or sinking inputs. Standard CUB7 models provide 22-gauge wires for external connections, and an optional wiring terminal block is available for customers who prefer wiring terminals. The CUB7 series is powered by an internal lithium battery, which delivers up to seven years of uninterrupted operation.

Additional features of CUB7 counters and timers that make them particularly effective and easy to use include:

  • Compact 28 mm x 51 mm housing
  • Lightweight, high-image plastic case for clear viewing
  • Sealed front panel with a silicon rubber keypad
  • 8 large 0.35" (9 mm) high digits
  • 3 LCD read-out options
  • Count speeds up to 10 KHz
  • Low voltage input model (6 VDC max)
  • Isolated high voltage input (50-250 VDC/VAC)
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 front bezel

Red Lion Controls Model PAXLT Temperature Meters Distributors

Red Lion Controls PAXLT Temperature Meter

Red Lion is pleased to announce the latest release in our new PAX Lite Series, the PAXLT temperature meter. Like the earlier releases of the PAXLA and PAXLCR, the meter features a universal power supply and easy PAX style programming. Also included is dual setpoint control, allowing the PAXLT to provide users with an upper and lower control limit via two 5 Amp Form C relays.

The PAXLT can accept up to 14 different RTD and thermocouple inputs. The user programmable meter offers cold junction compensation, temperature scale, decimal point display, display offset and filtering. In addition to temperature, the PAXLT can display the minimum and maximum temperature for a given period. The PAX Lite series allows users to address a wide range of applications with one meter to reduce inventory and simplify unit programming.

Red Lion CSMSTRSX & CSMSTRGT Enhanced Modular Controller Series Master Distributor

Red Lion Launches The Modular Controller Series

Integrating multi-zone PID control into PC, PLC, and DCS based systems now only takes a few minutes with Red Lion's new Modular Controller series. The Modular Controller was designed to provide all of the benefits that dedicated, panel-mounted, controllers possess while offering the system designer the convenience of DIN-rail mounting, and drag-n-drop integration.

The series is comprised of a master module and up to 16 PID modules. The master communicates PID module data to the external PC, PLC, or DCS simply by selecting and downloading the proper device driver, and mapping the desired data. With its RS232/485 and 10-base T Ethernet ports, the master can be connected to almost any device. It also stores each module's configuration and firmware data so replacement modules do not need to be configured. The series' hot-swap design allows the modules to be replaced while powered up, reducing downtime to a minimum.

The Modular Controller series is configured via Windows compatible Crimson software. Crimson is an easy to use graphical interface which provides a means of communication configuration, as well as commissioning and calibration of new systems. With it's built in PC/PLC drivers and drag-n-drop data mapping, multi-zone integration is reduced to minutes, not hours.

Red Lion Model G306M Graphic Monochrome LCD Operator Interface Terminal with QVGA Display & Touchscreen Distributors

Red Lion Controls Raises Industry Bar for HMIs with New Graphite Series

Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced the release of its newest generation of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) - the Graphite series of advanced operator interface panels. With all cast-aluminum construction, the Graphite series provides the industry's first rugged HMI solution to combine a wide range of versatile plug-in modules with protocol conversion, data logging and web-based monitoring and control.

Red Lion's Graphite series allows customers to easily connect, monitor and control their process in industries that include manufacturing, oil and gas, and water/wastewater. The series' range of plug-in modules enables customers to easily create a solution for today, with an option to expand to meet changing business requirements. Further, organizations will realize a reduction in development and commissioning times over traditional systems that use an HMI paired with separate I/O, PLCs and other controllers.

"We have used just about everyone's HMIs, and Graphite is by far the best in terms of appearance and functionality," said Pierre de Giorgio, president at BlueBay Automation. "It is the most feature-rich HMI that we have ever used, the graphics and resolution are amazing, and with Red Lion's Crimson 3.0 software, the move to Graphite is seamless." Graphite HMIs are available in eight different models, in sizes ranging from 7" to 15", with sleek bezels that provide a relatively large display given their overall dimension. Both the 7" and 10" HMIs are available as sunlight visible models. Combined with Graphite's rugged packaging, these models are ideal for harsh outdoor environments. Offering a built-in web server, Graphite HMIs enable users to monitor and control their application via PCs, tablets or smartphones. SMS text-messaging and email alerts provide early warning of process issues, which helps to avoid costly downtime. In addition, its built-in protocol converter allows programmers to select 13 or more simultaneous protocols from a list of over 250 to seamlessly integrate disparate devices such as PLCs, drives, barcode readers and panel meters.

"The HMI has become the nexus of the machine, and Red Lion's new Graphite series offers the highest level of protocol support to simplify even the most complex multi-vendor environments," said Jeff Thornton, director of product management at Red Lion Controls. "By logging performance data and critical events, customers can implement process improvements or perform fault-finding activities." The new HMIs are supported by Red Lion's award-winning Crimson 3.0 software, which is included at no extra cost. Crimson 3.0 makes it fast and easy to configure protocols, define data tags, set up sophisticated applications and create an attractive user interface. Designed for ease of use, Crimson allows customers to cost-effectively standardize on one HMI for all of their machines, regardless of the PLC or drive manufacturer used.

Red Lion Controls Model PAX-1/8 DIN Rail Mounted Preset Timers PAXTM Real Time Clocks PAXCK Distributors

Model PAX - 1/8 DIN Preset PAXTM & PAXCK

Red Lion is pleased to announce the latest addition, the PAX Timer/Clock (PAXCK) to our popular PAX Series of Panel Meters. Whether an application requires an Elapsed Timer or a Preset Timer, this unit provides a single solution. Out of the box, the PAXCK works as an Elapsed Timer with two separate signal inputs and 23 Selectable Timing Ranges. To use the unit as a Preset Timer, plug-in a Dual or Quad setpoint output card, which gives the added capability to handle many preset timing applications.

With the addition of another plug-in card, the PAXCK can become a Real-Time Clock. The time can be shown in 12 or 24 Hour formats with an AM/PM indication. A calendar display is also available which allows selection of the format to include day, month and/or year. The Timing and Real-Time Clock functions can occur simultaneously. Up to four displays; Timer, Cycle Counter, RTC Time and RTC Date can be displayed.

The PAXCK offers RS232, RS485 and Modbus communication via a plug-in comms card. Display Values, Setpoint Values and States can all be controlled through the serial loop. The meter can be fully configured from the front panel or by using our free Windows based program. Whether it's Voltage, Current, Process, Resistance, Temperature, Strain Gage, Count, or Rate and now Timing/Real-Time Clock, the PAX Series offers the best solutions for application requirements.

Red Lion Model PAPBH Paradigm Profibus Host Adapter Distributor

Paradigm Profibus Host Adapter

Red Lion Controls continues to expand the connectivity of its' powerful range of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) with the release of the model PAPBH - Paradigm PROFIBUS Host Adapter. The PAPBH provides a communication channel from a PROFIBUS-DP EN50170 Network to any of Red Lion Controls' Paradigm operator interface terminals.

The PAPBH is easily configured using the same EDICT-97 software as all Paradigm operator interfaces. It features automatic baud rate detection from 9.6K baud to 12 Mbaud, Status LEDs and Base or DIN Rail mounting. Access to the PROFIBUS Network is accomplished thru a DB9 connector. The PAPBH can support PROFIBUS Network configurations utilizing either Freeze Mode or Synch Mode. Single Identifier or Special Identifier Data Area Descriptions without data consistency are also supported.

Red Lion Model PAXCDC DEVICENET Output Option Card Distributor

DeviceNet Communication Card

Red Lion has created yet another winning combination, DeviceNet Communication combined with our popular PAX Series of Panel Meters. Make your panel meter much more than just a local display. Now you can access the display values, setpoints, and reset values stored within the PAX meter and communicate them via a DeviceNet bus. Combine this capability with the wide range of inputs and features offered by the PAX Series and you now have the ultimate answer for all your industrial panel meter networking applications. The DeviceNet Card supports Polled, Bit Strobe, and Explicit Messaging. Communications setup is easy with a DIP switch located on the plug-in board, which allows programming of the MAC ID and Baud Rates up to 500k.

The PAX Series offers inputs for both Analog and Digital applications. The Analog Inputs include Voltage, Current, Process, Resistance, Temperature, and Strain Gage, while the Digital Inputs cover count and rate applications. Now, with the new DeviceNet Card, any of these parameters can not only be monitored at the machine, but the information can now be transmitted for higher level monitoring and process control.

Red Lion Dual Loop Controller Model DLC Distributors

Red Lion Launches Dual PID Controller for SLC 500

Using multiple PID loops with your Allen-Bradley SLC 500, has gotten a whole lot easier with the latest product from Red Lion Controls. The DLCD is a DIN-rail mounted module that implements two independent PID loops, communicating with a SLC 500 over the DH-485 network to allow a PLC program to control and monitor each loop's operation. By lifting the burden of PID control from the controller, the need for expensive I/O cards is avoided, and valuable PLC memory and processing power are made available for other tasks. The DLCD not only provides a more elegant and effective control solution, it can save approximately $100 per loop in hardware alone!

The DLCD is designed to be a true plug-and-play solution. It controls all the communication between itself and the SLC 500, avoiding the need for even a single rung of ladder programming. All of the device's features can be configured using our Windowsâ-based configuration package. Alternatively, by setting a few bits inside the PLC, the DLCD can be configured to read all of its parameters from the controller's data tables. This allows hot-swapping of devices without the need for any configuration operations beyond the setting of a few DIP switches Ð ideal for OEMs wanting to simplify maintenance procedures in order to reduce the cost of ownership of their machines.

The PID control algorithm used in the DLCD has been tried and tested in the field, having been used in Red Lion's acclaimed temperature controllers for many years. It provides advanced auto-tune facilities, multiple alarms, heat-cool operation, plus input and output filtering. The exceptional control accuracy of the DLCD makes the product perfect for extruders, injection and blow molders, ovens and furnaces, or food processing applications. In fact, any application where a SLC 500 is being used in conjunction with temperature control will benefit from the DLCD's improved performance and reduced cost.

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The Optional Plug-in output cards allow the opportunity to configure the meter for present applications, while providing easy upgrades for future needs. The meters employ a bright 0.56" LED display. The meters are available with a red sunlight readable or standard green LED display. The intensity of the display can be adjusted from dark room applications up to sunlight readable, making it ideal for viewing in bright light applications.

Red Lion HMI

The G306M Operator Interface Terminal combines unique capabilities normally expected from high-end units with a very affordable price. It is built around a high performance core with integrated functionality. The G306 is able to communicate with many different types of hardware using high-speed RS232/422/485 communications ports and Ethernet 10 Base T/100 Base-TX communications. In addition, the G306 features USB for