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Toshiba Vacuum Contactors

Toshiba Industrial Systems offers a wide range of low and medium voltage vacuum contactors with advanced protection and control. Available in compact, electrically-maintained or latched-type designs, Toshiba Industrial Systems' vacuum contactors are used to efficiently protect and control motors, transformers, and breakers for many different applications.

Toshiba HCV-6KAU & HCV-6KALU Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors Distributor

Toshiba Low & Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors

The 2300-7200 Volts (medium voltage) 720-ampere contactor replaces Toshiba's CV461M-KAT(L) and utilizes the latest vacuum and solid state technology developed by Toshiba. The HCV-6KA uses a solid state, electronic control (drive unit), to operate the contactor.

The drive unit uses an electronic circuit, and any control voltage between 100V and 240V either AC or DC can be used without changing the coil and/or other parts. The contactor is available in either electrically maintained or latched type version.

The HCV-6KA incorporates Toshiba's patented "Axial Magnetic Field Type Electrode" in the vacuum interrupters. This special design results in higher current interruption and smaller size than any other comparable design of interrupters.


Turck is expanding its portfolio of capacitive sensors, now offering 18 mm and 30 mm capacitive barrel sensors with teachable capabilities. The new offering comes in two variants - teach by wire or teach by button. The teach by button variant can be taught by a single press of a button, saving valuable installation and configuration time.

TURCK Expanded 18 & 30 mm Teachable Capacitive Sensors Distributors

TURCK Expands Capacitive Sensor Line with Teachable Options

Both present and absent media can be taught for a higher sensitivity teach. The variant without a push button can be taught either by a teach adapter or teach by wire (pin 5), which allows for a tamper-resistant installation. Each variant is available in either PNP or NPN.

The 18 mm housed version offers a 5 mm sensing range when flush mounted and a 7.5 mm range when not flush mounted. The 30 mm housed version offers a 10 mm sensing range when flush mounted, with a sensing range of 15 mm when not flush mounted. The expanded offering can be switched between NC and NO, and provides optical programming feedback through LEDs.


Swiss safety-systems specialist Contrinex launches a new high-speed safety relay suitable for use with its Safetinex Type 2 and Type 4 light curtains. With a faster response time of just 10ms, the new Safety Relay allows engineers to specify shorter overall safety distances when designing safety systems in accordance with ANSI B11.19 or EN ISO 13855 standards.

CONTRINEX YRB-4EML-31S High-Speed Safety Relays Distributors

High-Speed Safety Relay Allows Shorter Overall Safety Distances

The new Safety Relay, designed for the protection of people and machines, is a Performance Level (PL) e, category 4 device according to the EN/ISO 13849-1 standard. It can be used with actuating devices that include safety light curtains, access-control barriers, emergency-stop buttons or door-monitoring systems, allowing commonality of control equipment across all aspects of a typical safety system.

Conveniently packaged in an industry-standard 22.5mm-wide DIN-rail housing, this dual-channel relay features three sets of normally open safety contacts and a normally closed monitoring contact together with LED indicators for Channel 1, Channel 2 and power supply. The device is UL- and TÜV-certified and is CE-marked in compliance with the relevant European Directives.

The high-speed Safety Relay offers the option of manual- or automatic-restart modes and features easy restart-mode selection. This allows system designers maximum flexibility when integrating emergency-stop circuits or multiple sensing devices protecting both accessible and non-accessible areas. Specifying the new Safetinex Safety Relay across a range of safety applications is a cost-effective and risk-free option.

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Leuze Sensors

Leuze Electronic HT10 is a light scanner with background suppression, with a max. range of 4000 mm. The switching point is almost fully independent of the material. The HT 10 is extremely tolerant with regard to the angle of incidence on the reflective material and is therefore extremely simple and easy to integrate in the system. Thanks to the high tolerance limit, the sensor is also able to operate precisely at all times under changing

Kubler Encoders

The Non-Contact incremental magnetic linear measurement system LI20 / B1 - made up of the sensor head LI20 and of the magnetic band B1 - reaches a resolution up to 10 µm with a maximum distance of 1 mm between the sensor and the band. A new version is available for outdoor use with extremely sturdy aluminium housing and stainless-steel cover, wide temperature range as well as a UV-resistant cable.