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IDEC has just added 90 watt and 240 watt models to its next generation PS5R-V series of compact, industrial DIN rail power supplies!

These two new models join the 10W, 15W, 30W, 60W and 120W versions, so now you have even more flexibility and configuration options.

IDEC PS5R-V Series Industrial DIN Rail Power Supplies Distributors

New 90W & 240W Models Pack Increased Efficiency

Now your customers have even more flexibility and configuration options.

The PS5R-V family, with expanded temperature ranges, increased efficiencies, and greater MTBF values, comes in housings that are significantly smaller than previous generations. All PS5R-V series power supplies bring an impressive list of approvals and certifications, including UL 508, UL 1310, SEMI F47, Class I Division 2 for hazardous locations, and RoHS.

And best of all, your authorized distributor can offer significant cost savings compared to previous generations! Download PS5R-V Series Catalog to see all the options.

Up to 90% efficient. All models significantly improved from previous generations. Extended operating temperature ranges allow these power suppliers to be used in control panels without cooling devices. Up to 25% smaller, frees up valuable control panel space and reduces installation costs.

Sola Hevi Duty

The SDN DIN Rail power supplies provide industry leading performance. Sag Immunity, transient suppression and noise tolerant, the SDN series ensures compatibility in demanding applications. SolaHD is our line of premium power conversion and power quality brands.

SolaHD SDN-P DIN Rail Series Single & Three Phase 60-480 Watts Power Supplies Distributors

SDN-P Series Single " Three Phase Units, 60-480 Watts

Power factor correction to meet European directives, hazardous location approvals and optional redundant accessories allow the SDN series to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Wide operation temperature range, high tolerance to shock and vibration and reliable design make the SDN series the preferred choice of users.

Our proven technologies power and protect throughout your facility for improved operational efficiency and productivity.

Input current ratings are conservatively specified with low input, worst case efficiency and power factor. Using the optional SDN-PMBRK2 accessory, the unit can be screw mounted to a panel.

Vacon AC Drives

Decentralized drive solutions enable engineers and machine designers to save on costs and space. VACON 100 X and VACON 20 X manage to combine IP66/Type 4X protection with a compact design, which means they can be mounted directly onto the motor, machine or wherever the most efficient location for the drive is.

Vacon 100 X IP66/Type 4X Enclosed Decentralized AC Inverters Distributors

Decentralized AC Drive Optimized for Outdoor Installations

In a decentralized drive solution, the drives are located as close as possible to the motor. Significant savings can be achieved in cabling costs, space and energy when the installation does not require the drives to be mounted in a separate electrical room or enclosure.

The motor mounted approach has been used in mechanical transmission applications for many years. VACON 100 X now brings this trend to a wider range of applications, such as high pumps, fans, compressors and many more. In many cases, the best location for the drive can be directly on the working machine, as close to the motor as possible.

Vacon's motor mountable drives are not tied to any specific motor supplier, which gives the customer the go-ahead to choose the best available solution. Many competitors only offer decentralized drives that work with a specific motor - by selecting Vacon the customer will receive all the advantages and freedom necessary to ensure processes run at an optimal level.