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ABB Drives

Low Voltage Products & Systems

Drives: Micro ACS55, ACS150, Machinery ACS355, ACS850, General Purpose ACS310, ACS550, Industrial ACS800, Motion Control ACSM1 & ACQ810 for water and wastewater industry.

Automation Controls, Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Control Relays, Current Monitors, Disconnect Switches, Electronic Relays, Industrial Controls, Liquid Level Monitors, Motor Starters, Phase Voltage Monitors, Pilot Devices, Safety Devices, Softstarters, Terminal Blocks, Timers, Medium Voltage Softstarters, Motor Control Centers, Switchboards, Switchgear

AC Tech

Frequency Inverters, Servo Drives, Gearboxes & Geared Motors, Motors, Controls, Clutches & Brakes


Incremental (Shaft & Thru-Bore/Motor Mount), Absolute (Shaft & Thru-Bore), Stainless Steel, Direct Replacement & Linear Encoders, Encoder Accessories (RX/TX Repeaters Converters Splitters, Connectors Cables, Shaft Couplings, Protective Covers, Hub Flanges, Mounting Brackets, Measuring Wheels, Linear Cable Adapter, & Anti-Rotation Mounts)

Allied Moulded Products, Inc.

Nonmetallic Enclosures (6x6 to 10x8 & 12x10 to 18x16 Polycarbonate JIC, 6x6 to 9x4, 10x8 to 14x12, 16x14 to 20x16, 24x20 to 30x24, 6x6 to 18x16 & 36x30 to 72x49 Fiberglass) & Accessories

ABB Baldor Reliance Group

AC Motors, AC Drives, DC Motors, DC Drives, AC Gear Motors, Servo Rated Gearheads, DC Gear Motors, Motion Controllers, Servo Motors & Servo Drives

Banner Engineering

Sensors: Photoelectric (Miniature, Compact, Midsize & Fullsize) Laser, Ultrasonic, Fiber Optic, Clear Object Detection, Part-Sensing, Measuring Array, Slot, Analog Output, Optical Touch Button, Temperature, Vehicle Detection, Radar, Light Gauging, Intrinsically Safe, True Color, Registration Mark, Luminescence, IO-Link, Remote Amplifier, High-Pressure & Washdown Rated, Machine Safety: Light Curtains (Type 4 & Type 2), Laser Scanners (Type 3), Interlock Switches, Two-Hand Control Modules, Controllers & Modules, Emergency Stop & Stop Control & Fiber Optic Systems, Vision: Sensors, Lights & Software, Lighting & Indicators: Task, Vision, Tower, General Purpose, Multi-function, Sensor Emulator, Segmented, Call, Daylight Visible, Traffic, Actuators, Small, Medium & Large Indicators, Wireless Sensor Networks: I/O Products, Antennas & Accessories

Contrinex Proximity Sensors

Sensors: Inductive, Proximity, Photoelectric, Capacitive & Ultrasonic, RFID, Safety Light Curtains, Cable Distribution Systems & Connectors, Accessories

Danfoss Drives

VLT Drives: AutomationDrive, AutomationVTDrive, Micro, 2800 Series, OneGearDrive, DriveMotor FCM 300, Decentral Drive FCD 302, Soft Starter MCD 500, Decentral FCD 300, Advanced Harmonic Filter AHF, Power Option dV/dt Filters, Low Harmonic Drive, Power Option Sine-wave Filters & Motion Control Tool MCT 10

Datalogic Italy

Laser Bar Code Scanners, Image-Based ID Readers, RFID, Photoelectric Sensors: Tubular, Miniature, Compact, Maxi, Proximity, Fiber Optic Amplifier, Slot, Contrast, Luminescence, Colour & Area, Temperature Controllers, Ultrasonic & Distance Sensors, Light Arrays, Safety Light Curtains: Finger, Hand, Body & Presence, Control Units, Photocells, Vision Sensors, Illuminators, Accessories & Laser Marking

ABB Entrelec Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks: Standard, Distribution, Heavy Duty, Fuse Holder, Spring, ADO Insulation Displacement, Power, Miniature DIN 2, Explosive Atmospheres & Specialty

FUJI Electric

Inverters: FRENIC-Mini, FRENIC-5000G11S, FRENIC-5000P11S, FRENIC-Eco, FRENIC-Multi, FRENIC-Mega & FRENIC EcoPAK

GE Sentrol Industrial

Intrusion Devices: Magnetic Switches, Barrier Bar, Self Adhesive Wiring, Glass Break Detectors, Safe and Vault Products & Motion Sensing

Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures Transformers

Enclosures: Industrial, Corrosion Resistant, Disconnect, Modular Freestanding, Operator Interface, Wireway & Trough, Commercial, Climate Control & Datacom, Small Enclosures: Diecast Aluminum, Zinc Diecast, Watertight Diecast Aluminum, Plastic, EMI/RFI Plastic, Extruded Aluminum & General Purpose Metal, Racks & Cabinets: Table Top, Wall Mount, Knockdown, Assembled Systems, Components, 2 Post Relay, 4-Post Open & Consoles, Outlet Strips with Surge Suppression, Transformers: Line, Power, Audio, Classic Tube, Class 2 Energy Limiting, Pluse, Instrument & Custom, Chokes & Reactors, Accessories

Hitachi VFD Drives

Inverters: WJ200, NE-S1, SJ700, SJ700B, X200, L100M, L700 & Engineered Drive Panels

Idec Relays Switches

Operator Interfaces, PLCs, Programmable Relays, Communication & Networking, Automation Software, Sensors: Vision, Photoelectric & Proximity, Light Towers, LUMIFA LED Lighting, Surface Mount Indicators, Panel Mounted Annunciator, Emergency Stop Switches, Interlock Switches, Enabling Switches, Controllers & Relays, Light Curtains, AS-i Intrinsic Barriers, Pushbuttons & Pilot Devices, Circuit Breakers, Power Supplies, Relays & Sockets, Solid State Relays, Timers, IEC Contactors & Terminal Blocks


Rotary Encoders: Incremental, Absolute Linear Encoders: Magnetic, Draw-Wire & Length Measuring Kits, Counters: Pulse, Preset, Hour Meters/Timers, Time Preset, Frequency Meters, Tachometers, Position Displays, Multifunction Devices, Energy-Time & Accessories, Process: Displays, Controllers & Setpoint-Adjusters

Leeson Motors

AC & DC Motors, Integral SUB-FHP Gearmotors, AC & DC Controls, Gear Reducers: Right Angle & Inline/Parallel Shaft, Permanent Magnet Motors, Kits & Accessories

Lenze Group

Variable Frequency Drives, AC & DC Motors, Servomotors, Gearmotors, Servo Inverters & Gearboxes

Leuze Electronic

Sensors: Cubic Series, Cylindrical, Mini, Fibre Optic Amplifier Inductive Switches, Forked photoelectric, Measuring & Ultrasonic, Scanners: Contrast, Colour & Luminescence, Double Sheet Monitoring, Splice Inspection, Measuring & Switching Light Curtains, Stationary & Hand-Held Bar Code Readers, 2D Code Readers, RFID Devices, Machine Vision Systems, Optical Distance Measuring & Positioning, Optical Bar Code Positioning Systems, Optical Data Transmission, Modular Interfacing Units, Safety Laser Scanners, Safety Light Curtains, Single & Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices, Safety Sensor Sets, AS-Interface, PROFIsafe Sensors, Safety Switches, Safety Locking Devices, Safety Command Devices, Magnetically Coded Sensors, Safety Relays, Configurable Safety Relays, Programmable Safety Controllers, Accessories, Safety Engineering Software & Successor Devices

Lincoln Electric Motors

Motors: Pump, Washdown, Metric Frame, 0 HZ to 60 HZ, Elevator, ODP, TEFC, Severe Duty & IEEE 841, Explosion-Proof, Agricultural Duty, Crusher Duty, Large Frame, Wash-Thru & Definite Purpose/Specialty Designs

Marathon Special Products

Terminal Blocks : DIN Rail, Double Row, Heavy Duty, Military & Navy Class, Power Blocks, Sectional, Single Row, Single Stud Connection, Studded Power Feed Thru, Accessories & Fuse Holders


Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Soft Starters, AC Drives, Electronic Brakes, Motor Protection Relays

NK Technologies

Current Sensing Switches, AC & DC Current Transducers, Ground Fault Sensors, GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) Sensors, Current Indicator (w/LED), AC & DC Voltage Transducers, Current Transformers (CT's), Power Sensing Products (True Power Monitor Measurement), Signal Converters as well as Custom Products

Matsushita Panasonic

PLC HF/Microwave Devices Optical Switches Built-in Sensors Connectors Touchscreens Servo AC Drives Timers Counters Limit Switches Hour Meters Temperature Controllers Sensors

Red Lion Controls

Annunciators, Counters, Digital Displays, Encoders, Enclosures, HMI's Interface Modules, MMI's, Magnetic Pickups, Meters, Motion Detectors, Touch Terminals, PC I/O Cards, PID Controllers, Panel Meters, Process Controls, Proximity Sensors, Pulse Generators, Signal Conditioners, Tachometers, Temperature Controls, Thumbwheels, Timers, Totalizers, Touch Screens


Relays: Interfacer, IRC, MR-C Plus, QR-C Plus, Time Cube, Sockets

Saginaw Controls & Engineering

Enclosures (Pushbutton, HMI System, Industrial Modular System - IMS, Steel, Stainless Steel, & Disconnect), Fiberglass Enclosure & Accessories

SEW Eurodrive Motors

Electro Mechanical Inverters, Variable Speed Heavy Industrial Gearmotors, Speed Reducers, AC Motors, Brakemotors, Electronic Systems, MOVIMOT, MOVITRAC & MOVIDRIVE Decentralized Control Systems

Sola Hevi Duty Power Supply

Power Supplies, Surge Protectors, Surge Suppression Products, Transformers, U.P.S. Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Voltage Regulators


SSAC designs and manufactures Timers, Flashers, Voltage Monitors, Current Monitors, Solid State Relays, controls for: Liquid Level, Tower Lighting, HVAC, Refrigeration, Vending and Custom Designed Controls.

Sunx Sensors

Sensors: Fiber Optic, Photoelectric, Laser, Color Mark, Proximity, Light Curtains, Digital Vacuum, Measurement, Area and Pressure

SymCom MotorSaver PumpSaver

SymCom, Inc. manufactures overload relays, power monitors, voltage monitors, current monitors, load sensors, alternating relays, intrinsically-safe relays, communication modules, remote monitors, software and custom controller boards for AC motor, compressor and pumping control and protection applications.

TCI Line Reactors Harmonic Filters

SineGuard KLR Line Reactors, dV/dTGuard KLC Output Filters, InverterGuard 3OR Output Reactors, HarmonicGuard Drive-Applied Filters, CAPGuard KTR Tunning Reactors, SineGuard EMI/RFI Filters, KMP Multi-Pulse Magnetics, KCAP High Endurance Capacitors


PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), Operator Interface Stations, Keypads, Protocol Converters, & HVAC Drives

Turck Sensors

Sensors: Capacitive, Cylinder Position, Flow, Intrinsically Safe, Level, Pressure, Smart Plugs, Temperature, Ultrasonic, & Inductive Proximity Switches, Connectors, Cables & Cordsets, Kubler Encoders, RELECO Relays, Drivers, Amplifiers, Controllers, Junction Boxes, Network Fieldbus Interfaces, Linear Displacement Transducers, RFID

Vacon AC Drives

AC Drives : Compact (NXL, 10 & 50X), Multipurpose (NXL, NXS, 500X & NXS Standalone), Industrial (Air-Cooled NXP, Liquid-Cooled NXP & Enclosed NXC), Common DC bus components up to 5,300 kW, 100 HVAC & X Series

Vynckier Enclosures

Enclosure Series: APO, VJ, VMS, ARIA, SUPERPOLYREL, POLYSAFE, 55, & Miniature, VP System Cabinets, Flexobox, Pedestals

WEG Motors

Low Voltage Motors Single & 3-Phase 1/8-700HP, Variable Frequency Drives, Soft Starters, Controls, Generators, Large Electric Motors & Custom Panels

Weidmuller Terminals

Terminal Blocks, PCB Components, Heavy Duty Connectors, Power Supplies, Industrial Ethernet Components, Circuit Breakers, Signal Conditioners, Relays, SAI Boxes & Fieldbus, Tools, Markers, & Software

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IDEC Lights

The Simple Design uses only nine modular components complete with alarm functions. Depending on your requirements, the LT7 is available in 90-250VAC or 24VDC steady and flashing models. The ultra-bright LEDs, IP65 protection and lead-free solder construction meet the most stringent operation safety and environmental requirements, as well as global approvals. The LT7 series is the best signalling solution available in the industry,

Sentrol Contacts

GE Security 2706AP/2706AS series switches contain three independent Form C biased reed contacts, wired in SPDT configuration. A supervised loop with a series magnetic tamper and pry tamper are also included. Both models conform to Class IV Preadjusted Balanced Magnetic Contacts specifications. A remote test feature is provided in the protective loop (AP models) or in the supervised loop (AS models). The 2700 Series can be used to