Sentrol Industrial position sensors have earned their reputation for quality. They are built for durability and dependability. Most are conservatively rated at 100,000 cycles under full load and 10,000,000 cycles under dry circuit. Every reed connection is hand soldered and the reeds in all modes are environmentally sealed. Edwards Signaling non-contact interlock switches are developed and manufactured by the market leader for industrial applications. GE Security produces a full line of interlock and position sensors providing solutions for your machine guarding and sensing needs. Under the Sentrol brand, Interlogix provides professional installers with a wide range of magnetic contacts, acoustic and seismic sensors to meet the demands of both large and small applications. For over 30 years, Sentrol has lead the industry with exceptional products that are designed to be reliable and easy to install. Interlogix owns patents onmany of our high security and specialty contacts. Choose from Sentrol's complete line of recessed mounts, surface mounts and specialty mounts for providing perimeter security of facilities ranging from commercial, industrial and residential.