The switch-mode power supplies feature a high degree of efficiency, compact dimensions and minimal heat generation. They are an excellent, reliable solution for providing power in all automation applications - safely providing 24 V DC voltage. The different product series are optimised for the automation industry: they feature Ex approvals for the processing industry, a flat shape perfect for distribution tasks within buildings, or provide decentralised control voltages. All-purpose usage: with a wide range of AC/DC inputs, single-, double- or three-phase versions, and a wide temperature range. Additional performance increases are possible using simple parallel circuitry. Weidmuller switch-mode power supplies can be depended upon for all applications because of their high efficiency and their resistance to both short circuits and overloads. Weidmuller offers a system of one- and three-phase swtichmode power supplies especially for Weidmuller PROmax family. These can be expanded with additional modules to create whole system solutions. The appropriate system can be assembled for any type of application: with redundancy circuits containing decoupled outputs, monitoring of the output voltage or triggering of circuit breakers.