Weidmuller’s relay couplers and solid-state relays feature excellent electrical characteristics. They also take advantage of the same reliable connection technology that has proven itself countless times in terminal products. This product line is ideally complimented by a wide variety of system accessories such as labelling material and end brackets. This helps to reduce your inventory overhead and stock levels. During the design of compact components, it is especially challenging to maintain minimal power loss since the small housing can exchange very little power with its surroundings. This challenge has already been mastered by Weidmuller since 1989. It was the first product in the terminal block format to come to market and it has been continually improved since then. Two compact but powerful semiconductor switches TERMOPTO and MICROOPTO also meet this challenge. The new TERMSERIES combines the proven properties of the established product lines with innovative technical solutions. A variable-voltage input has been specifically developed for the 6 mm disc design. This is the first time that the control of relay modules and solid- state relays can be used with voltages from 24 to 230 V DC/DC in this width. Another highlight is the ejector with integrated fiber-optic technology, which apart from allowing the simple and safe removal of the relay module and the solid-state relay, also illuminates the status indicator. See for yourself, the quality of the Weidmuller’s 6 mm products.