PT100PSIG-13-LI3-H1131 TURCK PT1 Series Pressure Transmitter w/o Display

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PT100PSIG-13-LI3-H1131 TURCK PT1 Series, Pressure Transmitter without display, relative pressure, 0 to 100 psig, 4-20 mA, 2-wire, M12x1 4-pole connection electrical 3-pin conn, 1/4 MPT fluid conn, 9-33VDC operating voltage, SCP and reverse polarity protection, IP67.
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The pressure transmitters of the PT…-1 series operate with piezo-resistive ceramic measuring cells. The ceramic diaphragm is unbalanced in proportion to the pressure applied. Depending on the sensor type used, the processed signal is provided as an analog output signal 4…20mA (2-wire) or 0…10V (3-wire).

• Compact and robust design
• Pressure connection with integrated peak pressure aperture
• Minimum influence of temperature on accuracy within the entire temperature range of -40…+125°C
• Excellent EMC properties
• Pressure range 0…100 psi rel.

Turck PT1 Series Pressure Transmitter 13 profile