WK 4T-2 TURCK M12 eurofast Female Right-Angle Cordset

WK 4T-2
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WK 4T-2 TURCK M12 eurofast Single Ended Cordset, black TPU molded head, M12x1 female plug, right-angle, 4-pin connector, 2m cable, gray PVC cable jacket, 3x22AWG, nickel-plated brass coupling nut, -40 to 105 C max, rated up to 250V, 4A, NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6P and IP68.
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WK 4T-2 Single and dual ended cordsets and panel mount receptacles for carrying power and/or signal to your components and processes.
Turck M12 eurofast 4 wire 90 degree cordset dimensions