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Analog and Level Converters

TURCK 6/5/2018
Since analog measurement is common in hazardous areas, TURCK’s IM33 and IM43 analog converting device may be used to convert a 2, 3 or 4-wire signals in a hazardous area to an analog 4-20 mA signal in a non-hazardous area.
TURCK FAQ Analog and Level Converters
• Several different inputs may be configured and used with common 4-20 mA analog input control cards.
• Consolidate inventory by eliminating separate analog input cards.
• Use of off-the-shelf “Simple Apparatus” components in explosive atmospheres to further reduce installation costs.
• Push button, rotary switch or software (FDT/DTM, free shareware) configurable units are simple to use.
• Hazardous areas
Analog and Level Converters Selection Guide
Part Number Configuration Input 0/4-20mA Output Relay Output 0/4-20mA Display
IM33-11EX-HI N/A 1 No 1 No
IM33-12EX-HI N/A 1 No 2 No
IM33-22EX-HI N/A 2 No 2 No
IM33-14EX-CDRI Pushbuttons or PACTware 1 2 Relay 1 Transistor 1 Yes
Part Number Configuration Input 0/2-10V or 0/4-20mA Output Relay Output 0/4-20mA Display
IM43-13-R Rotary Switch 1 3 No No
IM43-14-RI Rotary Switch 1 3 1 No
IM43-13-SR Pushbuttons 1 3 No No
IM43-14-SRI Pushbuttons 1 3 1 No
IM43-14-CDRI Pushbuttons or PACTware 1 3 1 Yes
The IM43-14-CDRI and similar IM modules can be programmed using PACTware and their relevant DTM. Programming is quick and simple and allows for greater parameters to be set. Configurations can be saved on a PC and downloaded to other units at a later date. In this example, the IM43 is connected to an Inductive analog proximity sensor by a RK 4.4T-* cordset and is providing analog feedback. The IM43 display can be user defined from numerous choices and provides 3 relay set points and a 0/4 to 20mA output.