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VACON NXP System Drive

Vacon 11/26/2015

NXP System DriveThe VACON NXP System Drive provides a high performance system drive package, comprising the complete offering of enclosed common DC bus products, configured and supplied consistently and quickly. 

Using pre-designed cabinet sections for all main system parts, it enables a short engineering and configuration time for any drive system. Every project design is fully documented for the specific configuration.

Performance is guaranteed with verified and tested solutions that are built on VACON® NXP Common DC bus products covering power sizes in the complete low voltage power range. The VACON® NXP System Drive product range is available in various enclosure ratings, and CE and UL certifications provide an external verification for the product. Safety is a priority with internal touch protection and high power busbar sections in separate compartments. In addition, a wide range of pre-engineered options such as supply switches fieldbus interfaces, and  control options are available.  Enjoy easy access with design for fast service. A pullout system allows quick replacement of drives modules in service situations.


  • Voltage range of 380 – 690 V
  • Current rating of main busbars 630 – 5000 amps
  • IP21 or IP31 certification available
  • Modular design
  • Based on VACON® NXP Common DC bus technology
  • Comprehensive documentation available with each deliveryConfiguration Software Tool