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WEG Electric offers a complete new line of power factor correction products

WEG 6/25/2012

Power Factor Correction ProductsThe complete line includes a three phase capacitor with NEMA 4 housing

WEG Electric has introduced a complete line of power correction products that will improve a plants power factor and support users in their efforts of reducing energy consumption and avoid costs or penalties from the utilities. This new line incorporates contactors, individual single and three phase capacitors, as well as a totally new three phase enclosed capacitor with a NEMA 4 enclosure as standard.

WEG power correction products will increase energy efficiency and also increase a plant’s system capacity by allowing additional loads utilizing the same KVA. In many cases, power factor correction can release capacity and postpone the need for system additions or upgrades. Additional benefits include the reduction of watt loss, increased life span of motors, equipment and conductors and the reduction of reactive current on the electrical network within the plant.

“This new line of power factor correction products continues the trend of WEG, an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certified Manufacturer, to improving the energy consumption and efficiency within manufacturing facilities”, stated Paul Margrave, Controls Applications Engineer. He also said “When we developed the three phase enclosed capacitors we wanted to add a unique feature over the competition so we included a NEMA 4 housing, for harsh environments, as part of the standard product.”

The new line of power factor capacitors without enclosures include model UCW single phase, UCWT three phase, and MCW a three phase multiple capacitor unit. Also, the line includes the totally new BCWT three phase capacitor with NEMA 4 housing, available with or without fuses. The CWMC contactor completes the line and is rated for use with all these capacitors.

“WEG continues to offer new products and upgrades to its current product lines that provide additional value to our customers. We constantly invest in the development of more energy efficient products such as our new Super Premium Efficiency line of motors. We believe there are a number of customers in the market that are very aware of the effects that power factor correction and motor efficiency have in their financial results and it is these customers who will be very attracted to these new products” stated Gerardo Elias, Central and North America Marketing Manager.