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Availability of new range W22X 560 to 710 frame sizes

WEG 6/1/2012

WEGAs a result of intense research and development, WEG is proud to announce and introduce the completion of the W22X Line of Flameproof Motors with 3 new frame sizes, 560, 630 and 710, which are the extension of the existing W22X Line.

The new W22X 560 tube-cooled design, representing this range extension, was world launched at the Hannover Messe 2012, and represents what is most modern in driving equipment for explosive atmospheres.

The Maia facility in Portugal is the Centre of Excellence for the manufacture and design of MV and HV explosion proof induction motors with our portfolio to be enhanced by the integration of this global range extension which is acceptable worldwide (ATEX and IECEx, protections Ex d(e) I Mb, Ex d(e) IIB T4 Gb, Ex d(e) IIC T4 Gb and Ex tb IIC T125ºC Db IP6X)) and are prepared to address the global market demands of classified area products.

Other national and regional certifications as GOST, CCOE, INMETRO, will be available in the future.

The maximum available outputs are per the below table, according to the supply voltages:

Medium Voltage outputs

Medium Voltage: 1100V< U ≤6600V

High Voltage Outputs

High Voltage: 600V< U ≤ 1100V

The offers we are already making to the market, meet the requirements of the most complex projects, specifications and applications.

We pride ourselves in our unique capability to provide optimal explosion-protected solutions, from gas pipelines in the harshness of the Artic circle conditions to oil rigs on the hottest spots of the blustery Arabian desert (From -55ºC up to +60ºC), offering unmatched reliability, world-class certification, reduced costs of operation and assured safety!