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Consistent Marking From Planning To Operation

Weidmuller 3/27/2018

The increasing degree of automation across all industrial fields comes with an increasing complexity of control cabinets. Hence compliance of markings on installed components with standards is more important than ever. Be it installation, commissioning or, at a later stage, maintenance: The configuration must continue to be clearly indicated and comprehensible at first glance. This is the only way to effectively support troubleshooting, which significantly increases the installation‘s productivity.

Our solution is called "systemised marking" - a system of markers, coordinated software and printing technology that perfectly addresses today’s requirements, while also proving to be extremely cost-effective for small and medium sized projects.
Professional marking in accordance with the IEC 60204-1 standard is essential for faultless operation and reliable maintenance of industrial facilities. Weidmüller goes above and beyond specifications of the standard. Benefit from products that perfectly complement one another with our "systemised marking" approach - from data entry to ready-to-use markers.