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FreeCon Active Repeater


FreeCon Active RepeaterPROFINET POF Repeater for diagnosing light signals
With its 'FreeCon Active Repeater' Weidmüller offers a POF repeater with an integrated diagnostic function for deployment in PROFINET networks. Today, fibre-optics based on polymer optical fibres (POF) are increasingly being used, not only because they are immune to electromagnetic interference but because they are also able to meet the demands of automated applications for greater data volumes. However, these fibres are subject to a natural aging process, which successively increases fibre attenuation. That in turn increases the need for exact diagnostics of the transmission path. Weidmüller developed the 'FreeCon Active Repeater' in response to this need: to guarantee reliable transmission of the Ethernet data being transmitted the 'FreeCon Active' checks the entire transmission path in real time with regard to its optical budget – for example, from the electrical cabinet to the head of the robot. The device sends an alarm signal to a higher-level controller if a defined tolerance level is exceeded and the user needs to replace the cable set.

By continuously checking the attenuation of fibre-optic transmission paths 'FreeCon Active Repeaters' now make it possible for the first time ever to precisely plan when to replace robot cable sets. The PROFINET POF repeater complies with AIDA specifications (Automation Initiative of the German Automotive Industry). In conjunction with the 'HTX-IE POF' multifunctional tool, which is designed to ensure rapid and repeatable preparation and termination procedures for SC-RJ type connectors, Weidmüller offers a complete all-round package of components for transmission solutions based on POF cabling.