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Gigabit Security Router


Gigabit Security RouterSecure communication between Ethernet networks with integrated VPN remote warning functions in industrial networks.
The new Gigabit Security Router by Weidmüller has been developed specifically for industrial networks and offers secure, reliable communication between Ethernet-based machines and systems as well as higher-level networks.

The Industrial Security Router with 2 Gigabit ports (LAN/WAN) harnesses the benefits of standard Ethernet communication and industrial automation technology. For security reasons and in order to guarantee efficient management of data traffic, machine networks are becoming increasingly segmented and industrial routers are used for gateways.

The Weidmüller Security Routers are ideally suited for this task. They offer the ultimate in performance thanks to the Gigabit technology on both Ethernet ports.

Thanks to the integrated "stateful inspection" firewall and additional security functions (e.g. masquerading), the connected machine components are reliably protected against unauthorised access. They also incorporate additional features such as the prioritisation and channeling of network data traffic, IP address mapping to reduce IP addresses and the adjustment of IP address areas.

Furthermore, the integrated VPN remote maintenance functions provide users with secure Internet-based remote access to components and systems on the LAN network - either through wired access via the WAN port or wirelessly via the UMTS interface. The "OpenVPN" open source technology and "IPsec“ encryption can also be used for secure VPN connections, for both the client and server function.