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Increased Performance in Ship Automation

Weidmuller 3/26/2018
U-remote for shipbuilding, approved by classification societiesWeidmuller U-remote for shipbuilding, approved by classification societies
On a ship, many parameters have to be controlled, monitored, and managed simultaneously. This includes voltage, current, temperature, pressure, tide gauge, flow rate, viscosity, propulsion system status, power management, navigation, and cargo load.
Modern ships increase their efficiency by using fully integrated automation systems which control numerous operating functions. u-remote is the most user-friendly I/O system on the market, combining high-performance automation with optimal system management. u-remote‘s unique features make ship applications more reliable and efficient, and provide significant advantages in comparison with competitor systems.

Your special advantages

• Resistant against fluctuations in temperature, humidity, vibration and electromagnetic fields
• Integrated web server for simple remote access via Internet
• Rapid error diagnosis by means of LED signals directly on the channel and status indicators on every module
• Extensive certification for use in ship automation
U-remote for shipbuilding, approved by classification societies
Robust design
Despite its high level of modularity, the u-remote is still able to withstand demanding environmental conditions, such as wide temperature ranges, humidity, vibration, and electromagnetic fields.
U-remote for shipbuilding, approved by classification societies
Rapid error diagnosis
System errors can be localised instantly by an LED signal directly on the channel and diagnosed with status indicators on every module.
U-remote for shipbuilding, approved by classification societies
Remote web access
The integrated u-remote web server enables a unique rapid error identification with plain-text diagnostics – even via an Ethernet connection.
Approvals for the use in marine- and offshore-applications
U-remote has been approved for use in the maritime and offshore sector: DNV GL (formerly Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd), Bureau Veritas (BV), Lloyds Register (LR) and Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) are the first international classification societies to certify the use of the innovative remote I/O system in this demanding environment. The certification is valid for almost all areas on a ship, including the ship’s bridge, which is subject to particularly high demands.
U-remote’s robust design is suited to both the sensitive and harsh environmental conditions found on a ship, as well as a wide range of temperatures (-20 °C to 60 °C). It can withstand high levels of humidity (up to 100 %), intense vibration (up to 4 g) and high-energy electromagnetic fields, without emitting high levels of radiation that could affect other devices.