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Panel Building Requires Innovative Ideas - Klippon Connect

Weidmuller 3/26/2018

While panels are indeed configured individually, various recurring application fields within the panel are a permanent fixture in almost all industries.

We have identified and developed special solutions for these application fields. By purposefully structuring and adapting the product functions to the respective requirements, our needs-based application products decisively help to boost your productivity, efficiency and safety at all stages of the panel building process.

Our promise
Our tailored application range guarantees substantial efficiency benefits at every individual stage of the process and leads to unbeatable productivity gains in your panel building operations.

Klippon Connect delivers pioneering connectivity solutions

Power feed-in
Our wide range of W-Series terminal blocks with our WPD main line branch terminals, which are optimised to guarantee both convenience and space gains, ensures a secure and convenient connection at the power feed-in.

Power distribution
You safely and efficiently distribute electricity to the power consumers with our W-Series feed-through terminal blocks and our optimised WPD phase distribution blocks.

Control voltage distribution
Our tailored AAP potential distribution terminal blocks are ideal for surge current protection and central control voltage distribution. Meanwhile, our new maxGUARD range enables potential distribution with integrated electronic load monitoring in the smallest of installation spaces.

Current and voltage transformer wiring
Our test disconnect terminal blocks featuring spring and screw connection technology allow you to create all the important converter circuits for measuring current, voltage and power in a safe and sophisticated way.

Signal wiring
Tailored and particularly compact: with our AIO initiator/actuator terminal blocks, you are relying on an application-optimised solution for signal wiring. We also offer you other terminal blocks featuring spring and screw connection technology for signal wiring.

DCS marshalling
Our innovative PRV terminal blocks for DCS marshalling featuring a PUSH IN connection and our multifunctional DCS marshalling terminals featuring a screw connection (WMF) not only save space in the panel; they also guarantee more effective signal transmission in process control systems.

Shielding and earthing
Our protective earth conductor and shielding terminals featuring different connection technologies allow you to effectively protect both people and equipment from interference, such as electrical or magnetic fields. A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off our range.

Building installation wiring
For building installations, we offer a complete system that revolves around the 10×3 copper rail and comprises perfectly coordinated components: from installation terminal blocks, neutral conductor terminal blocks and distribution terminal blocks to comprehensive accessories such as busbars and busbar holders.