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Reliable Monitoring of Components in Ship Automation

Weidmuller 3/26/2018

In modern ships, more and more functions have to be automated. The reliable control of all systems and processes is considerably facilitated by exactly measuring and monitoring the currents of connected loads such as fans, motors, and lighting and heating circuits.

The intelligent monitoring function of the new ACT20P or ACT20C units is able to accurately detect overloads or deficits of consumers in real-time. In this way performance reductions and system downtimes can be counteracted in a timely fashion. Due to the effective value measurement (True RMS), the new ACT20P-CMT and ACT20P-CML universal current transducers capture sinusoidal or distorted DC and AC currents with excellent precision.

Your special advantages

• Perfect for use in ship automation and certified by DNV GL
• Robust and insensitive to challenging environmental conditions, such as high temperature fluctuations, humidity, vibrations, and electromagnetic fields
• High precision thanks to effective value measurement in true RMS or arithmetic averaging (AA) measurements