INTORQ brake is an electrically releasable spring applied brake with a rotating braking disk (rotor) that is equipped with friction linings on both sides. In a de-energised state, the rotor is stretched between the armature plate and a counter friction face by a normal brake force that is produced by pressure springs. The function thus corresponds to the failsafe principle. The braking torque that is applied to the rotor is transmitted via an axially toothed hub to the input shaft. The brake can be used as a holding brake, as an operating brake and for emergency stops from a high speed. The asbestos-free friction linings ensure a safe braking torque and low wear. In addition to the powerful standard friction lining, there are also special friction linings for a range of different applications, e.g. with high wear resistance or an increased friction coefficient. To release the brake, the armature plate is lifted electromagnetically from the rotor. The rotor, shifted axially and balanced by the spring force, can turn freely.