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Frequently Asked Questions For The ABB ACS310 Industrial Pump & Fan AC Drive

ABB 4/2/2018
Frequently Asked Questions For The ABB ACS310 Industrial Pump & Fan AC DriveWhat comes standard on the ACS310?

• Short user’s manual (3AUA0000044200, Rev A / EN)
• Blank Panel
• Wire Brackets

How do I get electronic copies of the Long & Short User’s Manuals, Technical Catalog, 2-page Flyer & Price Pages?

• Go to the ABBnow website and download the recent versions.

What options ARE compatible with the ACS310?

• Relay Extension Modules (MREL-01)
• Basic Control Panel (+J404) Rev. M or Later (ACS-CP-C)
• Advanced Control Panel (+J400) (ACS-CP-A)
• The ACS310 is compatible with ACS-CP-A Advanced control panel Rev E or later. (New panel series manufactured since 2007 with serial number XYXXXRXXXX, where year Y = 7 or greater and revision R = E, F, G)
• Control Panel Mounting Kit (ACS/H-CP-EXT)
• Panel Holder Mounting Kit (OPMP-01)
• NEMA 1 Enclosure Kits (MUL1-R1, MUL1-R3, MUL1-R4)
• NEMA 4X Remote Panel Package (ACS-H-CP-EXT-IP66)
• Remote Monitoring - Ethernet Adapter (gateway) (SREA-01)
• PC Tools and adaptors
• FlashDrop (version 1.2 or later) (MFDT-01)
• DriveWindow Light 2 (Version 2.9 or later)

Is there a Democase available for the ACS310

• No, there is no Democase available.

What functionality is NOT in the ACS310?

• Brake Chopper
• Sequence Programming
• Vector Control

What options ARE NOT compatible with the ACS310?

• Pulse Encoder Module (MTAC-01)
• Speed pot (start / stop, fw / rev switches (MPOT-01)
• Fieldbus Adaptor Modules
• CANopen   (FCAN-01) (+K457)
• PROFIBUS  (FPBA-01)  (+K454)
• DeviceNet  (FDNA-01) (+K451)
• Modbus  (FMBA-01)  (+K458)
• Ethernet  (FENA-01) (+K466)
• Modbus RS 458 Coated Board (FRSA-00)

What functionality is in the ACS310?

• Built-in Pump Fan Control (control method to operate with multiple pumps or fans)
• Built-in Specific Pump Fan Control (Used for pump and fan applications to avoid high pressure peaks while connecting new Auxiliaries)
• Pump Protection Functions (Pump protection function can be used to generate alarm, protection or fault)
• Boosted Energy Efficiency – built-in energy counters, energy saved displayed in local currency
• Software controlled cooling fan
• Several drive control methods
• U/f curves: linear, squared, user defined
• Energy optimizer (energy optimizer minimizes motor losses and noise, while reducing motor magnetizing current especially on partial loads)
• Energy Efficiency Calculators (Savings in local currency units)
• Full output current rating at 50*C
• Embedded Full-Featured Modbus
• Software controlled phase inversion