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Frequently Asked Questions For The ABB ACS550-PC And ACS550-PD Drives

ABB 3/15/2018
Frequently Asked Questions For The ABB ACS550-PC And ACS550-PD DrivesQ: Do The ACS550-PC and ACS550-PD Models Fit In Tight Spaces?
A: The ACS550-PC (with circuit breaker) and ACS550-PD (with disconnect switch and fuses) packages in both NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 are offered up to 60 HP at 480V, and 30HP at 240V. The units are extremely compact and narrow, with a smaller footprint than competitive equivalents. This feature makes them ideal for overcrowded electrical rooms or mezzanines - and for mounting right onto a machine or a column on the plant ?oor.

Q: Can I Install New Components In The Drive Enclosure?
A: At the higher horsepower ratings, these new packages make it easy for end users to install additional components in the drive enclosure. There is space for field installation of such components, in wall mount and ?oor-standing enclosures above 60 HP at 480V and 30 HP at 240V.

Q: Is The Control Panel Easy To Use?
A: The control panel (keypad) mounted on the enclosure covers of all NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 ACS550-Px packages. Easy to program, and providing continuous display of three selectable parameters (in one of 14 available languages), the keypad makes parameter upload, download, storage, and transfer easy.

Download and transfer of drive parameters is easy, too. Store parameters for a specific drive or application in the control panel and quickly download those parameters to a replacement drive or another drive on a similar application. Or use the keypad to monitor or program the parameters on all the ACS550 drives in your facility. An optional software program makes it easy to store the parameter set-ups for all ACS550 drives on a PC.

The ability to change parameters can be password restricted to authorized personnel or the control panel can simply be unplugged and stored elsewhere.

Q: Are The Fuses Easy To Repair or Replace?
A: ACS550-PD (switch w/ fuses) and Frame R5 through R8 ACS550-PC (w/ circuit breaker, 75-550HP/480V and 50-100HP/240V) are equipped with fast acting, current limiting drive input fuses as standard. Faster than circuit breakers and most other fuses, these fast acting fuses are there to limit damage and allow possible repair of the drive if a short circuit or ground fault should develop in the drive input bridge. This is significant at the larger HPs where cost of repair is generally significantly less than a replacement unit.

Q: Does The ACS550-PC Also Function As A PD?
A: The standard current-limiting fuses in the R7 and R8 frame sizes of the ACS550 PC units provide short circuit and ground fault protection, with the circuit breaker functioning as a disconnect. The ACS550-PC is a “drive package w/ circuit breaker,” and, functionally, it works as a drive with switch and fuses.

Q: Are There Advantages To The R7-R8 Frame Sizes?
A: Yes, the R7 and R8 frame sizes of the ACS550-PC offer additional advantages, when compared to the ACS550-U2 drives; these include:
• A more rugged, industrial enclosure
• Available in NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 enclosures (versus just NEMA 1)
• Built in NEMA 12 as standard at 450 HP and above
• More room for customer addition of components
• Auxiliary add-on enclosure sections available
• Easier to maintain - more room to work, with a roll-out tray, making it easier and faster to change out an inverter.