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How To Install Sentrol Integrity Series INT-04 Emergency-Stop Safety Relay

Edwards Signaling 8/31/2018
How To Install Integrity Series INT-04 Emergency-Stop Safety Relay

Applies to the following part numbers and more:
INT-04-024 INT-04-120

How To Install Integrity Series INT-04 Emergency-Stop Safety Relay


The Sentrol INT-04 Series Emergency-Stop (E-Stop) Safety Relays are designed for use as part of a safety circuit in emergency-stop  or safety floor mat sensing applications. Each is a safety relay that uses positive-guided relays, configured for self-checking, to inhibit machine restart in case of internal component failure.

The GE Security INT-04 relay can also monitor contacts on external relays for controlling primary machine control elements or expansion  block relays (INT-05 or INT-06).

TUV Notes:

1. Relay conforms  to Pollution Degree II, meets EN1760-1:1998, and must be installed in an IP54-type enclosure.
2. The wire insulation  of connected  devices must be rated for 250VAC. The relay meets basic insulation requirements only.
3. Input devices must meet requirements of EN60947-5-1.
4. The relay must be connected  to a primary disconnect device that meets the requirements  of EN60947-3.
5. System total response time must not exceed 200ms.
6. Controller meets IP20 and must be connected to safety category 4 mat or sensing device.
7. Test system before operation and after machine maintenance.   Controller does not require maintenance.
8. The complete system should be tested  weekly. If a fault occurs, contact the factory.


How To Install Integrity Series INT-04 Emergency-Stop Safety Relay


1. Mount the relay on a 35mm DIN rail or panel. See Dimensions.
2. Connect the wiring for the switches  and relay. See Wiring Diagrams.  (For proper operation, DO NOT jumper terminal 1 to terminal 2. Use a momentary button.)  For floor mat applications, connect the two floor mat loops from terminal X1 to X2 and from Y1 to Y2.
Caution! The Interlogix relay is available in either a 24  VDC, 120  VAC, or 230 VAC model. Make sure you are using the correct model before you apply power.
3. Use one of the following methods  to energize the relay:
• For E-stop installations, close all E-stop button contacts and monitored contacts, and then press the START button.
• For floor mat installations, press the START button without an object on the mat.
Note: Use only outputs  A, B, C, and  D for safety outputs.  The auxiliary outputs  E, F, and  G may fail in an unsafe  condition and should only be used for signaling.

E-Stop Relay

When installed  as an E-stop relay, the device monitors both contacts on the E-stop buttons to ensure both have opened and closed to allow machine restart.  Multiple contacts  can be wired in series.  Upon failure of either contact,  the relay turns off and prevents a restart.

Safety Floor Mat Relay

When installed  as a Safety Floor Mat relay, the INT-04 monitors  both loops of a safety floor mat. The safety outputs  of the INT-04 turn off when an operator steps on the mat. The relay incorporates  loop break detection  to turn off if one of the loops breaks or becomes disconnected.

Typical Wiring Diagram

How To Install Integrity Series INT-04 Emergency-Stop Safety Relay

Auxillary Contacts
Power Reset (1,2) E-Stops E, F F, G
Off Open or Closed Open or Closed Closed Open
On Open Open or Closed Closed Open
On Open or Closed Open Closed Open
On Closed Closed Open Closed
European Directives

Machinery Directive (98/37/EEC)
Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC), LVD

Specific European Standards

EN60204-1 Safety of electrical equipment of industrial machines: 1993
EN954-1 Risk Assessment  Category 4
depending on wiring method, See diagrams:  1997
EN50081-2 Electromagnetic Emissions: 1995
EN50082-2 Electromagnetic Immunity: 1995
IEC 664-1 Insulation requirements: 1992
IEC 68, part 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-6, 2-14, 2-27, 2-30.

General Specifications


Ordering/Electrical Specifications
INT-04-024 24VDC +/-15%, 100mA Fast acting 1/4mA (250V, 5 x 20mm, F/T)
INT-04-120 120VAC +10% -20%, 5VA, 50/60Hz Fast acting 80mA (250V, 5 x 20mm, F/T)