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How Can I Reduce The Noise From The Motor?

Fuji 3/21/2018
How Can I Reduce The Noise From The Motor?F26 (Motor operation sound (carrier frequency)) and F27 (Motor operation sound (tone color)) should be adjusted.

Motor operation sound (carrier frequency) ( F26 )

Adjust the carrier frequency. By changing the carrier frequency, it reduces noise from the motor, reduces the leakage current of the output circuit wiring, reduces noise generated from the inverter, etc.

How Can I Reduce The Noise From The Motor?

Motor operation sound (tone color) ( F27 )

Change the tone of motor noise. F26 is valid when the carrier frequency set for the data of 7 kHz or less. Adjusting the level to be set may reduce the sharp operating noise (metal sound) generated by the motor.

Setting method

How Can I Reduce The Noise From The Motor?


Motor operation sound (carrier frequency)

When the carrier frequency is set to 1 kHz or less, set the load to 80% or less of the rated value. Also, when the carrier frequency is set high, the carrier frequency is automatically lowered, inverter overload ( OLU ). If you do not want to automatically lower the carrier frequency due to motor noise, you can disable automatic reduction. H98 (Protection / maintenance function (operation selection)).
It is recommended that the carrier frequency at the time of vector control with speed sensorless / speed sensor be 5 kHz or more.

Also, do not set it to 1 kHz or less.

Also, please note that when the ambient temperature is 40 ° C or more, LD specifications and carrier frequency is 3 kHz or more, the rated current may decrease. (Part of three-phase 200V product is eligible)

Motor operation sound (tone color)

If you raise the level too much, the output current may be disturbed and the mechanical vibration / noise may become large. Depending on the motor, the effect may be small.