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Is It Possible To Operate Multiple Motors With One Inverter?

Fuji 3/21/2018
Is It Possible To Operate Multiple Motors With One Inverter?It is possible if the rated current total value of the motor to be connected does not exceed the rated output current of the inverter. ( Inverter rated output current greater than or equal to the total sum of rated current of motor × 1.1 )


When multiple motors are connected to the secondary side of the inverter, it is impossible to properly protect the motor by electronic thermal protection for "motor protection". In this case, insert a thermal for each motor.

Also, the wiring length between the inverter and the motor should be less than the wiring length described in the FRENIC MEGA user's manual. When connecting multiple motors, the total wiring length is the sum of the wiring length between each inverter and the motor.

Note that multiple motors can not be driven because the synchronous motor has a magnetic flux due to the magnet. Multiple drive is limited to induction motors.