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Frequently Asked Questions For IDEC Sensors

IDEC Corporation 3/19/2018
Frequently Asked Questions For IDEC SensorsHow does the water sensor work?

It detects a certain percentage of molecules in water. An example of an application is detecting liquid level of a container.

What is the difference between SA1J and SA1K color sensors?

The SA1J uses 3 LED source (RGB) and the SA1K uses Halogen source for detection. The advantage of the SA1J is the accuracy detection of color difference, with longer life on the LEDs. The advantage of the SA1K is to differentiate fine shades of the same color.

What are the advantages of through beam/diffuse and reflected /retro reflected?

All sensors listed detect the presence and absence of an object. Through beam has a longer detection range. Diffuse detects opaque and transparent objects with a separate receiver. Retro reflected sensors detect opaque objects and ignore unwanted diffused reflected light.

For the SA1C, how should I select a fiber optic unit?

It depends on your application. Some fiber optics have multiple beams for more accurate readings. The SA1C is perfect for areas with minimal clearance.

What is the purpose of using a laser displacement sensor?

It detects the precise positioning of an object. The MX1A/B series is used to add or subtract measured values; it calculates differences in thickness or compares the level of objects.