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Frequently Asked Questions For Red Lion Controls Activation & Provisioning

Red Lion Controls 3/16/2018
Frequently Asked Questions For Red Lion Controls Activation & ProvisioningDoes the LTE device need a SIM card? If so, where do I get one?

As with the GSM products, Sixnet IndustrialPro and RAM LTE devices will require a SIM card (standard form factor). They can be procured from network carrier agents and representatives. 

Note 1: These devices do not support MicroSIM cards. Only Standard SIM form factor.

Note 2: This is the first time that an LTE device on the VZW network requires a SIM card. SIMs can be procured from your VZW representative during the course of account activation.

For what networks are LTE devices available or certified on?

Currently, the Sixnet IndustrialPro 6000 and RAM 6000 LTE devices are certified for AT&T, Verizon and Bell Mobility 4G LTE networks. Additional North America LTE carriers support is planned for in 2013.

Can I use my AT&T LTE SIM to obtain AT&T (or other) LTE service on a Verizon Wireless LTE device?

No, Verizon Wireless LTE devices are intended to be used with Verizon Wireless LTE SIMs only.

Where is the SIM slot?

The SIM slot is located on the right side of the device on the 6000 series (as you are facing from status led indicators) and orientation is as follows:

• Gold contacts down and cut-out slot to the left
• Insert the SIM and push it till it clicks in to place

Can I get a Static IP on the VZW LTE network?

Yes, you can get a static IP on the VZW LTE network by working with your VZW representative or agent. This typically comes with one time cost of $500 for VPN access to the private network.

Does the LTE device require an APN?

No. While the LTE device does use an APN, APN will be automatically loaded into the device from the SIM at time of initial booting process. If you use a private APN then you will need to configure this name in the device.

If you want to use a static IP address, then your carrier will provide a APN name that can be updated via the Graphical Administrative utility:

• Click on Networking, Cellular Connection and Configuration
• In the Enter APN field, type in your APN name and then click Apply.

What is an IMEI?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the equivalent to an ESN and is now used by Verizon Wireless instead of the ESN for LTE devices. The IMEI is printed on the silver label located on the bottom of the device.